‘War is closer than peace’: Iran is behind recent escalation, says former security chief

Israel National News reports: “After a week that featured two deadly terrorist attacks and rocket fire in the north and the south of the country, ‘War is much closer than peace,’ assesses Gen. (res.) Yaakov Amidror, a former National Security Advisor and head of research in IDF Military Intelligence.

‘America is no longer the same America it once was in terms of preparedness,’ Amidror told Radio 103FM. ‘And the Iranians have noticed this. The United States has much more complex issues to deal with than the Middle East right now, and the rest of the world sees Israel differently from the way it used to.’

Amidror added that, ‘Iran is now more self-confident than it was and has succeeded in crafting more and more agreements with Arab countries. The world is changing, and the chances of things deteriorating still more are greater than ever. We must prepare for war, and it’s possible that we’ll reach the point where we have to attack Iran without America’s aid.’

‘The Iranians are pushing hard to create unrest,’ he continued. ‘We haven’t seen anything quite like this before. Things have reached boiling point, and even if we aren’t yet seeing the volcano erupt, it doesn’t mean that things aren’t bubbling inside. The Iranians are fomenting trouble on a scale that we haven’t seen in years and are doing their best to escalate things, including on the Temple Mount, which provides them with a pretext. Tomorrow is Iran’s Jerusalem day and from their point of view, it will be the perfect time to escalate things on the Temple Mount,’ Amidror warned…”

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