Well done, good and faithful servant…

The beloved Dr. Jack Van Impe was welcomed into Heaven by His blessed Savior and Lord who he had so faithfully served in ministry for over 70 years.

Please pray for his beloved wife and lifelong ministry partner Rexella and their families as they grieve this immense loss and for wisdom as she and the Board lead the ministry in the days ahead.

Further details about Dr. Van Impe’s homecoming celebration will be published later.

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  1. Im sorry for your loss. I have watched the 2 of you since 1993. The world will mourn his loss and will loose much more than a little something. He did more for a lot of people than any other living person. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.

  2. Awe Rexella my heart!
    Jack brought me to the Lord and I have been a student ever since!
    We all have an Angel of God looking over us now don’t we? He was spectacular in Gods word and the best servant to our Lord Jesus! We are all here for you, just know that! Prayers for your heart not to hurt so bad and I know you will miss him so….
    We need you more now than ever to continue to come into our home each week! I hope the Lords love will give you strength to carry on the work and love of the word Jack loved as much as he loved you!
    God Bless your heart during this loss!

  3. I thank you Jack for sharing your passion for Jesus. It was an addictive passion because I got hooked. I know you already have your crowns and I am sure you are excited to receive your horse in God’s army. I am so happy for you. I wanted you to experience the Rapture so that you could have flown with your love, Rexella, into the arms of The Lord. However, God had other plans so now you will be waiting for her to arrive. Looking forward to seeing you in God’s Kingdom. You are blessed Jack. Thank you for your contribution to my Faith in The Lord.

  4. Heaven has gained at our loss. We may miss you for now but one day all of God’s children will be back in our heavenly homes where we belong. Take heart brother’s and sisters Christ will return. Love you Rexella and you are in my thoughts and prayers.

  5. My deepest condolences to Rexella, the Van Impe family and the Van Impe Ministry on the loss of Dr Jack Van Impe. He will truly be missed.
    My brother and I enjoyed having long talks about what Dr Van Impe preached each week.
    My brother has gone home to be with the Lord too so, maybe they can meet in Heaven.
    The one thing that drew me to this ministry was that Dr Van Impe always preached from the word of God and quoted scripture from his memory. We know that Jesus is the Word and “Heaven and earth shall pass away but my Word shall never pass away”

    May God Bless you and comfort you and give you His peace!

  6. I am so sorry to hear of jacks passing but happy for him, will be praying for you rexella, will really miss him , nobody knew the bible like jack, so glad I have his prophesy bible, I really felt he would be around for a long time yet as a endtime prophet , god will bless you rexella.

  7. My boyfriend and I watched Drs. Jack and Rexella Van Impe for years here in Southern CA, right after the Catholic Mass. We miss Jack’s insight, heart and love for all Christians, and those who want to join the fold. Our thoughts and prayers are with Rexella and the Van Impe family and friends. Words cannot express the loss felt, and so may God comfort you in the days and years to come. God bless you all.

  8. My Husband Daryl and I watched Dr. Jack and Roxella for many years. One night we down state and Daryl surprised me took me to head quarters but sadly was closed. Praying for Roxella and the family. Jack in arms of Jesus now with big smile on his face. Thank you all the years of teaching us. love you Roxella.
    Going to miss Roxella says oh Jack and Dr jack say hubba hubba hubba.

  9. I grew up watching Jack Van Impe Presents in the early 1980s and 1990s. You see, I am a practitioner of a philosophy of Buddhism known as nichiren daishonin, and I’m also born with a challenge called infantile autism. Dr. Van Impe left an everlasting impact on me as a individual, though we were different in faith, he was remarkable in so many ways. He had a unique humor, but he also was truthful and insightful regarding the current times we face in the world today. Because of him, I am able today to say I now know every piece of information that is connected with my faith and Beyond. And because of him, I am back in college today, studying in an honors course about philosophy and religion as well. I extend on behalf of all citizens everywhere my deepest and most sincerest sympathies 2 Rexella Mae Sheldon-Van Impe, his friend and announcer Chuck o h m a n and to all the wonderful partners and the staff and employees of Jack Van Impe Ministries on this very sad and sorrowful loss to the world. May he be of blessed memory and he will be in my prayers along with those who we lost this past few days and weeks. Thank you Jack Van Impe for all your service to this earth, may you now enjoy your spiritual promotion from your Earthly container as an angel Among the Stars, good and Noble faithful servant, May the flights of Angels sing this man to his eternal rest. Give rest to your servant who now has fallen asleep.

  10. I first watched his program in the 90s when I was a teenager. I just found out about Jack’s death about an hour ago, but just before I searched his name on the Internet, it was as if the Lord was telling me he had passed. Moments later, I searched his name, and sure enough, he had gone to his reward. I will pray for you Rexella.

  11. Our hearts go out to Rexella. Our last prophet is gone. Surely the end is near. Thou good and faithful servant. You are finally home with our Lord.

  12. I am so shocked. I was wondering why the program came on one week and the next week it did not. I thought that perhaps it had been moved to another time. Wishing Rexella and ALL the family and staff my prayer that you all will stay strong in the Love wherein Christ has made you free. Dr. Dirrick

  13. I have watched Jack Van Impe since I was young. I so appreciated his love for God, His people, and His Wird. He married Biblical prophecy with current world events to dramatically show us that God’s Word is real, His promise are sure, And that Jesus, Messiah, is soon to return. Jack warned us to be ready when Jesus comes. Rexella, I love you and am praying for you and your continued strength in ministering to God’s people.

  14. I’ve been watching Rexella and Dr Van Impe since the early 70’s and I was always so inspired by his preaching and knowledge. Thank you both for your service to our great Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ and so many people that loved to hear the Word spoken of by you Rexella and Dr Van Impe. Bless you and your family and so many friends around the world and may the Lord bless, keep and comfort you in the long days ahead. Your always in our prayers!

  15. I’m deeply saddened by Pastor’s leaving us but rejoicing in his being in the presence of Jesus Christ. He was a light in the darkness and his faith was always an encouragement to me when I watch him with lovely Rexella on their tv show. I’m almost 60 now. Us older people have to be faithful in Yhe Lord for this new generation. Looking for Jesus everyday.

  16. I know this is a big loss and that he preached the Bible so well and is missed by all. I have on of his Bibles that he autographed with his favourite Bible verse along with his wife Rexella and Chuck the announcer of Jack’s show and his favourite Bible verse as well. I will keep this Bible and use it in memory of Jack. One day all believers will be there singing with Him in the beautiful Malchoot Ha Shamayim. Translates Kingdome of in Heaven in Hebrew.

  17. Jack will greatly be missed, My heart goes out to you as I know what you are going thru. I lost my wife (Colleen) suddenly in April 2015. We were married June 1969. I still really miss her but I’m comforted in knowing that she is Heaven and free of any pain and with JESUS. I’m looking forward in seeing her soon, as the way things are going on earth , The Rapture could happen very soon. I’ll be thinking of and praying for You , especially these next couple days. May the Lord comfort ,be with and guide you .

  18. It was 1964 when I saw my first Jack Van Impe Crusade what a blessing for me ! God comfort Rexellas heart grant peace & wisdom for The JVIM Ministries as they “faithfully carry on as good faithful servants “!

  19. Thank you for the faithful years of service. I know the LORD used you through your broadcast to get me back on track many times. I just want to thank you and your lovely wife again for bringing the LORD’s WORD into our household. For bringing the WORD, unfiltered!2 Chronicles 7:14…

  20. Thank You for your weekly program Good and faithful servant of the Lord.

    Your weekly program will be missed with your wonderful voice and knowledge of the word of God.

    Many prayers for your beloved wife Rexella that she would receive comfort in her time of loss and happiness of her beloved husband is now home with his Lord.

  21. You will be missed by so many that love you Jack. Thank you for teaching me so much about the bible. You left such an amazing mark on humanity.

  22. He will be missed, sorry for your loss. He has blessed many way seekers with his knowledge of God’s word! God Bless you all.

  23. Like so many, Dr. Van Impe blessed us so much. He’s with our precious Lord now, and soon we will all be celebrating with him for God’s return is so near. Bless you, Rexella. We love you.

  24. So very sorry to hear of his passing, thoughts and prayers to family. What a service to the Lord he provided on his TV ministry. I watched for many many years at least 20 +.

  25. Condolences to Rexella and all the staff. After a few years in limbo in my spiritual walk, I started the journey back by watching Jack Van Impe and it was so inspirational. I re-dedicated my life to Christ and began reading the word fervently. Hopefully the TV program can continue with Rexella and guests or maybe even a co-host.

  26. What a welcome he’s having in Heaven as Jesus welcomes him with open arms and Jack is greeted by the millions of people his life & gifts have touched, including my husband who has finally met Dr. Van Impe, 🙂 the man who taught my husband and me so much about prophecy and staying “straight arrow” with scripture. I miss him already along with my husband but know Jack wouldn’t want to return. He is with Jesus! Rexella, I am praying for you and will continue to support what the Lord lead you to do. The love of Jesus, faith, and trusting is the only way to get through the grief. One day at a time. You are greatly loved! Thank you for all you have done to support your husband and set such a beautiful example of the role of a wife to a man of great passion and focus. Love to you, Kathy

  27. Dr. Van Impe was a Great man for the Lord and the Lord’s people; we miss him. I had a “feeling” the day he went to Heaven that something was going on with him; went online and saw that he had passed (moved to Heaven) the day before! First thing I thought was he wanted to go in the Rapture; then, perhaps God wanted Dr. Van Impe there with Him in Heaven to get things ready for the RAPTURE!

  28. will be truly missed.Have watched him for 25 years and has been a big influence in my life.He is with Jesus now where we will all be very soon.

  29. So so sorry to hear about one of my most excellent teachers of the Word of God, Dr Jack Van Impe. t I know he is out of physical suffering and with our Beloved Lord Jesus Christ. Please give his faithful and beautiful wife Rexella our condolences from Scotland.EmojiEmoji

  30. So so sorry to hear about one of my most excellent teachers of the Word of God, Dr Jack Van Impe. I was only 21 yrs when I got Saved in Cork, Southern Ireland over forty years ago. The Christian community over there used to listed to him on TWR and I just absolutely loved to tune in to hear him with them. Learned so much and will miss him but I know he is out of physical suffering and with our Beloved Lord Jesus Christ. Please give his faithful and beautiful wife Rexella our condolences from Scotland.EmojiEmoji

  31. Jack will be missed. Jesus called his faithful servant to be with him. Rexella you were a devoted wife loyal to the end. You and Jack were excellent at presenting God’s word to us.

  32. Dear Jack and Rexella,
    Soon after I got saved some 15 years ago I discovered Jack Van Impe presents on television. Very new to the faith at that time my understanding of bible prophecy was basic at best. Jack caught my attention quickly with his passion, knowledge and love for Gods word. Watching him and Rexella open the mysteries of bible prophecy changed everything. Instead of knowing Jesus only as Savior and the Lamb of God, I discovered Him as the soon returning and conquering Lion of the tribe of Judah. The bible came alive to me through Jacks teachings and by Gods grace Im aware of the times in which we live and alert to each passing headlines that moves us ever so closer to that wonderful day in which we will hear those fateful words.. “come up hither!” Thanks for everything Jack, see you soon.

  33. A good and faithful servant indeed. Rest in God’s hands Jack. A man of great wisdom for the word, thank you Jack!
    My deepest sympathies Rexella.

  34. I am so sorry about Dr. Jack Van Impe’s passing. I have only seen his show about ten times now, but I appreciate the style and content of his show. I will be praying for Rexella and the family. God bless you all!!!

  35. Something just spurred me out of the blue only moments ago, to query Dr. Jacks health, and I find he has now gone home.

    Dr. Jack is the person who led me to find Jesus, one dark, warm Houston rain filled evening now almost exactly 18 years ago.

    Thanks you Dr. Jack. You will be missed only for a short time I hope, as we will soon be joined with you at our Lords side.

    Strength and prayers to you Rexella for your loss.

    Love from your Brother in Canada.

  36. Estamos sufriendo de a ver escuchado esta noticia, tenemos en nuestro corazones una tristeza profunda. A Roxella le mandamos nuestra condolencia a ella y su familia.
    Oremos que el Espíritu Santo le de paz en estos momentos de sufrimiento.
    Le damos gracias a Dios por el tiempo que él estuvo con nosotros.

  37. Many years ago Dr. Jack and Rexella responded to a letter I wrote to them. Their kindness was beyond measure and helped me more than words can convey. I did not know of Dr. Jack’s passing until just a few minutes ago so please accept my apologizes for this late post. Prayers for Rexella and all who need them. “…to be absent from the body is to be with the LORD…” All of us who leaned on you and Rexella for understanding and uplifting will see your bright smile again soon.

  38. Victory through Emmanuel Jesus Christ of Nazareth True God man Word of God made flesh the Only Son of Almighty Father God Alleluia

  39. I am sorry for us but rejoice that Dr. Van Impe is enjoying Heaven and the presence of the Lord. Dear Rexella, I am so sorry for you as I know how much you loved him and how much you will miss him. You are in my prayers. May the Lord bless you and give you His Peace!

  40. Dear Rexella, I am praying for you and your ministry team. What a privilege it is to be encouraged by your teachings. Jack encouraged and warned us to live by the words in the Bible. Also, I consider you as spiritual mentors. May you experience HIS peace. All of us need to be rapture-ready NOW!

  41. What a wonderful soul! You will be greatly missed here on earth, but oh what wonderful sites you are seeing now!

    I pray the comforter comes and brings peace to your family. Thank you Lord for such a wonderful minister.

  42. First, heartfelt condolences and prayers to Rexella and family. I’ve treasured your warm and charismatic ministry for decades. Jack may have been known for his fantastic bible memory and prophetic vision. However, what always moved me the most about Jack and Rexella, was/is their passion for lost souls. That will always be the backbone of a true follower of christ. Watching Jack at the end of each broadcast, his being moved to tears while encouraging people to run to the Lord’s salvation. Today is the day of salvation! Truly, Jack and Rexella have treasure laid up in store in heaven.
    God Bless & Keep.

  43. Thank you Brother Jack for all that you taught and for the inspiration you were. You were such a great example of knowing what the Bible says and that we can also learn those things and do them. You will be missed dearly. I’m sure you are seeing the most amazing things right now and are in the presence of the Lord! Thank you for all you and Rexella have ever done. You’ve made an impact on the world in the Lord Jesus Christ name!

  44. I was shocked and saddened to hear of Jack’s passing. Our loss is certainly Heaven’s gain. He was a huge General of the Faith! We will miss him. I pray our Heavenly Father surrounds Rexella and their family with His loving comfort and peace.

  45. The Christian world feels diminished with the loss of Dr. Jack. Dearest Rexella, know that your devoted husband is looking into the eyes of our Jesus. Rejoice because you will be reunited in glory forever.

  46. God Bless you Jack and Rexella! I enjoyed your shows! Thank you for your service to The Lord. Looking forward to meeting you In His Presence someday soon!

  47. Thoughts and prayers for you Rexella as you adjust to life without the love of your life. Your ministry has touched so many people including my own. Again, sorry for your loss but rejoicing that Dr. Jack is with Jesus. He will be deeply missed.

  48. Dear,Rexella, I just heard today I’m sorry my heart aches too. Jack taught me so much ,my thoughts and prayers are with you. Rexella , I asked The Lord to wrap His arms around you and comfort you. Jack you will be missed by many.

  49. I miss you Jack! Congratulations you finally made it to Heaven I’m praying for your family that Jesus will comfort them during this difficult time. I’ve watching you for decades and have learned so much from your Bible knowledge.

  50. We are both shocked to read about Jack’s passing. I was hoping he would be one of us saved souls that would go up in the Rapture. I guess God had other plans for Jack. Praying for your comfort Rexella. Rest in the love of our Lord Jesus. I enjoyed listening to Jack and his wisdom of the end times. He is going to be greatly missed. God Bless you Rexella. Sue & John Webb

  51. Rexella,
    I’m so sorry to hear about Dr. Van Impe. What a Godly man he was, and so full of wisdom from the Holy Spirit. I learned so much about prophecy and many other subjects in the Bible from watching his videos and shows. He will be greatly missed. May the Lord Jesus comfort you and your family, Rexella, during this time, and I pray that he’ll continue to bless JVIM immensely and bring many more people into a relationship with Him through this ministry.

  52. I am only sad that Dr. Van Impe will no longer be making new television shows. Otherwise, I know he is in heaven now, his ultimate destiny. I will pray for you, Rexella and family, during this time of earthly loss. Praise the Lord for Jack, and thank you for sharing this man of God with us all these years!

  53. I used to watch Jack with my dad back in the 80’s and 90’s, and have continued to watch your weekly show for many years now.
    I went looking for the latest show, and didn’t find one, but only found a broadcast from years ago.
    I came here to your site, and was heart broken to find that Jack had passed away.
    I will so miss his preaching and enthusiasm for the Lord.
    We have truly lost the Walking Bible.
    If there was ever a man standing before the Lord to receive his crowns—it is Jack.
    I will miss him so much—-until we meet again. 🙂
    Rexella, I do hope that you will continue to do the show as long as possible, so we can continue to feel that connection to both yourself and Jack. Thank you, and God Bless.

  54. I am sorry about your loss, Rexalla. I started watched Jack Van Impe on October 3rd, 1992 while I was 25 years old and now I am 52 years old. Well done faithful Jack… will miss him dearly. Thank you for the program since 1992.

  55. Dear Rexella,

    I’ve only just heard the news and my heart is so heavy hearing of Jack’s departure from this world. I starting watching your tv and video programs in my late teens, early twenties and I am now 45. I learned so much about the bible and prophecy through Jack’s teachings and listening to your programs always brought my soul such peace. I will be praying for you and for the ministry. I know the Lord’s plans are perfect, but I will miss Jack so very much, as I know you surely do. God bless you, your family, and your staff. I love you dear sister in Christ. Thank you for everything Jack, we miss you so much.

  56. Seems like I have watched your show forever and learned so much that we surely do not hear elsewhere. I always hoped you would be here for the rapture but for sure the Lord wanted you at this time. Thank you for sharing yourself and your knowledge with us. You have been a blessing and a light when others will not talk about end times and what is happening here on this earth, you did..Thank you and God Bless You Rexella!

  57. RexElla…..I am sorry for your sadness with
    Jack’s passing; but; happy that you will
    carry on the ministry…to carry on the Lords
    work will comfort you in every way…
    Sincerely, Jerry Ford

  58. A true man of integrity, that wasn’t afraid of political correctness. He only feared God. Our family enjoyed your program since the 1990s. God bless

  59. I Am Sorry For Your Loss Precious Rexella…
    He Will Be Dearly Missed….
    I Know in My Heart that He is Finally Home with The Lord…
    God Bless You Dear….
    I’m Sending My Love And My Prayers…😢🙏❤️

  60. I don’t know what to say except I discovered JVI presents when I was a ‘babe’ in Christ in 1991. I always looked forward to watching and keeping current with the headlines along with Dr. Jack & Rexella. Where did the time go? Thank you for your ministry. Sending Love & Peace to you.

  61. Just learned about Mr Van Impe passing today and I am very sad. My prayers to Rexella and their family.

  62. So sorry to hear God Bless you Rexella at this time ,My eyes were opened to the soon return of Christ through Jack and your ministry would like to know when the ministry will continue please take care of yourself may God Bless and give you strength to carry on

  63. I was so shocked and deeply saddened to hear the news of Dr Jack Van Impe passing. So hoped he would not have to die to see our Lord’s face. That he would be called up in the rapture just as he taught that some of this generation will. Rexella, you and Jack have served the Lord on such a monumental level and I hope some day the Lord will show both of you just how many lives you have touched, Blessed and saved for Christ’s glory. I learned so much through your teachings and my faith grew to the point that I have no fear of anything knowing that Christ’s love for each of us is all we need. He will be so missed and a constant void here on earth, but my joy is knowing He is in the presence of our Lord now. I know you will continue the work here and keep touching and reaching out to lost souls and making Jack proud. My prayers are with you.
    God Bless you always with strength and long suffering.

  64. What a great teacher and man of God. I started watching the show in 1990 and Dr. Van Impe’s teaching was influential in my decision to be baptized in 1993. He has continued to help me grow in my faith and l am now a deacon at my church.

  65. We love you and miss you so much. You will always be my Uncle Jack. Thank you Jesus for holding him in your arms today.
    Love Eternal,
    Blithe Colgate and Sylvester Rogers
    Houston Texas

  66. Praise God for the life and ministry of Jack and Rexella Van Impe! There is no way of knowing this side of heaven the lives that were touched forever and how much the light was shown and the Kingdom was advanced during his life. His works will follow him. We will miss him but what an example of faithfulness and sticking by the TRUTH OF THE WORD at any cost! Thank God for his life and ministry, and the peace and comfort of the Holy Spirit wrap you Rexella in His love until the two of you are together again with Jesus!

