US seizes ‘massive volume of explosive material’ smuggled to Yemen by Iran

The Jerusalem Post reports: “A ‘massive volume of explosive material’ being smuggled from Iran to Yemen was intercepted by the US 5th Fleet on November 8, the US Central Command and the fleet announced on Tuesday morning.

The 360,000 pounds of material, over 100 tons of urea fertilizer and 70 tons ammonium perchlorate, was discovered on a ‘stateless’ dhow vessel in the Gulf of Oman. CENTCOM explained that urea fertilizer is used in the production of explosives, and ammonium perchlorate is used in the production of rocket and ballistic missile fuel.

After the vessel was searched, US forces sank it and transferred its four Yemeni crew to civil authorities.

‘The unlawful transfer of lethal aid from Iran does not go unnoticed. It is irresponsible, dangerous and leads to violence and instability across the Middle East,’ said Cooper…”

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