Vimeo yanks church account for opposing homosexuality reports: “The video-hosting platform Vimeo canceled the account of a church that posted videos of a Bible conference that included teaching on homosexuality.

Vimeo informed Fairview Baptist Church of Edmond, Oklahoma, that the videos violated the company’s ban on posting ‘content that promotes Sexual Orientation Change Efforts,’ reported the website Reform Charlotte.

‘We apologize for any inconvenience and wish you luck in finding a video hosting platform more suitable to your needs,’ wrote Marty of Vimeo’s Trust and Safety department.

Janet Mefferd, who hosts a program on American Family Radio, wrote via Twitter that all of the church’s sermons host on Vimeo were removed, along with videos of the conference.

Mefferd called it a ‘blatant admission of Vimeo viewpoint discrimination, not just objections to specific content.’

She said removed sermons that had nothing to do with ‘SOCE.’

‘They removed Christian testimonies of people who left LGBT lives. They removed other talks on Scripture.’…”

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