  67. OMG! I just found out on CBN that Jack is gone. I had recorded the show and was disappointed that it had been cancelled. I am devastated Roxella. I am so sorry. I know he is your soulmate, best friend, and the love of your life. And will be forever!
    My HEART goes out to YOU.
    I will miss him so much. I love watching your show so much every week and have been for years. This is really hard for me to take in. Will be praying everyday for you Roxella to have the strength to get through this until you are once again reunited together forever.

  68. I’ve had the honor of listening and learning from Dr. Jack Van Impe since 1999. I was broken when I learned he had passed because I had hoped he would go with us in the Rapture. Praise God that he will instead see the Lord Jesus right away! Dr. Rexella, I’m so very sorry for your loss but I rejoice in heaven’s gain! Please God raise another to fill this void left by Jack Van Impe’s passing.

  69. My heart cries for the dear friend that we all have lost. My husband & I have followed Jack & his wife Rexella for our entire marriage & before foe over 45 years. I am so sorry for the lost. Rexella & staff, I pray for comfort, strength, and the blessings of the Lords guidance for the future.

  70. Praise be to the Lord Jesus Christ for the life and ministry of drs Jack and Rexella Van Impe.

    I took those Steps
    A saved soul now living and waiting for our Lord of Glory that Blessed hope. what a comfort to know that this is world without end. not the end, a new beginning. Steps in a new direction.

    I remember so many years of watching and listening to Jack Van Impe presents every week, he was one of the last ones left on tv in the public eye and ear that was not caving to world view thinking. worth listening to cause he held firm and was faithful to the truth of the Gospel. I loved him very much.

    I referred to Dr Jack Van Impe in my passing conversations with others as my daddy in the Lord, that lead me every week to be sober watching and waiting for that Blessed hope. I would get so excited when I heard him quote “come up hither” I would say a loud yes yes yes. I ready.

    just about every week watched with tears and thanksgiving would be praying the sinners prayer along with Jack, for myself to never take for granted the cost of my freedom from the burden of sin or forget my first and only love the Lord Jesus Christ, the one who saved me and washed me in His Precious Blood and made me whole a sinner and changed me to leave a life of sin to follow after and make Jesus my Lord.

    Will continue to pray for the countless lost souls. For the ones that listened and for the ones that heard the message, and will hear in the future.

    Soul winners

    Stand up stand up for Jesus ye soldiers of the Cross…

    Thank you, Rexella and Jack Van Impe.

    I love you both so very much. Will continue to pray, give and go.

  71. I have watched the Jack Van Impe program for many years, I’m 83 now & I have always been encouraged to know God is still using wonderful people like Jack & Rexella & all his partners on this program. There aren’t many left so we will all miss one of the best. God be with you in your time of sorrow and know we will all be together with Jesus & Jack very soon.

  72. Scripture says to mourn a birth and rejoice a death of a born again soul. We are rejoicing for Jack. How blessed we all have been to hear Jack’s ministry. My walk with the LORD is closer today because of Jack. My husband who’s Jewish would only watch a couple of programs with me, Jack’s was one of them. I felt with prayer and Jack’s ministry, it will help lead him to the LORD. Now I will continue to pray and believe for him and hope the LORD will honor Jack’s impact on him. Rexella, you and the ministry will always be in our prayers. My support of the ministry will continue as I believe it is what the LORD and Jack wants. May GOD grant you peace and comfort. All our love.

  73. The world lost a great man, but it’s heaven’s gain! I can just imagine his excitement! My condolences for Rexella. Really miss the weekly programs. Rexella, please keep the ministry alive with your insights and guest co-hosts!

  74. I am happy sad. Happy Dr. Van Impe is in his glory but sad that he can no longer lead people to Jesus. His work on earth is done. I adore this wonderful man. He is the only televangelist I watched or listened to. He was a true man of God. You will be missed Dr. Van Impe. I always wanted to meet you….we shall meet in paradise. Prayers and love and hugs to Rexella Love Kim Neubauer

  75. Dr. Jack Van Impe was just a saved sinner but, Jesus made made him a wise an extraordinary man whose ministry over the years reached billions of people around the world and led millions of souls to the Cross and to the blood of Jesus. Yes, well done thy good and faithful servant. Rexella, Jack could have never done this without you. May God’s Holy Spirit comfort you over the days, weeks, and months ahead and keep fighting the good fight as you and Jack have been doing your whole life. We love you!!

  76. We were shocked to hear Jack Van Impe passing to eternity.
    Thank you Rev Jack Van Impe fr warning us from the Word of God and well for encourages to trust our Lord.
    May God comfort you, Rexalla and your family during this time of sorrow. But we all know where he went to be with Jesus forever.

  77. We werre sadden to hear of the passing of Jack Van Impe, he will be missed. Our prayers are with Rexella and family at this time.

  78. Rexella, I know the loss of a husband. My prayers are with you. Your husband was a courageous man, who never backed down in the face of the worldly pressures and changing times socially. I thank you and him for standing steadfastly for our Lord and Savior. May you find comfort in family and friends.

  79. Praying for God’s comfort, peace, and wisdom for Rexella. ((((Hugs)))) Thank you both for the many years of wonderful, faithful service of sharing God’s Word. Looking forward to seeing the plans God has for Rexella and the ministry. Finding joy in knowing we will all meet one day in our Father’s house.

  80. The prophetic giant is gone, my good old friend for nearly 30 years, hearing your message on radio was wonderful, receiving my weekly newsletter was inspiring, you have fought a good fight May God welcome and keep you.

  81. Lots of love has left us, yet lots of love is still yet to come. Just across the doorstep, just around the corner. I was raised with JVIM as a staple in our home… Rexella; Jack will be sorely missed, but we will all be together soon. God Bless, you today and as we continue on. All the best, In Christ! Charles S

  82. My condolences to Rexella Van Impe! May God Bless you and comfort you. Thank you Jack for your 70 plus years of ministry, Rest In Peace!!

  83. Dear Rexella, So sorry to hear about Jack’s passing. I was also glad for him too. He was a great soldier for God. Mighty man of GOd and taught me a lot over the years. I know you guys were so close so I have prayed for you to have God’s peace and love. God bless.

  84. We thank the Lord Jesus Christ for Jack, Rexella, Chuck’s ministry over the many years we have watched, listened, and learned. May God give you His peace and eternal Hope through Christ’s willing sacrifice to provide eternal life in His Kingdom. We will be praying for you all to feel His comfort and warm love for you. We will miss Jack but look forward to when we will all be united in Christ forever.

  85. Dr. Jack Van Impe. I will miss you dearly. You started me on the road to obtain knowledge about our lord Jesus christ. 20 years later I’m still on a journey seeking and worshipping our lord. Thank you Jack. You are a good and faithful servant. My sincere condolences to you Rexella.

  86. The pasting of Jack Van Impe is like losing a favorite family member. After the pasting of my parents, my father in September 2009 and mother in September 2014, watching the Jack Van Impe show gave me a sense of peace, comfort, and serenity with his words of a better future to come with the return of Jesus. As long as we keep his teachings in our hearts, and souls he will always be with us.

  87. 2 Corinthians 5:8 “We are confident, I say, and willing rather to be absent from the body, and to be present with the Lord”.

    Dr. Van Impe and Rexella: You both have been an inspiration to me through your books, Bible, weekly e-mails and Bible Prophecy teachings on Jack Van Impe Presents.

    I pray that the Lord will guide you to continue this TV program in memory of Dr. Jack. We will certainly keep you in our prayers, and may our Lord Jesus Christ continue to bless you as you teach about His second coming.

  88. Praise God for Jack’s homecoming, well done. Blessed for his mighty ministry all these decades. God bless Rexella as she continues on this good work.

  89. Been listening to dr. Jack Van Impe since I was in my early twenties I am now 54 my seven-year-old grandson loved watching and when we heard the news my seven-year-old grandson cried and cried I truly believe his death is a sign that the coming of Christ is soon because the Lord told him when he got out of the hospital the last time to preach Jesus was coming very soon and now he has been taken to heaven God bless you rexella we will be praying for you and the ministry

  90. Rev.Van Impe was a faithful servant of God. One could always count on him to share the Gospel and invite the unsaved to come to the Lord. I’ve been familiar with his ministry for a few decades. He and Rexella were such a loving, gracious Christian couple always anxious to invite others to know God. I personally have received great benefit from his ministry. He ended well…may we all end well.

  91. Well done, indeed. “And I heard a voice from heaven saying unto me, Write, Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord from henceforth: Yea, saith the Spirit, that they may rest from their labours; and their works do follow them.” [Rev. 14:13]

    “Cares all past, home at last, ever to rejoice!” Heaven’s joys are before you, Jack, but you can’t crown Him ’til I get there!

  92. i started watching jack on tv every sunday at first was very inpressed with his stand for Jesus amid his death threats i later had to go to the internet when it was not on tv here. i purchased his jack van impe bible which is a treasure to me. i and so many others will miss this walking bible man great man of God. Thank-you for all the years


  94. so happy for jack, with Jesus…
    so sad for dear rexella, without her
    dear partner and husband. prayers, dear
    lady, for comfort and strength. God be with you. you and jack called me personally for a gift i sewed into the 2 of you personally years ago. such a honor, a phone call from jack van impe. and his dear wife, rexella, one sunday afternoon years ago…
    Holy Spirit of Truth, wrap rexella in your glory and your sweet holy Presence…..
    until she joins jack one day again, forever.

  95. A giant in the faith! A dear friend that impacted so many that he will never meet until they see him in eternity. Thank you, Dr. Van Impe for so many years of faithful service to the King. Your teachings will be carried on through the ages as a testament to a humble servant that loved the Lord with all his heart. Right now, you are wearing so many crowns. A job well done!

  96. I’ve been listening to Dr. Van Impe and his presentations for quite a long time…decades. His loss will be felt, but his message will continue. Prayers for Dr. Rexella and his people and family and ministerial board. GOD Bless the Minisytry of Dr. Jack Van Impe

  97. We are very saddened by the passing of brother Dr.Jack Vanimpe.our deepest condolences to Rexella and the family.We have watched you both for years now.and have learned so much from you both about Bible prophesy .And the comng of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.He is already missed dearly in our hearts.And will be until we all are reunited in God’s kingdom.Rest in arms of the Lord brother Jack.you always were and always will be an angel.And now you have received your wings.We love u.And we will continue supporting Sister Rexella .God bless you And give you strength Rexella.We are here for you always .love In Christ The Owens Family.

  98. I never personally met this great man of God but I have been so blest by his books , sermons and articles . My wife and I have financially supported ‘ Jack Van Impe Ministries ‘ for years as a very small way to say ‘ thank you brother Jack ‘ . You will be missed in this short life but you have left a legacy of Godly stewardship and a love for the Word of God . Your teaching on prophecy has blest my heart for years and it is from you that I was challenged to begin my personal study of eschatology to ‘ see if these things were so ‘ …. and they were .

  99. Dr. Jack Van Impe will be greatly missed here on earth. I have watched him for many years. He is the first television minister I really watched. It was your program where I was “introduced” to Dr. Jeffress who I love as well. Hugs and prayers to you Rexella and your family. I pray you keep the ministry going. We need you. 🙁 Carol and Dan

  100. We Love you Jack and Rexella and can’t wait till we meet you both someday when we are all Home together. Thankyou for all you faithful preaching and teaching down thru the years.

  101. Oh, how I will miss his wise and wonderful broadcast. Prayers go out to Rexella, family and friends. I rejoice knowing he is at peace with our heavenly Father.

  102. My family and I are so sorry for your loss but we know that when we see Jesus face to face we all will be reunited!

  103. Rexella: When I heard the news the other night, I cried for your loss and ours who love and watch every week. I’ve been a monthly supporter for years and will not stop till I know what is planned for the future with the ministry. May our Lord and Savior give you peace and comfort during these difficult days. You were married for 65 years, this has to be tough, but you will see each other again. Know that you are in the hearts and prayers of millions of people. May that give you comfort. Denice Adams

  104. im sorry for your loss. my mother also went to meet JESUS on the 18th. they are both in the loving arms of our LORD JESUS CHRIST. may GOD be with you in the days ahead. GOD BLESS

  105. Dear Rexella,
    So sorry for your loss. My wife and I never missed your program over the years. I met you and Dr. Jack on an Eastern Airlines flight from Ft. Meyers, Florida to Atlanta, Georgia in 1982.
    Heaven is celebrating Dr. Jack’s arrival!

  106. First off on my behalf of my fiancée and myself,We like to send our heartfelt prayers and condolences to Mrs. Van Impe and the entire End time ministry. As everything in the news especially what’s been happening allover the world especially in America,Puerto Rico a part of the US for many years due to the earthquakes recently are signs of what the old testament book of Daniel which is the prelude and road to the new testament’s Revelation of Jesus Christ written by John more than ever especially in these past several years have been coming more out to light. My father passed away in PR on Friday July 31,2015 I grieve for losing him at the same time I been staying more closer to God for going on five years now. So my fiancée and I will continue praying for you and JVI ministries in your loss and through your trying time. God bless

  107. I have watched Dr.Jack and Rexella Van Impe for many years he will greatly missed in our home. He was like part of my family. I will miss him greatly and hurts to the bottom of my heart. Rexella you will be in my prayers. May the our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ give you strength in this time of need.

  108. Dearest faithful wife Rexella, and Staff of Dr Van Impe,
    Oh how we will miss him! I have faithfully watched him since a very young age and now am age 66.His amazing miraculous recovery after the stroke blessed my soul as I too am a post stroke survivor. He taught, clearly and succinctly, the total complete Scriptures of God. It is a blessing to have both of your voices in my memory, speaking truth,hope and life. We shall focus our eyes on what is up ahead-the promise of Heaven due to the gift of Life and salvation through Jesus Christ our Lord. Let us set our eyes and hearts on this great truth of reunion, while we temporarily grieve on this side of heaven. We shall see Jack Van Impe again! May the Holy Spirit hold you all in His arms and send His supernatural strength through the Comforter to you.

  109. Well done Jack Van Impe you gave us all such incredible truths about the world …..you will be missed here in Canada and God Bless Rexalla

  110. S sorry for your great loss Rexalle It is a great loss to our family too as we listened to him faithfully

  111. We all know that Jack was welcomed in that fateful day, I only wish that I had i/100th as much faith as he had. God bless you forever.

  112. So sorry for his passing and my condolences to Rexella and family. We know he is home with the Lord and no doubt in my mind, a welcome into heaven with a “job well done”. He has had so much influence over the years in my life, especially when I would drift. Heaven is rejoicing with a faithful servant who’s influence changed the lives of millions.

  113. I watched your show for many years Jack you are going to be truly missed. We love you and God needed you more. You were the greatest person knowing the BIBLE scriptures. Like you stated before the BIBLE is the basic instruction before leaving earth. We love you until we meet again.

  114. God bless you Jack, my father passed away in 2018, when I read of your passing, it felt as I lost a second father. Your dvd on Animals in Heaven helped me more than you could imagine and will always could you in my heart.

  115. I’m so very sorry for your Loss of Jack van Impe.My thoughts and prayers are with you Rexella and family.
    Thankyou both for all your services and care for everyone.Im sure He will get told Well done faithful servant Welcome Home.I will miss you both so much.

  116. Darlene&Ila Iversen
    WE just heard the news. We have watched Jack & Rexella for years and prayed for them & the ministry for years. Jack is now home where we all want to be. You will be truly missed Jack Van Impe. People we must ALL make sure we are ready for when the Lord calls us home. Our deepest condolences to you Rexella and your whole family. Dear God we pray for comfort and peace for Rexella and the family. Be with them and hold them tight in your arms in these difficult days. Amen.
    Jesus died for our salvation and that is what Jack always preached. Make sure you accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior.
    Thank you Jack for always preaching the truth about Jesus. We will see you again.

  117. My deepest sympathy to Rexella and the Van Impe family. Dr. Van Impe was my grandfather’s favorite minister. He is mine too. We all can rejoice though because Jack is in heaven. What a friend we have Jesus. The greatest gift to all mankind. I pray for comfort and peace through Jesus Christ our Saviour for all as we remember Dr. Van Impe’s life and all the souls he was able to reach all for the glory of God.

  118. Godspeed JVI ! You will be missed. Thank you for your commitment to the Bible and for sharing your knowledge. My heartfelt prayers for those you’ve left behind, especially your beautiful Rexella.

  119. I just heard of his passing today. Believers know he was welcomed to his eternal home. He and Rexella have been a part of my family’s lifes for as long as I can remember. My mom listened to him until her passing in 2014. Her daughters and son continue to listen. He was a blessing to so many people. God bless Rexella and the entire family and give them all, the peace than passes understanding.

  120. I Am Very sad, and Rejoicing At the same time! See You on the Other side Brother Jack! and to the VanImpe Family, I know He will be deeply missed, for A time! Dr.VanImpe was Instrumental In my rededicating my Life to the Lord in the Early 90’s ! Praise God !

  121. Dr. Jack Van Impe was the first man of God who made the Bible come alive to me back when I was a young teenager, prophecy was never explained to me until he came, and I have never left it.

    Jesus is coming brothers and sisters!

  122. I just saw this announcement…My heart is broken…I love Dr. Jack Van Impe & Dr. Rexella Van Impe…I will pray for you Rexella & Jack Van Impe Presents Ministries…God Bless you dear woman of God…I absolutely LOVED watching Jack Van Impe Presents “every” Sunday evening…Dr. Jack Van Impe will be so missed…He consistently preached the “true” word of God…I pray I will meet him one day in Heaven…Truly a GREAT man & God’s messenger!

  123. Rexella,
    I am praying that the Lord will comfort your heart as you go forward. I will miss seeing your dear Jack and hearing the excitement in his voice when he would talk about the Lords coming for the church, he got me so excited also. The constant cares of this world can still the joy of the Lord from our hearts so quickly. When I get there I am going to tell him how much his message has meant to me over the years. God bless you and keep you all who miss him.

  124. Jack now you are home in the loving arms of your saviour. Thanks for your uncompromising of Gods word.
    Rexella I pray that the comfort of the Lord will embrace you at this time, sorry for your loss.

  125. My deepest sympathy to you, dear Rexella. I pray that the Lord will comfort your broken heart and sustain you with His divine love during this transition. May God surround you with support from your loved ones. May the Holy Spirit bring you peace and comfort in your deep grief. Don’t despair, dear one, because you know you will once again be with your beloved in heaven. This parting is but for a moment on God’s time clock.

    I watched your programs since I was a teenager when you broadcasted from Royal Oak, Michigan. I have studied prophecy with you for 50 years and credit you both for nurturing my great love of Bible prophecy. We have lost a great general in God’s army, but Jack’s teachings will live on through you now. Please continue…Jack is looking down from heaven and cheering you on. I’m sure he wishes he could tell you how glorious it is to be with Jesus!

    I would play the old shows that relate to today’s headlines, as they are all very relevant. When you feel up to it, please continue to bring us headlines and play clips of Jack explaining it from the Word. You will be in my prayers always. God bless you, sweet Rexella. You are so loved. ❤️🙏🏻

  126. Jack, when the world needs to know the bible the most God must have had a reason to bring you home. You will be missed but thanks for the years of teaching. Sincere condolences to Rexella and the entire family & organization.

  127. Such a godly man who will be greatly missed. He is now with our Lord. Blessings and comfort to dear Rexella and family.

  128. What a blessing this ministry has been in my life! Prayers for sweet Rexella. Thank y’all for your service and ministry.

  129. Our condolences to the family but we rejoice that Dr. Van Impe is with his Lord.

    It was Sep\Oct 1974 when my wife and i started dating. Our first date was to one of Dr. Van Impe’s crusades at the Neshaminy High School in Langhorne, PA. We were both believers but went forward and rededicated our lives to Christ. Last year we celebrated our 40th anniversary. We’ve always followed the ministry and are disappointed at having lost our main source of prophetic education. Welcome home dear brother.

  130. God bless you Dr. Van Impe. God bless you Rexella. What a giant of a man in Christianity he is. This loss is only a ‘moment of time’ before the great and eternal reunion in Heaven one day. Rest on that. Thank you Jack.

  131. To Rexella,

    We understand your loss which is Heaven’s gain.
    Our deepest love is with you in your time of grief.

    You will be united in Heaven.
    Continue in being the great witness that you are.

    John and Janet Brumby

  132. Pamela Sue (my ministry partner) and I have followed DR. Jack and Rexella for over 30 years and have been so greatly enriched by his ministry. We will sorely miss his ministry here in Chicago and our prayers go out for his beloved wife. Thoughts and prayers also for his faithful announcer Chuck.

  133. How blessed we were to have such a servant to work as hard as he did to get out the truth without compromise, his love of Jesus burned within him. I pray other ministers as well as myself would catch that fire the keep the truth about Jesus The Word as a beacon to a lost world. May The Lord truly bless the Van Impe family in the name of Jesus!

