US Warns Russia Over ‘Potential’ War Crimes in Ukraine

Voice of America News reports: “Washington on Thursday warned Moscow about what some observers describe as war crimes by Russian forces in Ukraine. U.S. officials say Russia is ‘turning to a strategy of laying waste to population centers’ in Ukraine, as high-level talks between the warring parties made no progress.

‘We’ve seen very credible reports of deliberate attacks on civilians, which would under the Geneva Conventions constitute a war crime,’ said State Department spokesman Ned Price, though he did not specifically accuse Russia of committing such crimes.

Russian President Vladimir ‘Putin’s plan to quickly capture Ukraine, it is clear now, has failed,’ Price said of the two-week-old invasion. ‘So, he is now turning to a strategy of laying waste to population centers to try to break the will of the people of Ukraine, something he will not be able to do.’

Russia has denied targeting civilians in its invasion of Ukraine…”

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