US Scanning Cyberspace for Signs of Iranian Aggression

Voice of America News reports: “U.S. government officials are watching and waiting, with many believing it is only a matter of time before Iran lashes out in cyberspace for the U.S. drone strike that killed Quds Force commander Qassem Soleimani last week.

According to the latest advisory from the Department of Homeland Security, there are still ‘no specific, credible threats’ to the United States. But officials say Iran’s public assurances that it is done retaliating mean little.

‘Iran has been one of the most malicious actors out there,’ a senior State Department official said Thursday. ‘We’re very concerned about Iran’s capabilities and activities.’

U.S. government officials have been hesitant to comment in any detail on what Iranian cyber actors have been up to in recent days, though they note Iran’s capabilities are on par with Russia, China and North Korea when it comes to using cyber to target industrial control systems or physical infrastructure.

‘DHS [Department of Homeland Security] is operating under an enhanced posture to improve coordination and situational awareness should any specific threats emerge,’ a department spokesperson told VOA…”

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