  134. Dr Jack Van Impe was a wonderful man of God he will surely be missed may he rest and peace and may God bless Rexella and his family.

  135. Thank you for your contributions to the foundation of my faith and many others. It will live on trough all those that listened to you. My prayer goes out to Rexella and all of Jack’s family members. I’m sure Jack’s ministry will continue in one form or another. Jack has gone home but the words he spoke must continue so it may reach many others until our Lord returns.

    Shaloam (Perfect Peace to all)

  136. Jack will be greatly missed…he is now home,and it is every Christians wish and hope to go there someday.

  137. Jack spoke the truth. I will miss him. My prayers are for Rexella. May the Lord give her His Peace and Strength. Thank you for the decades of Biblical teaching and prophecy.

  138. Dear Rexella and Family,
    My husband and I watched your show often. We are so very sorry for the loss of your great husband and his tremendous love for Jesus and His Word. This is truly a difficult time for you. May the Lord Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit comfort your heart and give you that peace that surpasses all understanding and also grant you divine guidance and wisdom for the days ahead. Jeremiah 29:11
    Denise & Dennis

  139. It’s only good-bye for a short time. I never got to meet JVM in life but I will when I get to heaven. I have learned a lot and bought things when I could. All I can say is thank you. God bless Jack you are irreplaceable and will be truly missed.

  140. I’m forever grateful for Jack and Rexella’s ministry/broadcast that has meant so much to me. Rexella, you are such a dear, tender, Godly woman – may God’s comfort surround you. I agree and repeat: WELL DONE, GOOD AND FAITHFUL SERVANT. I will now think of Jack in that glorious place that we’d never want him to leave, a place that he wanted all of us to experience by accepting the Lord Jesus into our heart.

  141. Dr Jack stood strong several times to correct heresy and error. I recall him publicly confronting a well known television ministry and in the process helping me understand that I was wrong in my thinking.
    My very best to his family in this time of separation—but based on all we see, it will be short in duration. Jesus is Lord.

  142. I shall miss Jack’s ministry to the Lost very much! I enjoyed knowing more about the Rapture, and looking forward to that myself.
    Jack is so blessed in seeing Jesus already!

    Rexella, I have a poem that may help you in the days ahead It is called

    “MY FRIEND” I have a Friend who cares for me. I’m not alone; never will be. He walks and talks with me each day. Gives Joy to me, along life’s way.

    God cheers me up, when I am down. He speaks words of love, A Melodious Sound.

    I feel His arms around me tight, And rest on Him, all through the night. There’s not a friend, who loves me more. His Grace Abounds, from shore to shore

    When winds of this life blow furiously, That’s wen we hide ourselves in Thee.

    May God uplift the burdens you bear, And keep You in His Loving Care. Nita Kitson

  143. I am deeply saddened to hear of the passing of one of Christianity’s and the world’s spiritual giants. A true “Man of God”! I am sure he is in a better and more peaceful world than this one. I want to extend my condolences to Rexella and to family and friends. I pray that Rexella and the Board will be be guided by Divine Wisdom (The Holy Spirit) as to how to continue the work. I believe everybody has mixed feelings-sadness because of his passing, and yet a gladness because he is in a much better world. I’m sure those of us who knew him through television and his books will never forget the Christian giant and “The Walking Bible”, the great Dr. Jack van Impe! You will see him again, Rexella! God Bless you!

  144. My condolences to Rexella, Dr Jack van Impe inspired a lot of people here in South Africa. Will miss him greatly. Keep on the good work Rexella.

  145. RIP Jack you made it, your almost there next for you is 1000 year reign on earth with your lord Jesus!! Amen

  146. Well done oh faithful servant, so sad Dr Jack Van Impe died, but his legacy will never die.
    My condolences to Rexella and family and the team.

  147. I’m heartbroken and praising God at the same time. I have tears of joy learning of Dr. Van Impe’s passing. However; I’m so grateful for his ministry and his faith-filled wife, Rexella. You have my utmost Love prayers for your family and condolences. You both brought so much God through your sharing of God in television. Be blessed to continue to be a blessing.
    Rest in our Savior’s arms, Dr. Jack Van Impe.

  148. One of the giants of the Christian faith of the 21st century went to be with the Lord! You shall be missed jack!

  149. Dear Rexella, Our deepest sympathy to you and your family. He truly was the voice of one crying out in the wilderness. Jack’s work was
    done here on the earth, now it is up to us to
    carry the torch over the finish line. We have been watching you and Jack over 40 years, it was a program that lifted our spirits. I know the Lord will give you the power and wisdom to continue until we meet Him in the air.
    We all will rejoice very soon, for our Savior
    is coming! May you find comfort that so many are praying for you at this time.

  150. Hope you are well Angel Rexella as I know you are happy for Jack as he is well with His Lord now but I know you are also heartbroken and troubled as you have lost your beloved one and did not want him to go, as no one wants the one they love to leave them. I hope God and His Angels will comfort you and direct you in this great time of need. Jack, AKA: “The Walking,Talking Bible” job well done Sir as you have served faithfully till the end as you were commanded. Hate to see you go and may God now fulfill His promise to you to give you the desires of your heart in a world of peace.

  151. I so well remeber Jack’s crusades in Roanoke, VA in spring of 1974. With the sudden news of his death, it seems that part of those memories of the Shenendoah Bible College years (1972-1976) have died. But the truth is that they live on, although in a different light now. God be thanked for the spiritual legacy left behind for us.

  152. He was a great speaker and cared greatly about his audiences more than other speakers. Thank You Dr. Jack!!! I tried to see his latest show but found his passing. May God Bless Him!!!

  153. One Saturday evening in the late 1980’s I was changing the channels on my TV in my Living Room in Manassas, Virginia. On Channel 66 WTKK which was a Christian TV Station and its Call Letters stood for “The King of Kings” I watched Jack Van Impe Presents for the first time and I have watched it every week since. I was raised a Lutheran, became an agnostic and maybe even an atheist, however, that evening Dr. Jack Van Impe saved me. God Bless Drs. Jack & Rexella Van Impe.

  154. My husband and I are greatly saddened by the news of Jacks going home to be with his Lord and Savior. We so enjoyed seeing him just beam as he talked about the Lord’s return and seeing Jesus face to face. Jack was more to us than just an evangelist he was the man who lead my husband to the Lord many years ago. You will always be in our heart and PRAYERS Rexella. One of our greatest wishes was to be able to meet you both while on this earth but God had other plans. Jack will certainly be missed but one day we will all be with him in that wonderful place called HEAVEN.

  155. So very sorry for your loss Rexella. May the Lord hold you near at this time and bring you comfort.

  156. Thank you Drs. Jack and Rexella,
    You were and still are my tv parents. I have watched you on tv since I was in my 20’s, I’m now 48. I love you both so very much and because of you both I have learned so much because you teach with such clarity and straight from the word of God. I’m very sad that Dr. Jack passed on , but also happy to know he is with Jesus. I’m praying for you Mrs. van Impe❤️❤️All my love,
    Shellie Jones (my kids) Isabelle Darrell and Sarah.

  157. I am so grateful that I was introduced to Dr. Van Impe’s ministry. My prayers are for his family and friends that God comfort them in their loss with the certainty that they will be with him again.

  158. I am praying for you Rexella. I know this is bittersweet for you. You have lost the love of your life but you also know that he is so happy and thrilled beyond words to be in the presence of Jesus. I will miss him a great deal. I have watched your program for years. I hope that you will be able to continue his ministry in some way. We all love you so much.

  159. Dear Rexella, family & staff – Please accept my tearful condolence as I just learned of THE DOCTOR’s passing. I had the pleasure of meeting you two years back at a prophecy conference in Florida. I’ve followed your ministry for years and have been greatly blessed by it. Of course, Dr. Jack is in a wonderful mansion looking down on us as he has been inducted into the Great Hall of Fame – Hebrews 11. Not only that he is happily playing with all the kitties you both so lovingly parented. I am sure my Lola greeted him when he arrived. We know our days are probably shorter than we think as another great leader as gone to be with Our Lord. Jesus let us not unduly grieve but carry on the prophetic mission this special man of God was given with even greater determination. He taught us all with great wisdom and dedication! Looking forward dear sister in how you minister to us in the near future!

  160. Words cannot express how much my husband and I loved watching bro. Jack on t.v! He has truly impacted our lives in such a profound way! My heart is sad for the loss of this amazing man of God but I am also filled joy knowing how excited he would get when he would talk about one day meeting his savior and he is now standing face to face with Jesus! My prayers are with Mrs Rexella and the rest of his family. I pray for comfort and peace during this time and I pray that you find comfort knowing that you will one day see him again.
    He touches so many lives and I love that he never sugar coated anything… if it wasn’t God word or didn’t line up with what the word said… He didn’t pretend that it was! He didn’t just preach what people wanted to hear.. he preached what people needed to hear in tower to be saved! Praise God for this amazing man and what he stood for!

  161. Dr. Jack was more than just an evangelist, he was a friend-in-Christ that my husband and I eagerly welcomed into our home every week to hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He will be greatly missed, but he and his wise words and messages will live on in our hearts until we meet in Heaven.
    God be with Dr. Rexella as she copes with the horrendous loss of her husband, partner and best friend. Earth’s loss is most definitely Heaven’s gain. Rest in Peace Dr. Jack until Jesus calls us at the coming Rapture.

  162. Our thoughts and prayers go out to you Rexella, but you can rejoice knowing that the accordion is now being played in the presence of our Lord Jesus Christ. He will be missed.

  163. Rexella, My heart greaves with you. Dr. VanImpy preached at our Baptist church in the late 50’s and I have followed him ever since. I know there is grief in your heart but at the same time look at the reception Jack received at Heaven’s gate! I know it won’t be long till Jesus comes for us left behind. May God richly bless you and keep you till then.

  164. Thank you Almighty God for the life of Dr. Jack Van Impe, it is now that I must take advantage of life in fulfilling his purpose in a holy life and in the service of GOD away from temptation and fail him. A lifetime of example, gifts and talents at the service of the Work of the Creator. Good faithful servant. Thanks God.

  165. So sorry to hear about Jack’s Passing he was so instrumental in my life and his ministry changed my life. Through his words about fornication I got married cause I kept hearing his words about living in fornication and that it is a sin. He will be greatly missed. I really will miss him.

  166. I am truly sorry to hear about Jack Rexalla. He was truly a messager of The Lord Jesus Christ. He will be sadly missed by all those who loved him dearly even me.We look forward to that day when Lord Jesus Christ will come back and to change us all in a moment in an twinkling of an eye at the last trumpet call of God. I look forward to that day. Don’t give up the ministry just keep on going for Him. Yours in Christ Jesus. Karl Christensen. 😥😇👼👑

  167. Jack and Roxcella, Thank you for your continual work in getting out the Word of God!
    The Bible says, Study to show thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth (2 Timothy 2:15).
    Let not all the teaching of Jack be in vane of the gift the Lord has given us via Jack and Roxcella and people who help them.

    We Love you and will continue to pray that you continue the ministry Roxcella

  168. Jack Van Impe is and was one of the very few Radio/T.V Evangelical preachers that I have given great respect over the last forty years. I remember when I was greatly convicted by the Holy Spirit to return to the Lord back in 1979; No one was with me and no preacher influenced me but it was just me and the Lord in the apartment in Houston, Tx. Though I was born again in 1961 yet backslid during those late teenage years, military enlistment years and railroad working years. After returning to the Lord in that all night repentance in 1979, I then returned back to Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. I remember turning on the T.V in 1980 and their was JVI preaching. I was glued to his program in those earlier years. Even bought one of his books. It was the first book that I bought from any preacher. Still have it somewhere in the home library. Well the Lord supernaturally called me to preach in 1979. After going to two bible colleges then earned those ordained credentials, I started to preach. I have done radio ministry for many years, Pastored, had two gospel tents up for a short time and preached on radio for the last thirty years. My last radio program in Asia was with WHRI shortwave in Palau going into all of Asia.This was one the Angle four transmitters. The radio station gave me some options to buy radio time slots on this transmitter. It just so happened that my radio time slot of 45 minutes followed Jack Van Impe on Sunday’s. I thought, I was blessed to follow after this preacher because I listened to his preaching over the years. Being Pentecostal, I new we had some slight differences but the same Lord and many same emphasis. I give many salvation calls like Jack did. I remember Jack saying on the air but not an exact quote without checking the program that his Pentecostal brother or brethren are doing their job and he would take care of things on his side (of the church). You see, we are all working together for the same Lord in the Lord’s harvest field to win souls and also to call the church to live holy. We call all the church to live as right as we can and be prepared for the coming of Jesus Christ. I thank the Lord to have seen on T.V and heard on radio this man of God and was blessed to follow him on that Asia broadcast transmitter It just so happened that WHIR radio station had closed down it’s transmitter to Asia because of the rising costs of operations on Sunday, Oct 27,2019. This was both Brother Jacks and my last broadcast following him on that station. Now, about ten weeks later, this brother is called home to the Lord. We never know when our last sermon is going to be preached or when our last witness is going to be given oar when our last song or praise is going to be sung. Jack was ready to meet the Lord Jesus to give an account and so must we all. So, for my brother in the Lord and to his lovely faithful wife, children and ministry staff, who I have never met:I’m sure Jack would love to preach just one more sermon but I’m mostly sure he would rather stay in Heaven with his Lord. Perhaps he will be coming back with the Lord on one of those white horses at the last battle in Revelation. All I can say is thanks Jack for your positive influence, Biblical knowledge and strong preaching. Finally, We will see all our saved loved ones again, soon enough. The Great commission continues to go on until the Lord is done with his work. Are we busy and ready to meet our Lord as Jack was?

  169. May God bless your heart Rexella. Our family has relied on your show for years and years. You and Jack have brought so many great conversations to our house between my husband and I. Remember you are not alone Christ is with you and He is also with Jack in Heaven. We will all be there soon enough and in the twinkling of an eye! Bless your sweet soul during your time of grieving, so many are mourning and also rejoicing for death is not the end. Love ❤️ in Christ,

  170. Sister Rexella, no words can express our sincerest condolences to the full. Dr Van Impe and yourself Have touched lives by the millions in every walk of life. So we salute the incredible journey the two of you have taken in the greatest work ever to serve our reigning King Jesus. May He who never fails lead you as you continue in His service. Your friend and day brother sister Steven and Jana Ben-Nun

  171. What a great loss for us that are still here. We truly had a treasure in brother Jack to give such passion for the word of Christ and the gospel and prophecy. Truly the fullness and yes truly a good and faithful servant. We must rejoice in this, then get to work there is so much to warn others about.

  172. Rexella and family, very sorry for your loss. Dr Jack was an incredible man with great insight.

  173. Rexella & the Van Impe Ministry family, I’m praying for The Lord’s strength, courage, wisdom & grace at the loss of Dr. Jack. I’m so sorry & will certainly miss him & his ministry which I’ve been following for years! Nevertheless, he is in the Presence of The Lord & much as I know he misses you, he would not want to come back, but you will see him again before the Throne Room. Be encouraged & encourage yourself in The Lord. Will keep praying for you in Jesus Name!

  174. I was So moved with emotion when I heard the news of Dr.Jack Van Impe’s passing. Started watching them back in 1991 ! I admired both of them Soo much. He was such a great Christian example & a great, successful Evangelist & Bold witness of Jesus Christ !. Together as a couple I also admired how they truly loved & respected each other So much… the first thing I thought of was Oh poor Rexella ! Having to now live without her beloved Jack, but realized, I myself overcame much personal loss within a fairly brief time & how did I do it ? ONLY Jesus…and the great Grace he gives those going through these losses. It may be a struggle for her because of all the many years, but, I know she will be fine. She has her Jesus at her side. (I look forward to hopefully seeing her on Christian media again). Love you Rexella ♥ God bless + be with you + your family.

  175. The angels are singing as our wonderful teacher has been promoted to his heavenly home. What a dynamic teacher he has been to all who have listened. I welcomed the the lord into my life as he lead prayer. To Rexella my prayers and with you for strength and peace in your heart. I can only imagine the crown that the lord has placed upon Jacks head he was a truly dedicated to sharing gods word.

  176. Dear Rexella and Family,
    I am just hearing about Jacks passing. I am so… sorry and am praying for you Gods comfort, peace and provision. You have both been such a blessing to me for years watching your program. I know Jack is in heaven healed and safe. Will sure miss him though. God bless you.

  177. Thanks for everything Jack and Rexella. Your weekly show saved my grandpa and kept my faith and excitement for the near return of Jesus for over 10 years now. I’m excited to meet you one day. I’m sad you didn’t get to be a part of the rapture but believe you are happy now and I believe the Lord is using this situation in a way to help people long for the things you’ve always encouraged us to be excited for.

  178. A Precious Saint , spiritual Father and a real General of God’s army ! I cry and mourn and yet rejoice that he’s truly home now.My deepest sympathy Rexella your beautiful love for each other shined through every week a pure love that’s rarely seen today….May the Lord’s blessing continue for jvim ministry …Mr. Jack Van Impe your ardent passion for the Lord touched us in so many ways …Rest in PEACE.

  179. My husband and I are so sad at the loss of Dr. Jack’s presence for now, but we rejoice that he is now with his Savior whom he loves so dearly. We are so sorry for Rexella’s loss. We have always loved Dr. Jack and Rexella as family and Dr. Jack will be missed by his brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus all around the world. We will be watching to see if the ministry is carried on in some way and we look forward with great joy to that day when we will join Dr. Jack in God’s beautiful city above.
    Mike and Terrie Kenoyer

  180. I remember seeing him in Charleston WV in the 70’s and I was so (and continued to be) at his effortlessly quoting scripture with no bible in front of him. His sermon was the famous War With Russia. I have been a fan of his ever since and watching him on TV whenever I could. He is now where we all should want to be if we are saved, God bless you Jack, rejoice. I pray the peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you Rexella, the peace that only Jesus can give.

  181. I came to Christ, at 15 years old, late one evening while watching this broadcast. I believe the year was 1990. I wasn’t raised in church so didn’t really know what had happened. I just know that I was changed. I started following, and learning, and growing, and serving. Having been in ministry off and on since the 90’s, I can still say JVIM has probably had the greatest impact on planet earth for the Kingdom of God, second only to Christ himself. The fruit is undeniable. I’m blessed to have been converted under this ministry, and have carried the same calling and burden for church unity. Godspeed dear brother. Peace to those who mourn your passing.

  182. Several generations of my family have been viewers and contributors of your ministry for many years! So happy I bought the Bible years ago! I have cherished it and will continue. Dr. Van Impe will be SORELY missed but so joyous for him as he spends all his time now with the One he adored above all and gave his ENTIRE LIFE to! Rexella you are definitely loved and prayed for through this tough time! May God richly comfort you, guide you and fill you with His great love!

  183. I am sad to learn of the passing of Dr. Jack Van Impe. The Body of Christ lost a general in the faith. I am inspired to go stronger for Jesus and memorize scripture. Looking forward to that day when we will not have to say good bye! Prayers for Rexella!!

  184. Dr. JVI, I grew up watching my parents greatly impacted by your ministry, as an adult I grew closer to Christ through your ministry(from JVI presents to your cameos in the Apocalypse series and Left Behind), heaven has truly gained a champion, you blessed generations. Thank you for being used of God. See you at the marriage supper of the Lamb, sir! #SALUTES

  185. Jack Van Impe was one of God’s Generals in the Army of our Lord Jesus Christ. He fought the good fight of faith and he finished his course. He was non-conforming, uncompromising and unwavering in his walk with the Lord, his assignment and his stance for Christ. Jack was called, chosen, anointed and appointed for a time such as this (the last days), according to God’s purpose for his life. Well done Jack Van Impe. You were a good a faithful servant of God. I am comforted by the fact that you have entered into the rest of the Lord.
    Rexella, my heart grieves with you for your loss. Jack was loved by many, including myself. I pray that God will continue to comfort you and your family, and bless you with peace and strength to fight on and finish the work in Jack’s stead. My prayers, love and support for you and the Jack Van Impe Ministry always. Reach out, if you need to. I am available.

  186. Dear Sister Rexella; So sad to hear about Brother Jack’s passing. But he is with our Lord Jesus Christ now. No more pain. I have listen to him, and you for years, and I have “the Jack Van Impe Prophecy Bible” that I enjoy so much. My prayers with with you my Sister, and your family. God Bless, your Brother in Christ our Lord, Jesus, The Christ.

  187. I’ve watched his ministry for years and always enjoyed it. I’ll see you in heavenly realms my dearest brother. Well done, good and faithful servant of the Most High.

  188. my deep sympathy that Jack passing was shocking and sad but He now is with Jesus always and forever I pray for His wife and family may the Holy Spirit comfort you praise be to the Lord Jesus Amen..

  189. Rexella,
    So sorry to hear about the passing of a wonderful man and pastor and husband, friend. I pray that GOD will give you the peace, his sweet peace that surpasses all
    understanding.. Love you.kathy reynolds

  190. Rexella we are so sorry for the loss Jack. We will miss him very much. He has touched and saved so many souls. We are so thankful for him and your ministry. He was a good faithful servant who as seen the face of God, alleluia!

  191. I was so sorry to hear of Jack’s passing. I was inspired by his ability to quote scripture along with the chapter and verse. He will surely be missed. My deepest sympathy to his wife and family. May the Holy Spirit comfort your heart.

  192. My prayers are with you at this time. I do appreciate all that you both have done for the body of Christ. Thankful for truth and integrity. Love in Christ

  193. Dear Dr. Rexella,
    My heart goes out to you at this time!
    I know our great Lord will be completely with you as your Maker is your husband as Psalms says. May you turn to Him at all times and not lean on your own understanding. God bless you and the board. We know that Dr. Jack Van Impe is rejoicing with his Saviour!! Love to you,
    Linda Adams

  194. So sad…shocked really…to hear of Dr.VamImpe’s going home to Heaven! What an awesome soldier in God’s army! Prayers for Rexella…blessed wife for him! You both are highly loved and respected…thank you, thank you, thank you!

  195. Dr. Van Impe will be greatly missed! My prayers are with you all. Rexella, he was blessed to have you by his side all these years. I am sure that he was welcomed home royally. Heaven’s gain is earth’s loss. I will greatly miss him, but rejoice that he is Home!

  196. I am so sorry for your loss. I will miss him & your show so much. We know he is with his savior. Prayers to you

  197. Although I am not a Christian, as an interfaith chaplain, I have many friends who are of the Christian faith, and I always enjoyed watching and listening to Dr. Van Impe’s programs for many years. I was inspired by his memorization of Scripture, his happy demeanor, his care for all people, and his efforts to build bridges between denominations. I am sad to hear that Jack has left this world, and I send my condolences to Rexella and to all of their ministry partners and friends. Rexella, may the Lord comfort you in this time of you loss. God bless.

  198. I truly miss him. He is a hero in the faith. Loved his wife faithfully all those years. Someone else will have to push the plow now. He’s in a much deserved rest

  199. Broadcasted a great show, solid biblical teaching, informed, made sense of the news
    in light of Biblical prophecy. Will be missed.

  200. Dear Rexella and family. I was terribly saddened to hear of Dr. Jack’s passing. I have followed both you and him for years and now, the Lord has called him to go home. He will be sorely missed. My thoughts and prayers are with you. Earth’s loss is Heaven’s gain. He was indeed a “Good and Faithful Servant”. May our Heavenly Father give you comfort and peace at this time and in times to come.

  201. I remember the days I would talk weekly about JVIM with my mom until she passed in 2007. Now that Jack is gone, that chapter in my life has now come to a close. I’m committed to working even harder at walking in the spirit because of my mom and Jack. My heart may be heavy for now, but this truly is a reminder for me to even walk closer with the Lord. My prayers with JVIM and Rexella. God Bless.

  202. Dear Mrs. Rexella and Family, I thank God for Mr.Jack. I was saved and then walked away from God for a long time, and Mr. Jack brought me back to Him. He is so Precious in my heart and I Thank God that He allowed Mr. Jack to teach us about the end times and prepare us. I was Hoping Mr. Jack would be with us in the Rapture but I know that he’s saving us a place in Heaven. My heart goes out to you during this time and you’re in my prayers Mrs.Rexella, but I truly believe that it is just a momentarily separation and we will be seeing him and our Lord shortly. Stay strong and know your not alone. God Bless You.

  203. I am so sorry for your loss Rexella and the family. I enjoyed his teaching very much. He will be missed. We will be praying for you and the family.

  204. We love watching Jack and Roxella together preaching the Word of God. Jesus is coming! He will be missed!
    Our prayers are with his family and their ministry.

  205. Dear Rexella, Our family sends our condolences to you and your family. Jack was a
    example to all believers. He loved the Lord thy God with all his Heart and with all his Soul . May you feel the Love and Peace of our Lord your sister in Christ Lisa Jenkins

  206. My condolences to Rexella and the family. Dr. Van Impe was a Bible scholar for sure. As a Catholic Christian, I was grateful for his kindness over the years.
    Eternal rest grant unto him, O Lord and may perpetual light shine upon him.

  207. Dear Rexella:

    Please accept my deepest condolences on this great loss we all feel, but none so much as you. I owe Dr. Van Impe my life because it was he who led me to Jesus over 25 years ago.

    I loved listening to Jack! I admired his passion for preaching, his love of God and the obvious love of you, his beautiful wife. And after his illness(es), I admired his determination to continue preaching and his unrelenting faith.

    You and Dr. Van Impe brought me to Christ and because of that, you saved my soul and in turn, saved the souls of my children who were raised as God-loving Christians. I could never truly find the proper words to express the incredible impact you’ve had on my life, but rest assured, I will be forever indebted to both of you.

    Rexella, I hope your faith in God and the cherished memories you have of Jack, as well as the love from all of us who feel like you are family, help you to find comfort at this difficult time. God bless you, sweet lady and thank you for letting your light shine as a beacon for so many.

  208. I dearly loved him, brother Jack, and Rexella. I was working in L.A. with headphones on my ears due to my nerves when Jack came on the radio and I would listen as I did my office job there. I made flyers about the ministry, pass them out to strangers, put the flyer on my car’s rear window! I encouraged everybody to watch: new life of Christ entered into millions via television and Jack’s many in-person crusades! I contribute monthly to Jack’s ministry. Share with us about how Jack’s ministry will continue! Sincerely, Bob Bateman – Tenor Opera singer for Jesus for 55 years. The album we made has the song of “America, It’s Surely Time to Pray” by Bill Franks. JESUS IS COMING ANY TIME! We must tell people!!!

  209. My heart sank when I read the horrible news for us. Dr Jack Van Impe is gone from our reach of his wisdom. Oh how I will miss you on Sunday. I pray for Rexella, that God gives her strength to carry on, we all love you too.
    I already miss him.

  210. I’m sorry for your loss Dr. Rexella. May God be with you and family. Dr. Jack Van Impe was a great man that served our lord and savior Jesus Christ and is in heaven rejoicing now. He spoke and preached the Bible and never sugar coated anything. I am very thankful and great full for all that yah have done for me, in guidance and inspiration. May God bless you and family.
    Love, Alexis

  211. Our family has followed Jack’s ministry since the early 70’s when he came to our church. We will miss his ministry so much. Our prayers are with you Rexella. All I can say is that we know the rapture is closer than one can imagine now that God has called Jack home. All glory to our precious Savior Jesus Christ.

  212. I was so sorry to hear of Dr. Van Impe’s passing. But we all know where he is and for that I am very grateful. My heart and prayers go out to you, Rexella. Rest in Peace and thank you for all you did for me and so many others throughout the world.

  213. We thank God for the Van Impe’s for providing excellent Biblical teaching and an honest Christian ministry in all areas. Both were the absolute pure Christians with integrity who gave viewers, like us, the Word of God and taught us how The Holy Bible gives us clarity for life today, as well as about our future. May God continue to comfort and to bless Rexella and the Van Impe extended family, their friends, staff and all of us viewers of JVIM!

  214. To a great man of God’s Word. His ministry touched my heart & life throughout the years, and this world has suffered a tremendous loss, now that Dr. Van Impe has gone on to Zion.

    – Over 15 doctorates.
    – Powerful music gift.
    – Anointed to preach.
    – Uncompromised in his stance of The Gospel.
    – Knows The Bible by heart.
    – Stayed faithful to one wife for 66 years.

    I truly wonder if there is ANYBODY LEFT in this world, that can take on his mantel & walk in his shoes.

    Rexella, may The Lord comfort you in your loss; your husband was irreplaceable. We’ll be praying for you.

  215. Such a great man of God! Prayers for Rexella and the ministry. Truly he touched my life and so many others. May the Lord give your family comfort at this time. God bless!

  216. I have found it hard to speak the right words. I’ve grown up watching Jack and Rexella intimately waiting to be filled with the TRUTH of God’s word. There will never be another pioneer so filled with the spirit and not afraid to tell it like it is using the great book of life. My memories will be filled with your teachings and guidance. I pray for Rexella and the JVIM staff. Let God comfort you in this time, but know what greatness and rewards Jack will receive. I pray for us, that you may find another strong leader to continue the great teachings of a legendary preacher. Continue his calling from the Holy Spirit to bring more souls to the Father.God bless you.
    In Christ, Amen

  217. Glory be to GOD our father!
    Jack is now home, and we will miss him until our day comes.
    This world needs more Dr Jack’s to tell the holy truth to all that needs to hear GOD’s truth.
    May Jesus bless and put his hand on all of Jack’s family and friends to give them comfort.
    Jack was the modern-day John the Baptist telling all the WAY and the TRUTH.
    Look up because the beginning is near!

  218. My deepest sympathies to the family of Jack Van Impe and his wife. Now he is home with his heavenly Father and my thoughts are with Rexella through this tough time. May the Lord be with you, Rexella and may you find comfort through him.

  219. Dearest Rexella, family and loved ones. Thank you for sharing the gift of God that Dr. Van Impe was with us all. He never waivered from the truth and I am proud to call him, “my brother”. I pray the comfort of the Holy Spirit be so powerful in all your hearts knowing that Jack is now with his beloved savior! Grace and peace to you all.

  220. I remember I was a 21 year old fornicator and drug dealer. God tugged on my heart for years and watching Jack one night I had the fear of the Lord and I gave my life to Christ. Although there have been many messengers in my life if this ministry wasn’t here I wouldn’t have prayed that prayer. Jack I thank you ash Rexella. I would have never thought I would pay any attention to someone like you. Although mocked I’ve always valued you truth and teachings and watched you until the end. I will miss you sir but I will see you in heaven. Prayers for Rexella as she grieves. See you soon sir

  221. I had this unusual urge to look up some random info about Jack and Rexella the day he died and I just couldn’t believe my eyes when I did! I wish I could have thanked you personally for all that you have done, on this side of heaven. But I know I will get to someday soon. I was headed down a dark path at an early age but your broadcast singlehandedly brought Gods Word back to life for me. Your teachings of the future ignited a new fire inside. Sparked a passion I had never known before. You are an absolute inspiration no doubt.

    Thank you so much for your ministry and shedding light on the Bible, Jack. You really are “The Walking Bible” and I can only hope to memorize half the scripture you did! You and Rexella are the best dynamic duo, hands down! I am so sorry for your loss Rexella. Thankfully though, he is up there rejoicing and surrounded by eternal bliss!

    Jack will be greatly missed and my prayers go up for Rexella and all the family surrounding them and their ministry! Please keep it going. PRAISE GOD FOR JACK!

  222. Dearest and beloved Rexella Van Impe, you and your wonderful husband have blessed me and my family more than words can say!!! I truly cannot say enough about yours and Dr. Van Impe’s ‘s faithfulness and tenacity in driving the “Good News of the Gospel” home to more people than I can imagine!! The Lord Bless you and keep you Sweet Rexella!! You and your husband have been wonderful examples and ambassadors for Jesus Christ..we love you and Jack and appreciate you more than you know!! We will be praying for you and your team..with love..John and Michelle Steinman 💗❤💕💗❤

  223. I am comforted that Dr. Van Impe is praying for us in heaven. Rexella, I just love you. You are a breath of fresh air every Friday when I watch “church.” I will greatly miss your wonderful husband, but his warnings and teachings will not fade. Please stay strong, you are loved and appreciated. May God bless and comfort you. Peace in Christ.

  224. Dear Rexella,

    We’d like to send our deepest condolences to you, all of your family and all the employees at JVIM. Jack was an amazing preacher, one of Gods saints. I can’t say there was anyone like him or as sound in his memory or preaching. We will fully miss watching you both.
    Our hearts go out to you in your time of sorrow, and pray that the Lord will continually bring you comfort and peace since he’s called Jack home.
    We will all miss the God given prophetic insight and love you have given us throughout our lives. Thank you so very much.
    Our family is deeply saddened at his passing and praying for all of you.

    May God bless you and show you grace, comfort and love,

    Nicholle Rinella

  225. My Mom and I have been watching you, Jack & Chuck for over 3 decades now. Your wonderful program has been an incredible source of inspiration, knowledge and blessing to us. Words cannot express how thankful we are to God for putting you in our lives.

    Your beloved husband will be immensely missed, but through his Biblical teachings we know without doubt that it won’t be long before we’re all together with him and our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Praise God!

    With love and our sincerest condolences,

    Dean & Marlene

  226. Deepest condolences dear Rexella. Jack and Rexella were instrumental in my conversion to Christ, for which my gratitude is inexpressible. I will miss him…Thank you so much for your ministry. Thank God for Jack…

  227. My heart goes out to Rexella, their family members,to Chuck and to all of the fans of the ministry and TV program. My mother and I have been watching the show and purchasing their DVDs for the last 10 to 15 years. It really does feel like I lost a friend. I am very sad, but happy for Jack. He is rejoicing with Jesus now and enjoying all the beauty and benefits of heaven that the Lord has created for him. He loved Rexella so very much and I know he is looking forward to being with his sweet wife once again someday. We too will get to meet Jack one day and I can just see his smiling face being so happy to meet each one of us.

    Peace and love to you, Rexella. I pray God’s arms to wrap around you and give you immense comfort in knowing that you and Jack will one day be reunited.

    God bless you,

    Tammy Johns
    Grayson, GA

  228. Thanks be to the Father and the Son for Dr Jack Van Impe. He and Rexella brought me to the truth of end times prophecy in 1993. “The floods oh Lord lift up their voices” The peace of the 1980’s was shattered by war in Iraq, terrorist bombings, Waco and the great flood of 93. People we have days left…maybe a couple months not years! Thank you Dr. Van Impe and Rexella.

  229. With Deepest Condolences to Rexella & Jack’s family & friends. What a huge loss for all of us this side of heaven. Im sure Jack got a big applause when he got there. Im convinced it wont be long now till the Lord sends that trumpet was my 1st thought on hearing the news Jack van Impe has passed on. He was the one so excited to hear “Come up hither”. he made sure we were listening for the call, what a friend we have in Jesus or glorious savior. till we meet in glory Mr Van Impe, thank you for everything you did for the Lord our God

  230. All the old saints are going home – they are getting the banquet table ready for those of us who remain behind. It won’t be long and we will all be together again.

  231. I have watched you two every Sunday morning for years while getting ready for church. Now not sure what I’ll do. I will truly miss hearing about the last days and am praying for your comfort, Rexella. Love you both!

  232. My Family and I love Jack Van Impe ministries I hoped Jack would have live here for the rapture.So the dead in Christ will be raised first.

    Rexella please continue this end time ministry
    Rexella your in our prayers

    Carol & Philip Vickery

  233. Our prayers go out to the Van Impe family. Dr. Van Impe was truly a MAN of GOD. I pray for protection and comfort to the family.

  234. Will miss him dearly. The program has been such an inspiration through the years and a true blessing. One especially was “Animals in Heaven.” Jack and Rexella provided so much comfort during the loss of one of my special pets, my big lovable dog, Gracie. Thank you for your dedication to the gospel and preaching the Kingdom!

  235. Jack has been teaching the word for my entire life. I remember watching him at home in Detroit with my dad. I will miss his insights into the Word. I pray that Father will watch over and comfort Rexella through this time.

  236. What a man of God he was! Awesome what he did on TV. Love everyone of the shows he did! Praying for Rexella and the family! Going to miss him! Without him I would of not understood the End Times events, going to study the word more now!

  237. What a mighty man of God! What an entrance into Heaven! My prayers are with sweet Rexalla and all family. I love you and loved Dr. Van Impe and supported your ministry over the years.

    We will surely miss you. But the good news is that the separation will be very short. See you soon in Heaven!!

  238. Jack Van Impe was certainly a good and faithful servant to the Lord Jesus Christ.
    He was bold and full of the zeal of the Lord.
    There was absolutely nothing that Evil could do to shake him off his Foundation.
    The Lord placed him on a rock, from that rock he did not fall.
    Evil had no power over him.
    Now he is in a Place where Evil cannot touch him at all anymore.
    He is with the Lord God of the universe.
    He is with the Creator, the Redeemer and Lover of our souls.
    There is no better place to be.
    There is no one more AWESOME to be with then God.
    Jack Van Impe’s
    hard-working soul is now at rest in the arms of the Lord and his rewards are great and many.

    I have watched the Van Impe program for years.
    Around ten years ago, I was introduced to the ministry. I was about five-years-old at the time.
    Jack touched my life in a very significant way.
    He taught me many things regarding the prophecies of the End Times.
    I shared his excitement for the coming of the Lord. Anxiously, I still wait.

    I remember listening to the program late at night with my Gramma, learning about Biblical prophecy.
    We had also read the whole book of Revelation in one night.
    Jack Van Impe’s zeal for the Lord was contagious.
    He inspired me so much.

    What he did honored the Lord greatly.
    I have NO doubt in my mind and that Christ told him, ” Well done thou good and faithful servant.”

    Rexella, I pray for you and your family.
    The Lord is the fountain of comfort. Thank you for the work that you have done. It has been a sure blessing.

    May God bless and keep you.✝️♥️

    The Jones Family


  240. When I heard of Dr. Jack passing I cried, just like a big kid. I have followed Dr. Jack all of my ministry. I am 77 years old now. I will miss Dr. Jack so much. I know where he is and I will see him soon. I have been retired about 2 years. Pray for me. We need men like Dr. Jack.

  241. Words cannot describe the loss of a loved one. Prayers for Rexella and Jack’s family. Wow…Jack is now in the presence of the Lord!

  242. Greatly saddened by Dr. Jack Van Impe’s passing- having watched you my striving Christian adult life- it is like losing a parent again(lost mine within a year of each other and they would reach out to each other the way you and Dr.Van Impe did at the conclusion of each broadcast). Please know we are all reaching out to you- but will never replace him. Always in my prayers and know Dr. Van Impe is still reaching out to all of us from above. HIS message and service continues…………..

  243. I loved Dr. Van Impe so much!

    I am 43 years old, born and raised in Kentucky, and a Disabled Iraq War Veteran.

    For the past 30 years, listening/watching to Dr. Van Impe every weekend, was the highlight of each week for me!

    And when he told on his show last year, that people could start coming to visit him in Michigan, I got so excited about finally getting to talk to him in person!

    I know we are supposed to have our Faith in The Bible,and not any one man.

    But, I took everything Dr. Van Impe said literally and as the truth!

    My grandfather who got Saved at the Billy Graham Revival in Louisville, Kentucky, in 1958.
    Who was the wisest man I ever personally knew.
    Said he lost Faith in ALL the doctors and HALF the preachers in the 1950s, because they just wanted your money!

    Billy Graham and Jack Van Impe were the 2 preachers I could always trust and now they are both gone!
    And I feel so alone in this Evil, Sinful World, without them both to comfort me!

    Will there be a public visitation for Dr. Van Impe?

  244. I was very sad to hear of Jack’s passing. He and Rexella are heroes of mine. I pray for Rexella and their team for God’s guidance. Jack and Rexella have me looking for the imminent return of Jesus for His church. We may see our dear friend Jack before we know it.

  245. You are already so missed, my dear brother in Christ, you have been teaching me God’s Word for only about 5 years, but I have learned so much from you, I listen to you several times a week on you tube and have many of your books, my mother is 88 yrs young, she said how do you know all this..I told her about Jack Van Impe,she doesn’t know about what or how the internet works, I told her mom, I will send you some books to study, just yesterday I sent them to her, she is so excited and can’t wait to have her bible study with you.
    My heart dropped when I saw of your passing,then quickly,my heart rejoiced for you. My heart and prayers go to you, Rexella, my last name is Shelton, my husband’s family from Kentucky, maybe we are related…but for sure in Christ. I will continue to pray for you and your ministry….love both of you.
    Myretta & Noah Shelton

  246. My sincere condolences to Dr. Rexella and the JVI Ministries. At first, I was, “awwww.” Then the same thing everyone is echoing, “Well done, good and faithful servant”. We all strive to be with Our Lord. And Jack made it! God bless all of you. My husband and I have been watching for years, and have learned so much. Looking forward to seeing Our Lord and Savior along with all our loved ones. Thank you Jack for sharing God’s Word with all of us sinners.

  247. I was saddened by the passing of Mr Impe. He truly is Gods man. JESUS called his son home and Jack was ready to go. What a homecoming! May we all run a race that is honoring to God. sorry for your loss but heaven has gained a child of the King

  248. What a joyful day in heaven! A great man that will be missed. I had dinner with Dr. Van Impe along with his wonderful wife and my parents back in the late 70’s I think it was. What a powerful voice for Christianity around the world! He will be missed here on earth but we will all be reunited with all our saved loved ones on that glorious day!!

  249. Continued thoughts and prayers for the beautiful mz Rexella. You and dr Jack will always be in my heart. When you need to reach out, you know where I am. Hugs & love,Charlotte

  250. Rexella we were so saddened to hear of Jack leaving us but also glad for him because we know he is with our Saviour King Jesus and he is so happy right now..I wish he couldve stayed here longer as we loved to hear his messages each week. We hope you will continue to do what you have been doing each week. I love to hear all the Bible prophecies that point to Jesus soon return. I know you miss him but just think how fast time goes and God had a reason for taking him now. Jack was his prophet for preaching Jesus imminent return and now that Jack is in heaven maybe hopefully this means Jesus will soon return to get us. Well I am hoping for the rapture to happen soon. Our prayers go out to you and your staff who worked so closely with you two. God will comfort you and we look forward to meeting you both soon in heaven. I’ve only been listening to you guys for about a year and I’ve learned so much and I have so much joy and excitement in the Lords return because of you guys I just want you to know that you made a huge difference in our lives. And I thank God for both of you.. may God continue to bless you and we love you
    Julie & Mark Pearce

  251. God bless the Van Impe’s Romans 8:18. He told the truth about God’s word which we need in 2020 and beyond.

  252. My husband and I started watching Jack Van Impe Presents over ten years ago. We were always leary of watching preachers on TV but the first time we saw the show we knew you both really loved people and especially The Lord!! We will miss our favorite prophecy preacher dearly but we are so happy to know he is rejoicing with The Lord!! Mrs. Rexella my heart breaks for you! You know he’s in Heaven but it still hurts he’s no longer on earth with you. We are in constant prayer for you and your family. Love you both so much!!

  253. I’m Sorry for your lost, may the Lord give you Strength in your time of Grief, I have been Bless by His Ministry, he had finish the Race, he’s now with the Lord. Hopefully his Ministry will continue. His Wife is a Blessing to me also. May the Lord bless his Family.

  254. I’m Glad to have found the program Jack Van Impe Presents yrs.ago I know it has helped many,many lives over the yrs. He is a Great man and will be missed.

  255. My husband and I give our love and prayers for the entire family and for Rexella. May the Lord give you peace and comfort in knowing that Jack walked out his calling and is now in heaven with Jesus who he so passionately preached about until the day he went to glory!
    We will miss him and praise the Lord for giving us such a great evangelist and teacher of the word of God!

    With deepest love and respect,
    Aza and Vanessa Carr

  256. Dear Rexella and family, Oh this man Jack was so an instrument of the Lord!! His knowledge of the scriptures and love of The Word and reaching the lost was witness that echoed throughout the world. I praise God for him, you, staff, and family. I’m praying for you strength and comfort. Love Kelly Marler

  257. Brother Van Impe has been sent to Abraham’s bosom. Although he missed the Rapture, all of the Saints will gather with him at the feet of Christ when it’s God’s blessed time. He was a blessing and will be greatly missed.

  258. Our sincere heartfelt condolences of the passing of the Greatest Bible Verse Memory of anyone in my lifetime.

    Awhile back I sent Dr. Van Impe a letter explaining that as a little boy I saw Jack and Rexella perform at the Christian and Missionary Alliance Church in Altoona, PA. I loved him and Rexella from then on. I listened along with my mother who was an accomplished Pianist, Organists and Accordists as I remember Jack was an Accordion player if I remember correctly. He played as his wife sung.

    I have purchased books and videos as well as my parents of the Lord’s work and prophecy of Jack. We have given away much of his work so that others may hear of the gospel.

    We loved and will miss greatly the wisdom and prophecy that God placed in the heart and soul of Jack.

    In fact I just yesterday I picked up one of his work’s along with Roger F. Campbell “Alcohol The Beloved Enemy”. We will always be able to read, study and learn from all his works along with the amazing accomplished musician Rexella.

    We love your family and the family of JVIM!

    My mother passed away this past August she is rejoicing because she is not dead but alive with Jesus Christ and my dad. Jack is not dead he is “ALIVE” we are assured that.

    We are guaranteed that we do not die, but we pass from this life of sin and evil and are united and sit at the right hand of Jesus.

  259. A great kindness was shown to many people when God raised Up Dr. Van Impe to minister as he has. Wishes of Peace and blessings to the family.

  260. So sorry for the sad news. I’m sure we didn’t agree on a lot of things, but I always watched the TV show whenever I found it on. It fills me with hope and strength to go on. And, he really knew his bible verses. That always deserves respect. And, he was a man who really took care of his wife – she always looked great and happy!

  261. I just cried as soon as I heard. Then, I thought about you, Rexella, I know after you have been married for so long, how much it must hurt. I’m praying for you. My husband and I have always loved you and your husband. God bless and keep you. After all this I smiled and thought about the joy Jack is experiencing right now.

  262. Please accept my deepest and sincerest sympathies and condolences for the loss of such a great, humble man of God. The news of Dr. Van Impe’s passing literally stunned me for a moment when I read it. However, I rejoice in knowing he is exactly where he wants to be- safe in the arms of the Heavenly Father for all eternity. May God bless, lead, comfort, and be with you Dr. Rexella in the coming days ahead.

  263. Saddened to hear that Jack is no longer with us, but joyful to know that as he would frequently quote, “Absent from the body, present with the Lord!” May God comfort the Van Impe and Shelton families in this time of sorrow. I do hope, Rexella, that you will one day continue God’s work, to be the voice that proclaims Christ throughout the world. God bless you.

  264. My family and I are so saddened by this loss. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. Jack will be greatly missed.

  265. My thoughts and prayers are with the family during this time of loss.🙏 Rexella, may the Lord bless you. May His face shine upon you and give you peace.💕

  266. Dear Rexella,
    Please know you are in our prayers for the Lord’s comfort and continuing Grace during this difficult time. We were always blessed by your & Jack’s ministry and faithfulness to the Bible. May our Lord and Savior grant us all his Peace and Comfort forevermore.

  267. So sorry for your loss rexella. But can you just imagine Jack at that first moment in heaven him running into the arms of our Lord and HIM saying well done good and faithful servent. I can see the joy on his face in a perfect glorified body loving all over our Lord. Rest easy and rejoice rexella we are going home real soon ! Love you and are praying for you and the family.💝

  268. Dearest Rexella,
    Please accept my deepest sympathies for your loss. I pray the God of all comforts will comfort you as you grieve the loss of your beloved husband. He truly was one of a kind and our world is a little darker because of his passing. God bless you and keep you. Jack will forever be missed.

  269. Rexella. I’m so sorry to hear about Jack’s passing. He is with the Lord now. My thoughts and prayers are with you and the family during this time.

  270. Mrs. Roxella I am so sorry for you major loss but we should rejoice because our brother Dr. Jack Van Impe is in heaven with our holy father. We pray for you in this time of need. I have been watching you and Dr. Jack van Impe since I was 18 years old now I am 38 and I will surely miss seeing him now but he is in heaven now.

  271. I am greatly saddened with the news of Dr. Van Impe’s passing. I watched the show for many years. Love and peace to you Rexella and your family.

  272. I am very grateful for the program that you two put on. I am sorry for your loss, Rexella. Thank you for the information you imparted every week.

  273. I know Dr. Jack is with the Lord. He worked diligently for the Lord and now is enjoying the presence of God forevermore. Praying for his wife, Rexella during this time.

  274. I had watched him faithfully for many years. I know he is with Jesus. I’m certain of it. I often thought of him as the essence of Paul for a modern world. We lost a great one.

  275. Ten years ago, I was brought to my knees in repentance, after watching one of Dr. Jack’s programs. I have watched he and Rexela every week since. I will miss him so very much, but rejoice that he is at home with our Savior. My prayers are with you Rexela.

  276. For over 20yrs I have followed his ministry. From young man to middle aged man I have grown in Christ just listening from time to time. There no one like him and he will be missed GREATLY! To have a mind like his and love the word is an awesome gift. He’s home now enjoying his rewards. Prayers and condolences to his close friends and family.

  277. Dear Team VanImpe, As the Lord leads onward Christian Soldiers!
    Mrs. Van Impe, Praise be to the Lord for your strength helping Jack. Now, we whom are writing, in concert with the Supreme Comforter reach out to comfort you.

  278. Jack, you have moved on to be with our Lord and Savior, someday we too will join you. I know you mentioned that you were the last prophet here on earth. I was questioning today why God took you, when the world still needs you, but I know there is a reason!! Rexella, We will all be praying for you, to loose the love of your life here on earth, to sit by him through everything the two of you have gone through in your years together, is very difficult. We at the Clinger Household will continue to pray for the ministry, that God will continue to bless it, and the truth still be told. Jack has been the only person to come against all the evil of this world! Please keep his mission alive in the truth of his beloved ministry. Thanks for allowing us to be apart of it…❤️❤️❤️

  279. Saddened and missed, I will never forget Jack van Impe, he was so awesome in his ministry. I pray for Rexella and all his family and friends, too. We’ll meet him and other great men of God in Heaven, amen.

    Psalm 118:24. This is the day which the LORD hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it.

  280. I’m so very saddened to hear Dr. Jack Van Impe, passed away! I have watch I’m since I was 20 years old. I am now 56! Mr. Van Impe? You will be greatly missed! My heart goes out to Roxzella. I’m so sorry for her loss! May Yeshua, give you strength through this lonely road without your soulmate. I can’t imagine your sorrow! Jesus said: To die is gained In the Lord. Dr. Van Impe is with Yeshua. I will greatly miss you, Sir. Van Impe. My prayers to Roxzella .

  281. I was flipping channels one day and I caught the end of Jack Van Impe presents. Rexella ask do you know the lord? Do you want to? Just ask him into your heart. I got on my knees and prayed with Jack. They brought me to Jesus. Thank you so much!

  282. You’ll be missed pastor/ prophet: your season of blessing has end on the earth. Now you are forever with Jesus Amen.

  283. You’ll be missed pastor/ prophet: your season of blessing has end on the earth. Your glorious home in heaven just beginning, Elect Lady I’ll be praying for you Love you both…..

  284. My condolences to Mrs. Van Impe. I have watched Jack Van Impe Presents and have learned much from these two for years. God bless you for all of your effort. Dr. Van Impe will be greatly missed.

  285. Sorry to hear of Jacks passing but I know he’s rejoicing in the Lords presence. I’ve followed his ministry for decades. I pray Gods comfort on Rexella and all at the ministry. The world needs more ministries who speak Bible truth like Jack.

  286. I was both saddened and encouraged by Dr Jack’s ‘promotion to glory’. Saddened because I am heartbroken for Rexella, who shared the ministry of her husband for so long, and encouraged because dear Jack is now in the presence of our Lord and Saviour – now face to face. Our deepest love and sympathy to Rexella. May she know the comfort of His Everlasting Arms.

  287. This is beyond disbelief, Rexella If you ever get a chance to read this, please know that I followed both you and Jack so many many years, we all we concerned when Jack had his major set back an slowly regained his health and both of you returned to the airwaves each week. Rexella please consider doing the show in tribute to your husband and continue to inspire and reach out to all of us again. Your loss carries a heavy heart and much grief but you know as well as all of us Jack is now in eternal heaven. My prayers go out to you Rexella, you’re a great soul and our loss is shared. Sending my heart felt deep prayers to you and for Jack to be welcomed there as he was here. God Bless you in this difficult time in your life. We all hope to see you again very soon. Love Michael

  288. My heart sank when I saw the in Memoriam post. I have watched JVIM for several years and I have come to enjoy Jack and Rexella. Every time I saw a new video, I thanked God for another week broadcast. This one hurts bc I really made watching the broadcast my routine and I welcomed them into my home with open arms through Youtube. My heart is sad but I remember that Jack is in heaven and he was so excited to see the day whether now or past his 90s. My the peace of God be with the Van Impe fam and all the viewers.

  289. I am saddened to learn of the passing of Dr. Jack Van Impe. There was a time where I couldn’t avoid watching his and Rexella’s program. He was a great man and I look forward to meeting him one day in heaven.

  290. Dr. Van Impe’s voice was the sole powerful voice in our world today that continued to preach Jesus Christ, crucified and resurrected, for our sins…the only means to our salvation. I listened to him with great hope. Although we will miss him here on earth, we know he is with Our Lord in the heavenly glory. May God reward him 1000-fold for his faithfulness and love.

  291. Rexella, I know your in mourning for Jack. Please accept Beverly’s and my deepest sympathy. We know that Jack is in the presence of the King of Kings, and is rejoicing with the angels before His throne. A Great light for Christ has went out and is now in Heaven. May Our Lord and Savior comfort you and be with you. We have been praying for you and the ministry staff ever since we heard of Jack’s passing. Yours in Yeshua HaMashiach,

  292. i have enjoyed the broadcasts throughout the years. I have been blessed. Love the Study Bible and the DVD’s I have picked up. I will miss seeing him but I know he is in the presence of His Lord and is free from restrictions and pain rejoicing! Praying for Rexella and the Board as they decide the next steps. God Bless!

  293. I have really enjoyed the ministry of Jack and Rexella. I will miss Jack greatly. May the Lord bless his family and the ministry.

  294. My family & I are so saddened to hear of Jack’s passing, but at the same time we rejoice that he is now in the presence of our Lord Jesus. Our deepest condolences & prayers that the Lord will provide His loving comfort & guidance for Rexella, Chuck, & everyone at JVIM.

    Your program has been in our home for nearly 25 years, much of that during the time before I personally accepted Christ as my Savior. Even then there was always something that made me pay attention to Jack’s preaching, though at the time I did not understand much of what he was actually saying. It was not until many years later that I became saved & everything I remembered hearing him preach had new meaning. I immediately began watching the program again and it was wonderful to hear him with a renewed mind as a fellow brother in Christ.

    There will indeed be many crowns given to him to lay at Jesus’ feet.

  295. I just found out that Brother Jack has going home to be with the Father. I know our Heavenly Father will comfort you and keep you while your going through this Sister Rexalla.I don’t want to be long winded because of the disbelief of hearing this news. I am going to just thank the Father that Jack has obeyed and answered when God called him to serve; also, grateful that I was able to watch your program since 2001. Love you Brother Jack and Sister Rexalla always!

  296. I have watched Jack through the years and learned alot from him on his teachings of Christ and am so sad to see him go but happy that he is in heaven next to Jesus. May God give peace and comfort to Rexella and her family.

  297. I have been watching Jack Van Ministries since 1998. I feel like I’ve lost a member of my family. What a great man of God! He will be missed. I will be praying for you, Sis. Rexella Van Impe. I will be eternally grateful for the encouragement this godly couple has provided to us.

  298. My family has listened to the Jack Van Impe program for years and prayerfully and financially supported this ministry. We have been so blessed to have their knowledge of the Bible and to learn more deeply about our precious Lord and the holy scripture. Please continue to support this ministry so the world can continue to learn from his books and videos because we live in dangerous times where the truth becomes blurred. Stay in God’s word and pray for the unsaved because Jesus is coming back soon.

  299. Jack was the first preacher I became acquainted with when I first came to a saving belief in Jesus. That was 20 years ago. I was a faithful watcher/listener and partnered with his ministry for a time. God bless him, thanks for everything brother Jack!! I can’t wait to see him and give him a hug. May God bless and comfort sweet Rexella in Jesus name!

  300. I first saw Jack in the 70’s as a young boy from New York visiting his grandmother and great aunt in Texas. They would have Jack, Rexella and Chuck on the TV and little did they know how much of what I saw was sinking in. Years later in my mid-20’s I was very far from Christ and God began knocking on my door. Those hours spent in front of that TV in my great aunt’s house bubbled to the surface and Jack Van Impe and his ministry played a part in my coming to Christ all those years later. After my conversion, Jack and the gang were a constant in my life in good times and bad. I was shocked to hear of Jack’s passing today. My sincere condolences to Rexella and everyone. He is in heaven, but he will be missed by many here. Thank you, Jack. See you soon … but not too soon. I’m not done yet. 😉

  301. Jack was a part of my early Christian walk. When I was 15, I began to understand end times and would watch him every week looking for the blessed hope. He was my favorite prophecy teacher because of how much he encouraged me on the closeness of the hour. I wished he would have never tastes death, but now he will go before me when the trumpet sounds. Bless you both for all you did for the saints.

  302. Dear Rexella…I was so very saddened to learn today of the loss of your beloved Jack. I cried as though I knew you both personally. My children and I began watching JVI Ministries on tv in 1990. We looked forward to his teaching and enthusiasm for God’s Word every week. He will be greatly missed. We were excited about the plans you had for the future of the ministry. The two of you were such an amazing team in and an example of true love and commitment in marriage…an inspiration to so many! It was such a shock that he’s gone after watching your show last week and after all he’s been through health wise, you both looked so amazing. God’s timing is perfect though and Jacks homecoming certainly didn’t catch Him by surprise…you and your family will be close in our prayers in the days and weeks ahead and may you feel the peace, presence, comfort and strength that only He can give.
    Love, Maye 💜🌸

  303. Rexella, God Love you, we miss him too and Jesus welcomed him Home. O how faithful you both have been to His calling!
    We will continue to support JVIM’s, we truly believe Jack’s dream for the next 3 yrs!
    May God comfort you (Rexella & ministry Family) we love you and continue in prayers and financial support.
    It’s alright to mourn, the Lord Jesus has His arms wrapped around you.

    our e mail box has been under attack, soon it’ll be fixed(?) Lord willing.



  304. Jack Van Impe was instrumental in leading me to Christ through a televised crusade in which he preached a sermon, “The Coming War With Russia”. I was a child at the time, more than 40 years ago now. When the program came on, I recall getting up to turn the channel. But then Dr. Van Impe said emphatically, “Don’t touch that dial!” I was startled, so I returned to my seat and watched the entire sermon. The Spirit of God was manifestly present throughout the time I listened and began to convict me. I wrote to the ministry following the crusade, rising early the next morning to drop a letter in the box, still under conviction of the Holy Spirit. I eventually came to Christ, by and large through the materials I later received from the ministry. Years later, in college, a friend told me much the same story, in response to the exact same sermon, where as a boy, he got up to turn the channel, but heard, “Don’t touch that dial!” and wrote the ministry following the conclusion of the sermon. Jack Van Impe was a leader and a role model of diligence, integrity, commitment, devotion and character. He will be truly missed. I pray that Rexella will be comforted through the legacy that Jack left in many who were just like me; she by his side at each step. This is a long tribute, but enough cannot be said by me. The ultimate will come from Christ’s pronouncement, “Well done…”

  305. my deepest condolences ive been following jack since 1996 and through out the different chapters of my life and I am deeply sadden I feel that ive lost a family member been following him for so long it feels like ive known him personally. but jack is home in heaven now.

  306. Thank you so much for being faithful. I watched you since Jesus healed when I was 9 growing up with my family, and I believe you are the mightiest man of God and believe no one has the Bible memorized like you. Thank you for being 100% faithful to Jesus your entire life, and being such an awesome example for me and everybody to look up to. 🙂

  307. I’ve been watching Jack since I was a kid. I feel like I’ve lost a member of my family. What a great man of God! He will be missed. I will be praying for you Rexella.

  308. Rexella, I am so sorry for your loss. I have so enjoyed Jack’s ministry from the word all these years. He truly was an inspiration to me and I will greatly miss him. May God wrap his arms of love around you today and give you peace.

  309. Rev.Jack Van Impe will be greatly missed from all. May God bless this family during this season. Soon we all will see Jesus glorious return.

  310. This man of God will be missed by so many. He’s walking with his Savior Jesus on streets of gold & experiencing joy unbelievable. We believers will see you in Heaven Pastor when we’re called home…Hallelujah!!

  311. Jack will be missed, there will never be another like him. Good job brother… can’t wait to see you in heaven.

  312. My daughter told me that Jack Van Impe went home to heaven. I know the angels are singing and he is now with our Savior. He is a blessed man and he deserves to be annointed and spending time with Jesus. I know we’re supposed to rejoice but I still feel a hole in my heart for the loss of a true Christian believer who taught me so much! I looked forward to watching him and Rexella every Sunday. Well, I’ll meet him one day in glory myself. Jack you are a wonderful man and you help guide millions of people to the Lord. I’ll be praying for Rexella; praying that God will fill the void that her husband filled for so many years. I hope she can go on in his place and continue doing their show.

  313. I’m so sorry to hear Dr. Jack pass away. I remember he said “absence from the body and present with the Lord”. He is in heaven now and will soon return with a brand new body with Jesus.
    I’m praying for you, Rexella. Be strong as you always have. You are beautiful inside out.

  314. 6 Therefore we are always confident, knowing that, whilst we are at home in the body, we are absent from the Lord:

    7 (For we walk by faith, not by sight:)

    8 We are confident, I say, and willing rather to be absent from the body, and to be present with the Lord.

    9 Wherefore we labour, that, whether present or absent, we may be accepted of him.

    2 Corinthians 5

    Thank you so much for your life-long ministry, Dr. Jack Van Impe, your eternal reward awaits you in Heaven, home with our Lord Jesus Christ

  315. I am a Jewish girl who was always curious about Jesus, and had an overwhelming need to learn more and more. In my quest for knowledge, I began watching both Mother Angelica, and Jack Van Impe Presents. In 2015, I was baptized and have accepted The Lord Jesus Christ as my savior. I have learned so much from both Jack and Rexella, that I began passing on what learned to my family. I always appreciated your ministries love of Israel and the Jewish people. My father asked me if I was still a Jew, and I replied ” More now, than I ever was!”. Thank you for your teachings and for your guidance in my continued quest. I know Mr. Van Impe is with the Lord, and that Jesus has his loving arms wrapped around Rexella.

  316. I just found out today. I am saddened by the passing of Jack. I feel like I lost a father and a brother. I ask myself now who can I trust to teach me about the truth of the word of God?

  317. So many names are written in the book of life because of Jack Van Impes dedicated life to preaching the true Gospel of Jesus Christ! He will be truly missed, but Praise God,he is at peace and ready to return with Jesus!Our prayers are with you Roxella…stay strong in the Lord!

  318. I appreciated you never giving into pressure and standing your ground when the truth needed to come forth on the evil teachers and pastors we have today. In 2020 we have the Deep State Church leaders leading their flock in the wrong direction. Your Wake Up Call to all of us was badly needed.
    Well done Jack,
    Your final message was well received !


  320. God bless you and your family, Rexella. Dr. Van Impe was a wonderful man who deepened my faith and knowledge of God. He will be missed but I know that we will see him again in Heaven.

  321. I watched Jack and Rexella for over 30 years. Brother Jack’s love for the Word was apparent each and every week. Thank you for your dedication to the Lord and to lost souls. Millions are greeting Jack right now thanking him for sharing the Gospel. God bless.

  322. So sorry to hear of Jack’s passing and my sincerest condolences to Rexella. Jack is in a better place…where we all long to be. So we don’t say good-bye rather we say see you later (2 Timothy 4:7-8). I learned so much from JVI Presents and took many notes. Also have my JVI Bible. May Jack rest in peace.

  323. I am so heart broken to hear about Jack. Before my father passed he always watched your program each week and that encouraged me to start watching and I have been blessed ever since. Rexella, You and Jack became my family and I looked forward to seeing you each week. I always loved to see you and Jack holding hands at the end of the program. What great love you have for one another. I prayed every night for you and Jack to go up in the Rapture together but God had other plans. I will be praying for God’s comfort and grace to help you and the family get through this difficult time. We love you Rexella.

  324. A great job you did Jack Van Impe in this life, Steward of The Lord! Ministering the Word of God in my ears since I was a young boy. You helped me get through some tough ordeals, and reminded us to keep the faith strong. Enter into your peace and joy. One day we will all be reunited as a family of blessed, saved souls. Be seeing you on that special reunification day. – DK

  325. From the moment I 1st saw
    DR jack van impe, I knew he was Genuine, and was not in it for the money. My grandfather was born in 1933. Those type of man are few and far between. They may come as good as Mr. Jack van impy, But they don’t come any better. Hes the only televangelist That I trusted. Although I never met him. My heart is truly torn. I will carry things hes Taught me for the rest of my life. God-bless His friends and family

  326. Thank you for enriching my spiritual life. You always gave an alter Call to accept Jesus Christ as Savior. My deepest condolences to Roxella, Chuck, and the Van Impe family as you work through your sorrow and loss. We will see him again!

  327. What A Race! And the winner is … Jack AND Rexella Van Impe!
    Our wishes for you have come true Jack and I know if we could only see you now whole, healthy, and full of Joy with Jesus. But alas, our time too draweth near, as you have taught us good friend. Thank you for your faithfulness. Our homes will not be the same without you each week. You will be missed.
    May the Lord Jesus comfort you Rexella and give you peace through the Holy Spirit. We Love You Sister.
    All Glory To The True And Living GOD, The Three In One, for Jack and Rexella Van Impe. Hallelujah!

  328. I will miss you dear brother, and will be praying for your bride. I am excited and anxiously waiting to be where you are now, in His presence… Soon and very soon~

  329. Blessed was He who came in the name of the Lord Yehwah.I Pray our Father will comfort Rexella in her time of sorrow until they are rejoined in Heaven.

  330. Dr. Jack Van Impe was a wonderful teacher of the word. He spoke with holy boldness and fire
    and was a blessing to us all. He fought a good fight, he finished his course, and he kept the faith. To God be the Glory!!!

  331. I was introduced to the ministry of Dr. VanImpe through my devout mother. For decades I have learned under his teaching, admired him for his steadfastness, and respected him for his unwavering principles. Now I grieve at his passing, but rejoice that he is with the Lord. I pray for you, Rexella, that the Lord will provide the strength and comfort you need at this time and in the future. Rest assured you can look forward to a beautiful and exciting homecoming. I am so very grateful for your ministry.

  332. You were truly a servant of our Lord. I was so amazed listening to you quoting the bible by heart. You knew the good book from front to back. It’s your time to go and be with the Lord, your time here has come to an end. You were a true and faithful leader and I am going to miss you. You were most definitely one of the good ones.

  333. On behalf of my mother Joyce who left for Heaven January 18, 2016 and my Aunt Norma, we are ever so thankful to meet Jack at your Open House for the ministry in the 1990’s. Heaven is rejoicing and we may be joining that Heavenly music of worship and praise soon with Jesus’s return for us.

  334. My prayers are with you Rexella as you go through this troubling time without Jack beside you. My deepest sympathy.

  335. Jack’s worldly mission has come to an end.
    God has finally called him home.
    Rexella all my prayers are with you.
    Jack needs none.
    I wonder like myself; how many souls he has shown the way through his prophesy analysis of the bible.

    My deepest condolences.
    Richard Angles

  336. I watch Jack back in the 1980s, my wife and I enjoyed his ministry !
    Surely he will be greatly missed !
    We see you in heaven Jack , you ran your race down here .

  337. You are Home. Greatly missed on earth, but much rejoicing in Heaven. Rexella and family, we hold you all up in our prayers and we love you oh so much! ❤️❤️❤️

  338. Every week Saturday morning first Is hi g I do is watch JVIM. Very Painful and extremely sad that I cannot watch again..Rexella and everyone miss him..

  339. Dr. Jack Van Impe fueled my interest in Bible prophecy, and sharpened my discernment in seeing how prophecy (factoring in the power of God’s word, his sovereignty, and his grace) is advancing as expressed by the many news headlines from around the world. Now, not only have I studied prophecy for the last 20 years, but I also teach it, and Dr. Van Impe was influential in planting & cultivating those seeds of interest. I am also encouraged by the strength of Rexella Van Impe, who is a titan in the faith, and pulls through strongly despite how she may feel emotionally. Thank you for all you have done!!!

  340. Both me and my dad ❤️JVImpe, and His messages on the rapture. To Rexella: He will be missed. But not for long.

  341. We shall miss Jack, he will live on in our lives. The Walking Bible, he showed me how to be Saved. Thank You Dr Jack Van Impe. Rexella , I know you celebrate, because Heaven has gained a Saint and one Day we shall join him. Love you..Steve and Robin

  342. My heart is so saddened to hear this news but I rejoice for Dr Jack for he is with the Lord. My heart breaks for you Rexella😢 I was raised in a Christian home but strayed away from Jesus then I heard Dr Jack telling what is going on in the world and the soon return of Jesus. So in 2001 I prayed the prayer with Jack and got right with Jesus. I know that all Jack went through and Jesus brought him back so I believe he finished what the Father wanted of him and is returning very soon. Perhaps today. God bless you Rexella

  343. Me and my husband loved listening to Bro. Jack and his wife Rexella, and Chuck. We were so sad to hear of his passing, but with out a doubt we know where he is. Praise the Lord!!

  344. Rest in peace Dr. Van Impe. I was a viewer of your program for over 15 years. My heart goes out to Rexella and the ministry family. You will be missed, Thank you for all you have done for Jesus, with much Love, God Bless

  345. What a surprising event! I will always treasure his kindness at a Wichita KS crusade where, during a sound check break, I approached him requesting to teach me the left hand fingering for the chromatic scale that can be heard in his “Onward Christian Soldiers” accordion arrangement. I still boast (more than 40 years later) that I took a special music lesson from him. He is surely being part of whatever praise music ensembles exist in heaven now.

  346. My heart is heavy and at the same time joyful. I have followed Jack Van Impe and Rexella for nearly 50 years because he spoke the truth and made the bible relevant to our lives today. I feel the loss deeply but rejoice that he has now obtained what he worked for so long. Thank God for that and for the many souls saved and blessed through his ministry. God bless you Rexella.

  347. I am truly saddened to hear of Dr.Jack Van Impe passing. It is like a loss of a beloved family memeber and we were not prepared for this. We were hoping to all be here together for the rapture. It feels like we are the lost sheep who have lost their shepard. I pray For Rexella and may she be comforted by the Lord in a special way. May Dr. Jack rest in peace.

  348. I could not add to more than the 600 messages already sent except for 1 thing. I’m sure that all of his kitty cats are very happy to see him again, and they have been having a wonderful Eternity playing with him!

  349. I’m very sad that Jack has left and I’ll miss his non-wavering solid love and teaching of the Word. But I’m also rejoicing at the same time because he’s with Jesus. I love you too Roxella.

  350. I’ve watched Jack for years and owe my understanding of the Bible to him. My heart is heavy with his passing because there is none other like him to take his place on this earth. I know he is in the Lord’s waiting arms now. Thank you jack! You have your reward now.

  351. I’d hoped that we’d be caught up in the air together for the Rapture, but you’re going to be there to greet us. My prayers and love for Ms Rexella and the ministry now and in the future.

  352. I will miss learning from Jack. He had so much wisdom to share. He is with Jesus now and will never know pain again. Thank you for all you have done to spread the Good News!

  353. I was so sorry to hear of Jack’s passing, but happy that he is now with our King Jesus. I’ve watched him and Rexella since their big crusades in the 70’s. They taught me so very much about end times prophecy. What a blessing they are.

  354. My mom, Dolly, is 97-years-old, and she introduced me to Dr. Jack’s teachings 40 years ago. We’ve treasured our large and growing library of his books, tapes and DVDs that we share with family and friends. (Dolly thinks he was far too young to abandon the flock of faithful believers eagerly awaiting the return of Christ!) Dr. Jack was the foremost expositor of pre-millenialism and the pre-tribulation rapture in the world today. So many of Dr. Jack’s colleagues have left us behind after a lifetime of pursuing and promulgating eschatological truths: Grant Jeffrey, David Breese, Howard Eastep, David Webber, Ray Brubaker, Hilton Sutton, Chuck Missler, Paul Crouch, and Charles Taylor, to name some of the most prominent end-time voices. Dr. Ed Hindson famously says, “I’m not waiting for the undertaker, but the uppertaker.” There’s still hope for those yearning to cheat physical death while anticipating the glorified bodies of Philippians 3:21 and 1 Corinthians 15:42-44! Thanks, Dr. Jack, for helping the Lord put the finishing touches on that magnificent city, the New Jerusalem! May the blessing of Hebrews 9:28 comfort us all.

  355. Dr Jack Van Impe has been a weekly inspiration to us.
    He will truly be missed, and our prayers are for the Van Impe family for God’s Eternal Strength, Love and Grace to sustain them in these difficult days.

    We remember that to be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord!

    God Bless you all!
    Martin and Anne Gutzmer

  356. Thank you for the blessings you have given us over the years and pray that you will still carry on this very important part of ministry and Rexella that your in our prayers and being lifted up in this time of morning.


  358. So sorry for your loss! A great man of God ,Will miss watching your program…🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  359. I’m so sorry for your loss rexella he will be missed. I couldn’t believe it when I saw the video on you tube that your husband had passed. I am thinking about you.

  360. Dearest and Beloved Dr. Rexella Van Impe, my husband and I have enjoyed your ministry with your beloved husband for quite some time now!! May the Lord bless you, keep you and make His face shine upon you now and on into eternity!! We Love You Dr’s Jack and Rexella!! You are s blessing!! We will be praying with you and for you!! With love in Christ Jesus John and Michelle Steinman

  361. I am so sorry to hear about Jack, Rexella. We are praying for you. We Loved Jack and watched him every week. My grandpa passed away 2 years ago Jan. 17th. He loved Jack and never missed a show. Comforting to know they with the Lord now together. He always wanted to meet him. Now he has. They are happy and worshiping God together. No more pain.Praying God comfort you in the days ahead. We love you.

  362. I’m so sorry for your loss. Dr. Van Impe was such an inspiration and wonderful example of someone truly sold out to Christ! I very much appreciated his boldness in calling out those who are leading people astray and directing them back to the truth of God’s Word.
    I’ve watched the programs on this ministry for years and it’s been a real blessing to me. So thankful for Mr. Van Impe and Rexella.
    I can’t imagine what a beautiful time he must be having in heaven…meeting the Savior face to face.

  363. I was very sad when I heard of Jack’s passing. However, our loss is heaven’s gain. Jack is now in the loving arms of His (and our) blessed Savior. Jesus loves us all so much and He has now welcomed Jack to his eternal home. I lift you up Rexella during this very difficult time. May God bless, strengthen and renew your strength. Rexella you have blessed so many of us in this ministry. I know the Lord will draw you into an even deeper and stronger love for Him. Thanks for your service and thank Jack and you for your faithfulness to our Lord Jesus.

  364. As we feel the sorrow from Jack’s passing, Jack is shouting on the hills of God. What a blessing he has been in my life. He will surely be missed by millions all over the world. Rexella will be in my thoughts and prayers.

  365. Precious Rexella, so sorry for your loss sweet sister. I have had the privilege of watching you and Jack each week for the past 10 years or so. I wondered what happened over the weekend when your show wasn’t available for the new week. Praising God that Jack is in Glory with Jesus. Oh how I can’t wait to meet the two of you in heaven real soon. God bless you and keep you close until we all go home. Big hugs and prayers going your way!!

  366. To everything there is a season, A time for every purpose under heaven . . . a time to mourn and a time to dance . . .

    Time to mourn . . .

  367. I have been watching the JVImpe show for yrs and always looked forward to it. I am surprised to hear of his death just now. I know it must be hard on you Rexella but have comfort knowing he’s with his Beloved Savior Jesus Christ our Lord. I remember how he always stuck to his faith even under threats and kept doing the Lords work. Jack would always say,”I’ll keep doing my Lords ministry till my dying breath.” Now he is with our Savior Christ Jesus and I believe he will have great rewards in Heaven.

  368. Jack truly taught us to prepare for Christ coming and he taught us what press in means. We will miss you and prayers to Rexella we love you. He will be truly missed they are like family to me. Will see you when the roll up yonder is called brother. 😍

  369. I was startled when JVIM presents wasn’t in my mailbox this week. When I found out why, I was so sad that we have lost this wonderful man who I have been listening to since the 1990s. It was his show that led me to be saved back in the 1990s. God bless this man of God and his wife, Rexella, he will be deeply missed.

  370. God blessed us with this great man of God for so many years. I have watched Jack VanImpe since he first appeared on TV many years ago.

  371. Haven’t watched JVIM for a while, but a couple days ago Jack dropped into my spirit.
    This morning I woke up dreaming of going to visit Jack & Rexella. Jack was sitting in the background with a big smile at a desk, and Rexella took me aside and was showing my pictures in back and white of the ministry work (I think something related to Hong Kong was in the pictures).
    During breakfast was telling my wife about this unusual stuff related to Jack & Rexella and that was when my wife told me that brother Jack had gone to be with the Lord.

    Now I know where his (Jack) smile was coming from.
    Big God Bless to you Rexella & family.

  372. praise God for His mercy and lovingkindness endures forever! So, the Lord has called up Dr Van Impe and now he is in the Glorious Presence of our King, Jesus; the God who saves and redeems…What an amazing victory his life was here on earth! His teachings will continue on to bring more of the lost to the fold until we all get to go up to meet our Lord in the clouds! And Rexella will be blessed as she continues to enlighten us to God’s truth. I pray Holy Spirit, shroud her in your comfort; Lord Jesus fill her heart with your Peace, and surround her with your unfailing never ending Love…. help her as she grieves…. give her abundant strength, strong direction, and fill her heart to overflowing for this new task you have set before her….Bless her beyond measure…. renew her Spirit every day….. surround her with loving loyal helpful people…..Give her joy unlimited, health abundant, in Jesus’ Name, Amen.

  373. Thank you Jack for all your great works. I miss you already. My condolences Rexella. I hope you can continue broadcasting the show. Jack is in heaven now, and I know he will be watching.

  374. Sorry to hear the sad news of Dr. Jack Van Impe passing.

    Thoughts and prayers go out to his family and that Dr. Van Impe find joy and happiness in heaven.

    He was a great inspiration and servant of the lord.

  375. There has never been anyone who compares to Evangelist Jack Van Impe and his,sweet brilliant wife Rexella! Both led us in our Christian walks to a better place toward Jesus. I will miss Dr. Jack Van Impe and his exhortations of the Word of God! Thank you both for being there for all of us!!! Heaven bound! Few deserved it more! My condolences to you Rexella. Thank you for your example!

  376. All God’s blessing upon you – peace and light to Jack – comfort, joy, and strength to you Rexella & family – I have loved watching the weekly show now for many years. My what an amazing testimony- for Jesus and the Lord God of heaven and earth. Keep doing the program!

  377. Rexella, may the Lord comfort you and give you peace. May He direct your paths in the days ahead. God loves you and so do we. My deepest sympathy as you grieve (not as the world) Jack’s home going. So thankful for Jack’s faithfulness and your Christian witness as his wife.

  378. So so sorry to hear the sad news! GOD be with you & your family! Thank you for all your faithful service & study of the WORD & world news to keep us informed! GODs Peace & prayers for you.

  379. I am so shocked and sad to hear this. He was my teacher in the prophecy, a friend in the ministry, an anchor/a guide in the pre-trib rapture ministry. We do miss him greatly. My condolences to Rexella.

    But we should not be sad for him, but sad for our world, as he said many times: “the Lord has appointed me to be the last prophet of this world/age (church age)”. And now the Lord has withdrawn His prophet from this world. Hence, The church age is going to end very soon. Be Zealot.

  380. Dear Sister Rexella, when I reflect on all the joy you have spread to others, I hope you feel it returned to you now one-thousand-fold. Life is waves that return to the shore again and again. The great mysteries are made simple. Life is love. Thank you for sharing your life with us all. May Jack rest in peace.

  381. God bless Mrs. Van Impe. Brother Van Impe is with his Lord now. You both helped me get through some tough times in the last few years. I’ll never forget, and I look forward to meeting ya’ll in heaven.

  382. Dear Rexella
    I am sad Jack is passed away, but rejoice he is where he always looked forward to seeing His Messiah and Savior, we are going to miss him very much but know we will join him soon.

    May Abba sustain you and keep you under the shadow of His wings, and hide you on the palm of His everlasting hand. We love and sustain you and your loved ones in prayers.

  383. Rexella he is not in your past. He is in your future. He preached the truth and refused to compromise the Word. A true faithful servant who never gave up and never sold out to greed or apostasy. May God comfort you in the time ahead.

  384. With my red Jack Van Impy Prophecy Bible, I think of all the winter nights I watched your show here in Alaska with your dear wife Rexella. GODs speed my friend, and safe journey to his kingdom.

  385. I was privileged to lead the local committees for 2 Van Impe crusades in Buffalo, NY and my wife Carol spearheaded a large fund raising dinner for the ministry. I say all this to point out that in all our involvement with the Van Impes all we ever saw and heard in and from them was totally above any reproach and completely consistent with their Christian testimonies. They were a faithful example of Christlikeness! Jack will be missed but what a welcome in heaven! And we will pray for you Rexella! PRECIOUS IN THE SIGHT OF THE LORD IS THE DEATH OF HIS SAINTS (Ps.116:15); I SHALL BEHOLD YOUR FACE IN RIGHTEOUSNESS; WHEN I AWAKE I SHALL BE SATISFIED WITH YOUR LIKENESS (Ps.17:15).

  386. Wow….I was shocked when I saw the news this evening of Van Impe’s passing. I have been watching the JVI weekly telecast since the late 1990’s, and was always fascinated with Bible prophecy, and how Jack would compare news headlines. I won’t forget the September 8th 2001 Jack Van Impe show, where jack and Rexella were warning of terrorism coming to America. Little did we realize, that just a few days later, 9/11 would change our world as we know it forever! While he will be greatly missed, our loss is heaven’s gain, and I can’t imagine the rewards that he has been given! Well done sir….well done! Rexella, we love you and may God give you His everlasting peace.

  387. Dear, dear Rexella, I’ve only just heard and I’m crushed on your behalf. My husband and I immediately began praying for you. You have been my personal hero for many years and your ministry has enriched my life in no small way. Jack will be missed in our wee household. Thank you, Rexella, for so many wonderful years of truth and inspiration. Looking forward to meeting you both when we’re all dressed in white linen! **love and hugs from the Moores in SC**

  388. Well done Dr. Jack Van Impe ! I watched you and your sweet wife Rexella for a number of years. For the past two years or so I shared your weekly ministry on facebook. I so looked forward to hear what you had to say each week. Well, this was promotion week for you and I know that there were many awards and crowns that have awaited you there. I will pray for Rexella as I know her little heart is missing you terribly. What a dear and sweet wife she is … well someday and it may not be long that she and the rest of God’s children will ALL be gathered together to our real home with Jesus forever. There will be no more goodbyes … praise God. Well, thank-you Rev. Jack Impe for you were such a remarkable giant and faithful servant of the Lord. You have blessed the multitudes. Jill Max

  389. Rexella, family and team:
    So very sorry for your loss.
    So very glad you’ll all see him again (me, too).

  390. I’m looking at the DAYSTAR programs when Marcus and Joni Lamb announce that two great men of God have gone Home to be with our Lord. One was Dr. Jack Van Impe. I was in disbelief; still am. I have enjoyed Jack and Rexella since 1989. His teachings of the Holy Word of God will be forever missed by me. He is finally Home, where the rest of God’s family are longing to be. I remember Jack saying on one of their programs that he was sure he would be alive at the Rapture, but looks like The Father had a different plan. Rexella, you are not going to be alone through this moment of grief. You will see your “man” again, and oh what a reunion! I’m so sorry for your loss. I am so saddened. God will lift your and our spirits, and we will smile again with the anticipation of seeing Jack once again. Blessings, Brenda Brooks.✝️💜🇸🇻

  391. God bless you Reverend Van impe! I will miss you during my time on Earth but I really look forward to seeing you again forever in heaven. My heart and prayers go out to Rexella, God bless you

  392. The walking BIBLE has left us but for a short time. We will see you very soon Brother Impe, in the rapture. even so lord Jesus, come quickly.

  393. I have been crying since I found out that Dr. Van Impe passed away. He will be greatly missed by so many. My heart goes out to Rexella and all of his loved ones. Today and forever more he is in paradise with our Lord and Savior Jesus.

  394. Thank you Drs. Jack and Rexella van Impe. God blessed me with your ministry videos on youtube. Dr. Jack van Impe’s clear and consistent biblical teaching made me understand the need of a humble attitude and sincere heart felt decision to accept Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior. The Holy Spirit and your show have helped me to better understand God’s (Jesus Christ’s) love for every human being. Dear Lord please be with Dr. Rexella van Impe, her family, and their ministry in this time of loss. Heavenly Father, please continue to bless people around the with their ministry. I will miss my Brother in Christ. Love

  395. Jack we will miss you. Thank God for you. Love and Prayers to Rexella and family and all of us…looking for that blesses hope and the Lord Jesus eminent return.✝️🤍🙏🏻

  396. I watched Jack and Rexella since I was a boy. I am now 42. You will be greatly missed. Cheers to you good and faithful servant!

  397. We just found out,We are so sorry for your loss Rexella, our prayers are with you and your family at this time. The world is a better place because of you and Jacks faithfulness to the Lord and spreading the Gospel.Dr Jack Van Impee will certainly be missed.We will support You Rexella in any decision you make.

  398. I admire Jack for taking a stand against TBN and their support of Chrislam. He was a very honorable man with amazing knowledge of the Bible. I was saddened to hear of his passing but rejoice for him. Prayers and condolences to Rexella and the rest of the Van Impe family. God bless.

  399. I am so sorry for your loss Rexella. I have learned so much from Jack over the years and I am so thankful the Lord led me to your Ministry. May God comfort you now and always. Much love to you.

  400. Rexella,our prayers are with you..I know Jesus was there with open arms as He entered those gates..

  401. Dear Rexella, I always looked forward to watching you and Jack on tv. I have learned so much from Dr. Jack Van Impe. He not only talked the talk but walk the walk. What a wonderful servant for the Lord. He is now in his heavenly body along with Abraham and Jesus. What a joyous life he lived. Welcome home Good and Faithful servant. I pray the Lord will give you the peace that surpasses all understanding.

  402. I just found out I’m so sorry Rexella, Jack was mentor of mine in eschatology and helped me to grow in Christ Jesus when I needed him the most. All my love Rexella, Jack see you soon I hope.

  403. So saddened to hear this may the peace of God be with you Rexella. Jack was a unique individual he will be missed dearly

  404. I am so grateful how God has used both of you to minister to the world and me. I cannot imagine Jack’s homecoming… must have been one of the greatest celebrations!

  405. After accepting the Lord Jesus Christ as my Savior, Pastor Jack Van Impe had a major part in bringing me from a Baby Christian, along with Hal Linsay, in making me into the Adult Christian that I am today..

    Thank you Brother Van Impe, we will see you again, and the way things are going in this World today, it won’t belong. Luke 21:28

    Praying for the family, as they grieve this Great Man of God..


  406. Thank you for your service, you powerful soldier of The Cross!

    The body of Christ has lost a great voice here on earth. His reward will be great in heaven!

    God be with you, Rexella, and all the family.

  407. One of the true joys of my life as a believer, has been the ministry and viewer fellowship of Drs. Jack and Rexella Van Impe.
    I experienced nothing other than joy, excitement and encouragement as a result of these two ministers of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
    I support Rexella Van Impe in any action she takes.

    May God bless you, Brother Van Impe for all eternity in Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

    Michael Stevenson

  408. We are so saddened to hear this and will miss him dearly. Our condodences and prayers are with Roxella, the family, ministry and staff. He was truly a man of God.

  409. Well done Mr. Van Impe.

    You and your wife have been a great inspiration to me and my family through the years. I can’t begin to tell you of the many times your ministry have encouraged me when times was tough and rallied with us during the good.
    You will be missed. Our prayers is with you Mrs. Van Impe, as you know God is with you as you transition into life with out your beautiful husband.

    I know he will be forever in your heart.

  410. I’ve greatly enjoyed learning from Jack Van Impe’s insight and teachings of the scriptures. A great man !
    May his dear wife and co-host, Rexella, stand fast in faith. The Lord covers those who love and trust Him!

  411. So very sorry!! Prayers for all the family. He will live on through his Bible and all his work! God bless you Rexella!!!

  412. My wife Nancy and I met Dr. Jack Van Impe in a Pittsburg crusade I believe in 1973. We have followed him ever since. We also saw him in another crusade in Huntington, WV in and around 1978. We can’t wait to see him in Heaven and we will continue to follow the ministry on TV.

  413. Miss Rexella;
    I am so sorry for your loss. Pastor Jack was a tremendous man of God.
    I met Pastor Jack years ago at my church in Indiana, when he came to speak. He signed my Bible for me. I will rejoice with you when we see him again in heaven. You are in our prayers dear sister.

  414. Rexella I send my condolences. Jack made an impact in many lives. I pray the Lord continues to minister to you & your family at this time. I pray the Lord continues to use you for the Kingdom of God Also.

  415. I don’t know a time with Dr. Van Impe wasn’t giving us all the word of Christ! Blessings sir and kind lady….Been watching your shows weekly for YEARS. Celebration in heaven happening, I’m sure. Sad for us here…

  416. My heart goes out to you Ms. Rexella. Mr. Jack gave me such inspiration in memorizing the Bible and walking with Jesus in these last days.

    Your loss is unmeasurable and my greatest condolences to you. May the Holy Spirit wrap His arms around you and comfort you.

    In Covington, Georgia

  417. I’m so sorry for the loss of Jack. I’ve been watching on TV and on internet for many years. I loved you both♡♡
    ~God Bless~

  418. Dear Rexella,
    I am so sad to hear of Jack’s passing. I have watched you both on television from the very start. Your broadcasts kept me going through many hard times over these thirty odd years. I love you both! Well done Pastor Van Impe!!!! You walked the walk! I can’t wait to meet you some day!

  419. I will truly miss jack😭 i have watch him since the late 1980’s, prayers for rexella and jacks family and friends!!!

  420. So so very sad. I am in tears. But I am so happy Jack is with his saviour. Thank you for all you did for me and my family. Will miss you dearly. Prayers for you Rexella. We love you.

  421. I have watched you both for years and so enjoyed his wealth of knowledge he shared. He will be greatly missed. Prayers for Rexella and the family. Thank you for the impact you have left on my life.

  422. So sorry about Jack van Impe’s home going! On the other hand he is in a far greater place with our
    Lord Jesus! CONDOLENCES to Rexella and family!

  423. I am so sorry for your loss, have watched and loved the books tapes and casets for years. He and you have both had a profound effect of my life. MAY GOD BLESS YOU

  424. Dr. Jack Van Impe, you will be greatly missed. I have watched you since the beginning of you being on television in the early 70’s. Your rightly divided the word of truth. My husband and me watched you every week. We noticed when you were gone a long time. Found out today you were in a coma. We prayed for you to get well and come back. God brought you back from that long coma for a purpose for others. You lost a lot of weight. But you never forgot God’s Word. You still preached. You will be forever in my heart till I meet you soon one day! God Bless Rexella prayers 🙏🙏🙏 for her and all of the family. I will miss you. You never swayed from the truth of God’s Word. You always joked and made me laugh. Your now with Jesus. It saddens my heart to know I can no longer see you. I always taped you every week. Gone to soon! My love for you is great. You were great with God’s word. I know your with God now and he is greeting you with open arms to all the souls you touched. Saying Well done Dr. Jack Van Impe, my good and faithful servant! ❤️❤️❤️

  425. We’ve lost a great man of God who was always faithful. I enjoyed worked at the ministry office from 1981-1983. Prayers for Rexella.

  426. I feel sooo sad about you leaving us Dr VanImpe but you are in Gods hands now. We will see you someday with our Lord. Praying for you Rexella and staff.

  427. My wife and I started listening to dr vanimpe back in the 1970 and have followed him ever since 😞😞😞

  428. I first came across his ministry in 1993 while flipping through the channels one evening on my small portable TV. Nothing would come in because of the reception. The only channel that would come in crystal clear was JVI. I wasn’t too happy since I wasn’t a big fan of watching Preachers on TV. I sat and listened to him and thought he makes a lot of sense. I really enjoyed the program. Here it is 27 years later and I watched his program every week since 1993. I will miss watching their show and the inspiration it gave me. Bless Rexella,family and friends as they go through their loss. I know Jack is smiling down as he is welcomed into heaven.

  429. I have watched Jack van Impe Ministry here in Canada for years – he knew and quoted the Word of God and loved the State of Israel. Forever grateful. My condolence to his family and friends.

  430. May the Comforter make His presence known to Mrs. Van Impe and to all of the family and friends of Pastor Van Impe.

  431. Dr. Van Impe will be truly missed by so many. To Rexella and Family, you have my deepest sympathy and are in my prayers.

  432. I learned so much Bible Prophecy from Dr. Van Impe in the mid 1990’s that I wouldn’t have the faith that I have in our Dear Lord if it wasn’t for Drs. Jack and Rexella’s teaching. I will miss Jack every week. Thanks to you both.

  433. I minister with Dr Van Impe with singing and playing at West Virginia for Jesus in Charleston, West Virginia. Wonderful servant of the Lord!!!✝️

  434. I will be praying for the family and all who knew him. I have been blessed by this ministry for years.

  435. Condolences to Rexella and of course the late Dr. Van Impe’s friends and family. I first started watching ‘JVI Presents’ in 1991 when I was flipping through channels one Saturday night.

  436. Thank you Dr.

    Thank You, Dr. Van Impe for always teaching the truth.You will be missed.Prayers go out to your wife and family

  437. God bless, and praise Jesus for your service!
    I was 10 years old, now 58, when I first saw Jack Van Impe at the Cleary Auditorium, Windsor, Ontario, Canada

  438. Dear Rexella and the JVI staff,
    May you all be comforted by your loss. You have also been faithful to your call.
    May you be guided with wisdom and may you have peace.

  439. I first learned of Jack Van Impe, when I was at my Mom and Dad’s house, Dad would watch JVI and I would sit there too and listen, this was back somewhere around 1989-1999. Thank you Jack and Rexella for your Love of people, and your Love and Faithfulness to Jesus Christ! You both have been a blessing to untold millions including me! I look forward someday soon either if Jesus takes me home or the Blessed RAPTURE happens, to be able to give both of You Jack and Rexella Hugs for what you have meant in my life, and to be able to share that with you both.

  440. So sorry to hear and for your loss though I always get comfort that ‘absent from the body is to be present with the Lord’. Pray for Rexella and family for comfort and peace. We will deeply miss him…but he’s in a better place now.

  441. 57 years ago at Wawasee Camp Jack preached and played and this young boy came to the altar to commit my heart to Jesus. Two years later at the same camp I accepted the call to preach which the Lord put upon my heart. Since then God has been faithful to lead me to souls that needed to hear the Good News. Thank you Jack for being faithful. We will pray for you, Rexella. You are such a warrior for Christ. His ever-present smile is now never ending before our Lord!

  442. Rexella–You are much in my prayers. Your relationship with him is an inspiration to us all! May “the God of all comfort” minister to you MIGHTILY in these days ahead.

  443. Praying for you Rexella & your family! Dr. Jack has blessed my life! He will be praising God & dancing in heaven. No more sorrow, no more pain! God bless you Rexella with peace & comfort! ❤❤❤

  444. JVI was my first exposure to Biblical teaching back in the early1980s as a young twenty-something. God used him on my path to salvation. Eternally greatful!

  445. Very well done… Mr. Impe will be greatly missed but he’s in our Lord’s home now. Thoughts and prayers for Rexella and family

  446. Carol and I had the wonderful privilege of Jack and Rexella many times at Thomas Road Baptist when we were students a Liberty. What a man of God we have lost. BUT Can you imagine the reunion at the Eastern Gate of Jesus, Jerry and Jack. Rexella, blessing to you as you move through this storm that God has orchestrated for you.

  447. Dr. Rexcella
    Thank you for sharing your husband with us for all these years! You both have been inspirations to my wife and I. Thank you for giving hope to those hurting, those lost, and to those needing healing. Thank you for your service to the LORD! Our prayers are with you. Don and Carmen

  448. I am praying for you Rexella. I am so sorry to hear of his passing. May he rest in peace. You both have made a positive impact on my life. God bless you and comfort you

  449. Rexella, May God hold you close to Him, to comfort you and to give you His PEACE!!! Jack is home and we all here will follow. You have been a tremendous wife and partner with your beloved husband. Our condolences to you and the staff!

  450. So sorry to hear about your husband !He is heaven now with Jesus!We will surely miss him!We are praying for you!

  451. Praying for you Rexella,I know your missing Jack ,but he is now home with Jesus, I guess God wanted him to experience a round trip rapture,I love you my sister in Christ,
    Bob Adkins

  452. Our great loss is Heaven’s gain. Brother Van Impe always proclaimed the love of God and the truth of the scriptures. He was always uplifting to listen to. May God’s love surround Rexella in this time of grief.

  453. Dr. Van Impe and his lovely Roxella were a great inspiration to me. I saw him in person back in the late 60’s. He will be greatly missed, but I’m sure he had a welcome into the Kingdom and to see Jesus I’m sure he loved!

  454. I first learned of Jack Van Impe, when I was at my Grandma and Grandpas house, Grandpa would watch JVI and I would sit there too and listen, this was back somewhere around 1976-1978. I have always since then watched JVI Presents. Thank you Jack and Rexella for your Love of people, and your Love and Faithfulness to Jesus Christ! You both have been a blessing to untold millions including me! I look forward someday soon either if Jesus takes me home or the Blessed RAPTURE happens, to be able to give both of You Jack and Rexella Hugs for what you have meant in my life, and to be able to share that with you both. I can only imagine how much Jack smiled and lit up and how excited he was when he saw Jesus Face to Face! To God be the Glory!!! What ever you decide, in the days ahead Rexella and Chuck and the rest of the Board for Jack Van Impe, we will all support, but though Jack is not with us here on this earth and is with his Savior, Jack still has work to do to save his goal of Millions saved and Jack has lots of sermons recorded and lots of videos that can and will be used to Save Souls for Christ! We love you Rexella, and will stand with You and your team and lift you all up to Jesus in our prayer! Love Kevin

  455. I am so sad about the loss of Jack Van Impe. I have watched him and Rexella for many years. Jack went thru a lot of health issues and it was great to see the Lord bring him back for a time. I really thought he would be around for a while yet but the Lord had other plans. I pray Rexella will continue the program as she was very good and knowledgeable as well.
    God bless you both. Jack will be sorely missed.

  456. In 1982 in Africa, Dr Jack and Rexella, sent me their picture, a book “God I’am suffering, Are you listening”,other hundreds of booklets about AIDS to distribute, and monthly “Perhaps Today” magazines! His book “Salvation Themes” is a classic which helped understand the theology of Salvation in details! Forever grateful to the Lord for his ministry with his wife Rexella! Praying for wife and family! So long General Jack!

  457. Heaven’s gain is the world’s loss! Jack Van Impe was a great Christian man and preacher. He was one of only a few prophecy teachers that are left. We will remember Rexella and the family in our prayers.

  458. Jack Van Impe is Deeply Ingrained in the History Of Of My Household He Will Be Deeply Missed!!

  459. Heaven has a new Saint! I will miss you Jack, and am grateful for the biblical teaching over the decades. Rexella, God bless and keep you.

  460. I will miss you Brother Jack! Praying for Rexela during this difficult time. We love you Sister Rexela! GOD SPEED BROTHER AND SISTER VAN IMPE!

  461. We were heartbroken to hear of Jack’s passing. He will be missed big time! We will always treasure the picture you sent of you and Jack in front of the portrait of Feneca. Thank you so much for taking the time to do that as now it is even more special. We will be waiting to hear about the plans for the ministry. We love you, and you’re in our prayers.

  462. I have watched JVIM for almost as long as I can remember. I’m 56 and I looked forward go hearing them both every week. After my father past away in ’07 Jack became a spiritual father for me. He even reminded me a little of my dad. He had been such a wonderful presence in my life and my family and I will miss him so much!I will miss his funny jokes too!He was so much fun to watch and oh how he loved his wife! I loved when he would tell the story of how they met! So cute! We will be praying for his wonderful wife Rexella.

  463. Dear Rexella and friends at JVIM, Just a short note to share what you have meant to us over the years. My husband and some other Tennessee Temple drove to hear Brother Jack in Birmingham circa 1978. We were called missionaries to Canada. Our pastor who led us to Christ told us Canada wasn’t a mission field. We wrote Brother Jack. His father, Brother Oscar wrote a wonderful letter of encouragement. Praise God we went anyway. You all share in the people brought to Christ. Thank you.

  464. Thank you Lord for this precious man and his ministry that blessed so many. Wrap your loving arms around Rexella and all who loved Jack Van Impe and bring comfort, peace, encouragement, provision, and direction for the future. In Jesus’ name, Amen

  465. Precious in the sight of the Lord are the dead of His saints (Psalm 116:15)

    For to me,to live is Christ and to die is gain (Philippians 1:21)…How? because …To be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord

    Am quoting scriptures because that’s what he taught me for the past 26 years of following him.A great mentor

    I believe he’s now telling Paul and the rest…Guys listen, I fought the good fight,me too have finished the race,the faith I kept it. (2 Timothy 4:7-8)
    I have now joined you to wait for the Crown of righteousness which the our Lord will give us on that day when we all stand before the Bema seat of Christ (Rom 14:10 and 2 Corinthians 5:10)

    Thank you Jack for your teachings. Rexalla thanks a lot for your support .WEEP NOT,for Jack is gone into our future and one day,when Christ sits on His throne we shall all see our loved ones.

    Jack though you gone,your words,your teachings and jokes will always be with us till we meet

    RIP. Great Servant of God.Your crown awaits you

  466. The Prophet for the end of the age of grace has passed. May our Lord welcome him home with an embrace that gives this warrior for the faith the rest that he so richly reserves. A man who spoke the truth without reservation, defended the Christian faith, and led many to salvation with his preaching and his warnings.
    God bless Jack, and God bless faithful Rexella.

  467. Cindy and I are missing You all ready. We loved hearing you and Rexella speaking about the truth of Jesus and of the end times. It is so obvious we are living in them now. I will especially miss your jokes and sense of Humor. We will be praying for Rexella and the continuing of your valuable ministry.

  468. Many Christians have received the “milk” and not matured. Jack provided the “meat” and developed my maturity in Christ. His message was very clear and bold.He dared to go where others would not because he knew God’s word. We all will miss his message of faith.Death is not the end for each of us. We will live in Eternity or Hell, your choice!

  469. I had the joy and privilege of working for Jack Van Impe Ministries when I lived in Michigan and he taught me a love of studying prophecy that has never left me and I shall always treasure my time with them. They are real people and always honored the Lord. What you saw on tv is who they were. Rest in peace Dr. Van Impe and Mrs. Van Impe, you are in my prayers. With Love and devotion, Clarise Shepherd-Hounshell

  470. What an awesome man of God right up to his final moments. Have been a partner with jack and rexella for over 40 years. My prayers go out to you Rexella as you deal with this and to All the people at his ministry. Who will carry on his legacy. Love to all!!

  471. He will be sorely missed! I have watched him for over 30 years and I just turned 40 this month! Like losing family. I will be praying constantly for Rexella. Keeping mind that we will all be together very soon!

  472. Our condolences to the Van Impe family. Jack will be missed, but we will see him again in heaven.Jack has finished the tasks that
    God planned for him before the world was created. Now we must complete ours before God calls us home.

  473. Our Thoughts and Prayers go out to Rexella and family.Just think, now Jack is sitting by His Beloved Saviour and saying “I wish I could have done more my Precious Saviour”

  474. What a true man of God! We will miss his insight and God inspired truth. I am very sorry for his loss!

  475. I am saddened to hear the news about Jack.I have been watching their show for ten years now.I have learned a lot about the bible. he will be greatly missed.Hopefully Rexella might continue the program. But if she does not I would understand. God Bless.

  476. I started watching Jack and Rexella on YouTube by accident when I was feeding my relentless internet pornography addiction. I was watching porn for hours a day and pleasuring myself over and over. I didn’t know how much harm pornography was doing to me until I saw Jack Van Impe. Once I started watching Jack and Rexella, porn lost its grip on my manhood, and I was overcome with the Holy Spirit. I was able to finally get a job and a normal life. Whenever I have the urge to watch porn, I watch Jack and Rexella instead and it takes all of my sinful desires away. Praise Jesus!

  477. Dear REXELLA: I longed to meet you and JACK here on this earth, but I will definitely meet you both immediately after the RAPTURE as we meet in HEAVEN. I have followed your ministry for many, many years and have been blessed bountifully. GOD bless you as you carry on with the ministry and our LORD’S work. May the peace of our LORD and SAVIOUR comfort you during this time of temporary loss.

  478. well done good and faithful servant. Your preaching and kind way you delivered the message of the end times will be forever remembered as one of the best televangelists of all time. Our prayers go out to your family and especially Rexella. we will all join you soon.
    welcome to the joy of your Lord where there is no more pain,suffering and where God will wipe away every tear and sadness.

  479. Well done thy good and faithful servant. Many thanks to Dr. Van Impe for his faithful service for our Lord and savior Jesus Christ. I look forward to meeting him one day. We have all lost loved ones who died in Christ and have the blessed hope and comfort of seeing them again and living in eternity together. Enjoying Gods blessings forever. My prayers for his wife and family and loved ones.

  480. I have listened to Jack & Rexella for years along with other news sources being encouraged to watch for the coming of our Lord. My sympathies to Rexella, but know she is comforted with the knowledge of Jack’s destination where she will join him one day… heaven, our blessed hope

  481. I accidentally bumped into JVIM while living with my atheist girlfriend in Boston back in 1993. I couldn’t stop listening to him and after several unflattering remarks by my atheist girlfriend, I would listen to him secretly, and without her knowledge. I was so convicted by Jack’s preaching that I eventually moved out from that sinful relationship, and started living on my own and gave my life over to Jesus Christ. My first television program on my tv, in my new apartment was … JVIM …which I listened with the volume turned up loud and without having to hide.

    God used Jack to penetrate the heart of this poor black man and I thank him for his faithfulness in preaching the word of God. Let us now come together and celebrate his life, and huddle around his faithful wife Roxella. May God’s grace be sufficient for her during this time of deep sadness. Remember we do not sorrow like those who have no hope. We will all meet again.

    God bless you all.

  482. Thank God for job well done on earth l look forward to meet you in heaven.we shall greatly miss you. Heaven is rejoicing now because of you. praise God.

  483. what a great man dr van impe taught me a lot especially how as Christian I am to love God’s chosen people prayers for rexella and the jvim board or directors

  484. Condolences to Rexella and their families and friends.

    Last of the God fearing, gospel preaching, ministers.

  485. We loved to listen to him and Rexella! Even used his teachings at our church on Wednesday nights. We are a very small congregation in Saluda, SC! We pastor Open Bible Church of Saluda, SC. Prayers and our condolences to all of his family and friends!

  486. We have loved and supported brother Jack and Rexella for decades and will sorely miss his enlightening messages on Jack Van Impe Presents . Rexella, we love you and pray for God’s comforting arms to sustain you in your time of loss. Our loss but Jack’s gain! In Christ, Gary & Arline.

  487. This is so hard to comphrehend and saddening as I have followed Jacks Ministry for Many years and I just learned this,yesterday,19th. I looked so forward to listening to him on Sun. mornings,I couldn’t wait. I have understood his teachings,explained so well,a Gift that just flowed with peace. Nobody knows how much I will miss him and teachings,God surely took the Best. My heart,Love and Prayers go out to Rexella and Family.

  488. Wowwww… Too bad. I have watched their broadcasts for many years and loved having him tell me all about Jesus and the wonderful plan he has for my life. He is with Jesus now with the Angels. Sorry for your loss.

  489. Jack and Rexella shined the light of the Gospel Hope to me in the dark hours of my life.. so glad GOD has the few who truly are fathful. The walking Bible Jack.. I smile knowing He is with Jesus.

  490. Thankyou Jesus for using Jack Vanimpe to share your Love . We are without words but we have listened to Jack for many years and His soul purpose here was to do the Lords work. Much Love and Prayers to Roxella and the rest of his family ❤🙏🌹

  491. I know your loss is great Mrs. Van Impe. I pray God gives you peace beyond all understanding. I am sorry my sister.

  492. Jack, well done, good and faithful servant! Now it’s time for the rest of us servants to continue your faithful proclamation, “He’s coming!!!”

  493. Psalms 139, all our days are written in Your book, we are so very grateful for Jack & now he is home with the Lord, we stand with his wife and partner, hold them close to Yourself when they mourn hisnpassing.

  494. I’m heartbroken to hear this news. I’ve learned so much over the years watching the program. A truly blessed man of God.
    My prayers are with Rexella and family.
    May God bring you comfort and peace.

  495. Dr.Jack Van Impe and his lovely wife Roxella are gospel legends for God’s kingdom! As a boy I would be so fascinated at Dr. Jack’s ability to remember scripture verses – it inspired me then and 50 years later it inspires me now as a Pastor. This homegoing reminds us that the return of Jesus that Dr. Jack spoke of so often is so imminent. I look forward to meeting him personally in glory and may the Lord bless Roxella and the family during this hour to be comforted knowing that one day soon we shall meet again in the Lord never to depart – Amen!✝️

  496. I have watched Jack & Rexella Van Impe’s shows 40 years and I have never came across a more devoted man to the lord Jesus Christ. I can’t grieve as much as one who lost someone unsaved. Jack will always be remembered by me and I look forward to meeting with him some day in heaven. It would be an honer and privilege for me just to witness the blessings he will receive upon the first resurrection and it will not surprise me if God doesn’t even need to flip the page on the book of life to know his name is already there. Get a lot of rest my brother in Christ because the next round of lifespan will be eternal with Jesus. Rexella please have no worries because you will definitely see jack again.

  497. You will forever be my mentor. Condolences to Rexella, and family. Hope she knows her husband means so much to me. A dark time in my life I had nothing but a Bible, an old vcr, and his tapes. I studied day and night the Bible and his tapes together. Would like The Family of Brother Jack to know; he helped set a passion and love for The Word of God! Because of this GLORY HALLELUJAH I AM SAVED!

  498. I have watched your show since I was in elementary school. I stayed up on Sunday nights to watch you on Fox! Your ministry has taught me a lot on the end times and what to expect! I love your no nonsense and boldness to stand up to anyone who tried to silence you! I know that you are rejoicing in heaven! May God continue to bless you Rexella and your family and the entire staff of JVI!

  499. Thank you Lord for the use of Jack and Rexella as servants over these many years! I pray you guide Rexella and the team with insight and wisdom for the plans you have before them.
    Please comfort the family and friends with heavy hearts on Jack’s passing.
    We look forward to seeing him and other servants soon, in your glorious kingdom.

  500. Mary and I are deeply saddened by the news of your loss, yet rejoicing that Bro. Jack is now in the presence of the Lord he loved and served so faithfully. I do treasure the years we spent together as a member of the ministry staff.

  501. My heart is very heavy to hear of this news! My family has watched Jack Van Impe for 3 generations. The best, in my opinion, Christian teacher of the true Gospel word.
    My sincere condolences to Rexella and family.

  502. Man! What a BLESSING Jack and his wife have been to me over the years! I so wanted Jack to see the Lord’s return that he longed for so much. But now, he will be with Christ as he returns to get us all…. Look Up!

  503. Our Condolences to Dr. Rexella Van Impe and family. We have to Jack Van Impe Presents for years and the program has been a great source of Information and has helped us in our own spiritual walk. Well done Good and faithful servant. Dr.Jack Van Impe will never ever be forgotten he will be missed. We will see you in Heaven Jack!! Amen!!

  504. My husband and I loved Jack.
    May God comfort dear Rexella and all the family
    He is with our King. ❤ We will miss him.

  505. Love and prayers go out to Rexella and family. Heaven is rejoicing as our beloved Jack has reached the glorious place of our Lord and Savior Jesus. May we see him soon!

  506. Our family sends their love and prayers to Rexella, the family and ministry of JVIM. Parting is such sweet sorrow when we know we will be together again. Our daughter was a little girl when she began watching Dr. Jack and REX–ella (as my Southern husband called Dr. Rexella). Our daughter is now in her 30’s and is a strong, knowledgeable woman of God – and some of that wisdom came from the Van Impes’ programs. In the early 1990’s, my husband prayed with Dr. Jack and Rexella sent him “the little booklet to help you in your new walk with Christ”. We SO thank you for your love and faithfulness to the children of God- for your lives spent serving others- the saved,and those yet-to-be-saved, many through your ministry. We will miss Jack, we hold up Rexella in prayer, we wait until we shuffle off this mortal coil and in our new bodies are all together again, and never to be parted from our Lord. God Bless You All.

  507. The daily email devotional and newsletter have been so encouraging, thank you.
    Sorry for your loss, yet it is wonderful that he is at peace with the Lord.

  508. Deepest sympathy and prayers for Rexella, and their extended family. May the Lord comfort your heart and watch over you until you meet once again never to be parted in joyful and eternal fellowship with our dear Saviour Jesus.
    May the work of your hands be blessed and may billions trust in the Saviour till that day!xoxo

  509. Thank you for your service to Christ brother Van Impe 💒🙏
    May God bless Rexella with His perfect peace and comfort her in this time of sorrow🙏

  510. My family was so blessed by the VanImpe ministry. My parents who are now both with the Lord were led to the Lord by Jack’s father Pastor Oscar VanImpe and my husband proposed to me on the way to a Jack VanImpe crusade in Holland Mich in 1975. Countless souls were brought to the Saviour in that crusade and we have been so blessed thru the years by Jack’s faithful to God’s Word and will always remember the blessings of this ministry and a true man of God. Our prayers and love go out to Rexella and the family during the coming days.

  511. Oh so sorry . Lord bring fourth your comfort and love , peace for all the family . ❤️🙏🙏🙏🙏🌹❤️

  512. I am so sorry for your loss! Prayers for Roxella and family! He was a great man of a God! He will be missed!

  513. Dr. Jack Van Impe was a great man of God, a walking Bible, who will be missed by all who loved to watch him and Sis. Rexella every week. I was in shock when I heard the news. I know that to be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord. Jack Van Impe is now rejoicing in the presence of the one he preach about so many times. Our prayers go out to Rexella and the Van Impe Family.

  514. Bro Jack, great preacher he will be missed and not replaceable. He made the book of Revelation and the 2nd Coming come alive.
    I have his Bible. He also produced a video on Revelation.
    I believe he had the whole Bible memorized. He taught me a lot.
    May he Rest In Peace in glory.

  515. Bro Jack, great preacher he will be missed and not replaceable. He made the book of Revelation and the 2nd Coming come alive.
    I have his Bible. He also produced a video on Revelation.
    I believe he had the whole Bible memorized. He taught me a lot.
    May he Rest In Peace in glory.

  516. I so sorry for your loss, but rejoicing that this good and faithful servant has been welcomed Home by our Savior. I’ve always appreciated Dr. Van Impe’s teaching and non-compromising ways.

  517. Jack you finally are with the heavenly father face to face! Enjoy Heaven good and faithful servant! Your work led many to Jesus! Thank you for your obedience!

  518. In tears! Ive watched him for decades almost every week no nonsense my favorite pastor am very sad.my deepest condolences to rexella we love you ! Please dont end the show ministry.he will have great rewards in heaven one of a kind.i dont know who to listen to now lots of fakes r.i.p jack faithful servant your ministry helped inspired my walk! Rob rondanini roseville calif.2020 jan 19

  519. I will miss you greatly Dr. Jack Van Impe, you were such an example to many Christians and myself personally. You might not return to us, but we will go where you are with our Lord and see you again!

  520. A great man of God who blessed so many. The earth is less without him. But I know he is being welcome home now. Prayers for his family.

  521. Very very sorry to hear of Dr.Jack VanImpe’s passing. I have enjoyed many years of his teaching and supported your ministry for many years until I couldn’t any longer. My husband preceded him 1yr 3mo ago. I know they will celebrate with our Lord together! I pray for God to comfort you during this time and strengthen you as only He can.

  522. Loved his diligence in study and presenting the exegetical truth from the word of God without bias or fear. He even exposed compromising phonies. We need more men like him on TV and radio.

  523. Rexella, please know that you are in my prayers but know that he is now in Heaven with Jesus waiting on the rest of us. We will be caught up very soon to meet Jesus in the air. I love you.

  524. My dear husband went to be with the Lord a year ago. He received the Lord Jesus through the preaching of Dr.Jack Van Impe. He went into full time service as Pastor and Missionary. Our eternal Love and gratitude. My prayers are with you. Stacy Blossom

  525. Dear Rexella we are so sorry for your loss. He will be missed very much. We pray JESUS CHRIST holds you and your family so close you can hear HIS HEART. BLESSED are they that mourn for they shall be comforted.

  526. I have watched Dr. Van Impe for over 25 years, and have encouraged friends of mine to watch too. I have learned so much about the Bible through his program and will sorely miss his knowledge and devotion to God and spreading the word to millions of people throughout the world. Rest in Peace. I send my heartfelt condolences to his beloved wife and family relations at this difficult time.
    God Bless.

  527. So sorry to hear about Jack. You will be missed. God Bless Rexella, the Lord will be with you!

  528. Yes well done good and faithful servant..you have run the race reaching thousands for our Lord..You will be missed but we celebrate your home going..Prayers and love for Rexella and family..

  529. If you really wanted to know what was happening in the world you’d listen to Jack & Rexella. Jack would tell us the scripture and Rexella the headlines & Chuck. What a team! God gave you endurance, peace & the love of God on your faces, encouragement for the believers, and always could count on getting the truth. Will greatly miss the news. Prayers for the team!

  530. Our sincere condolences to you and your family. We have followed your ministry for over 20 plus years. We are going to miss him.

  531. Our deepest condolences to Rexella and the Van impe family. Our thoughts and prayers to our Lord for you! May he rest in peace. Until we all may meet again with the Lord. He was a great blessing to us.I came to our Lord because of him.
    God bless you all.
    From Joe and Mary Gonzales

  532. I praise God for Jack’s long and fruitful Ministry. I very much appreciate all the encouragement that he gave to me over the years. My heart goes out to his wife and all the family. May the Lord minister to each of them the peace that passes all understanding.

  533. My deepest condolences go out to Rexella, their family, friends and everyone at JVIM. Jack was an incredible man who did so much for this world, spreading the Lord’s word and blessing to so many lives. May God bless his soul and let Jack rest in peace. He will never be forgotten and May his memory live on through JVIM 🙏

  534. Thank you Jack for many years of service. You changed so many lives and you were truly blessed.You will be missed very much!

  535. I am really gonna miss him, he was truly a servant of the Lord, a man of so much knowledge.. I truly adored this man’s devotion to the love of the Bible and for God!!! it’s very sad to see him pass. But, I know God welcomed him to a home we shall all see! if were are right with God! thank you Jack for your love and kindness through out all your work and the years you have given us! and most of all thank you Rexella for your hard work to making the ministries so well informed of all the breaking news and prayer’s you have helped Jack with!! as I sit here I think of the very first day I seen you and Jack on tv. it was rewarding and refreshing to see your love for God!!! thank you both for all you have done.. God Bless you both!!! I will never forget this family and the love they have for God!!

  536. As a young child I loved when he played his accordion & made it sound like a train! He took the time in our home showing my brother Jerry how to do the same thing on his (Jerry’s) accordian. After preaching & treating us to his accordion music at church, he would come by our home in the summer\fall & be treated to fresh vegetables from our garden. He was genuinely kind & made an impression on me as a child. (Detroit area\late 50’s) As an adult, my husband and I have appreciated the ministry of he & his wife. Praise be to GOD for blessing us with their ministry. Praying for Roxella.

  537. Many lives touched and changed but the Rapture is soon and we will all be reunited. I still long for the day when someone stands up against the man-made money tithe lie. It’s a shame people cannot preach true Bible giving in this area like this FB group does: “Bible Untwisted: Tithing and Churches Run Like Companies”. God had me start this FB group long ago in spite of all of the churchClub backlash. – Anonymous

  538. Dear Lord, thankyou for this man’s life.
    I know in my spirit he is rejoicing in your arms, Lord Jesus. I am sad in my heart for his loss and praying for the peace of God to assuage the pain for Rexella and the family.
    Please help this ministering family with your supernatural direction.
    In Jesus name we pray!

  539. I am saddened with the end of Jacks earthly ministry. He was vigilant in serving the Lord.
    Jack and his parents were regular guests in our home and the church my father pastored. They were always a refreshing breeze of the Spirit.
    His voice and clarity world subjects and scripture will be greatly missed.
    You have run the race well!

  540. This news saddens me very much. I have watched him and Rexella for years. Heartfelt sympathies go out to Rexella and family.

  541. As I saw the post today, my heart was at first saddened as I used to like to watch the show every week, and I knew it had to be hard on Rexella and the family. But I also rejoiced to know that Jack was with His Lord and Savior- a great place to be. I pray for Rexella and all of the family for their peace and strength now, and we all await to soon be there in heaven with Jack and all those gone before us!

  542. We all know that Jack is with our Holy Father in Heaven, and we will be with him at our passing or when Jesus calls us home at the Rapture. I pray for comfort for all his family and friends.

  543. We will miss him, but I know we all will one day be reunited!….Just to think he is now in the presence of God!….Prayers for Rexella, his family the Ministry!

  544. Oh Well Done dear and faithful Servants Dr. Van Impe we so loved you and learned much from your preaching, programs, and sharing. Thanks for sharing the TRUTH and it already has gone on & on!!! Dearest hugs to you Sister & Dr. Rexella I know & Believe God will Guide You as Well as in the past…what a blessing you are my dear! Thank You Jesus!!!😔🌟🩸✝️🩸🌟😔

  545. Im so sorry to hear about jack,a great great man of god, I discovered jack van impe back in may of 1996,and have been following him ever since. He was one of my favorite endtime teachers and he will be greatly missed!

  546. I watch his show fir more than 30 years
    Grease or if the first ministers that helped me understand and grow when I was first born again
    I love his passion, dedication and love for The Word !!
    I will miss him greatly but he is in glory Now
    My deepest condolences to Rexella

  547. I have watched Jack Van Impe since I was a little boy in the 1960’s. As an older adult I reconnected with his wonderful show. It was a joy to watch Jack and Rexella every week via YouTube. I am saddened and joyed. Heaven just received a man of God like no other. I pray for Jack’s family, friends and all of the people of the world who did not get to know the wondrous and immense amount of Bible and prophecy knowledge of Dr. Jack Van Impe. Welcome to your well deserved Heavenly Home!

  548. Blessings to Rexella and all who worked with them. We have lost a great Teacher and Guide. What a Wonderful Servant and will miss him.

  549. Dr. Jack Van Impe was a mentor and friend to me. He inspired me to memorize over 10,000 Scriptures by subject including 22 complete books of the New Testament. Interning for your ministry in 1999 was a highlight in my life and ministry. We will miss you greatly. Prayers for Rexella, God’s love and comfort.

  550. Welcome Home JVI! My prayers are for Lady Rexella and the ministry. We love and respect your heart for God and gentle strength.

  551. Remember it’s not goodbye but until we meet again. Jesus Christ made that possible. What a glorious reunion that will be when we all will be in the presence of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and all our loved ones that went before us. may you feel God’s arms around you during this difficult time. You are in our prayers.

  552. My Sincere Condolences. I’ve been blessed over the years with your telecasts. Great Teacher.
    Believer, August 1970, through a childhood friend.

  553. Deepest condolences to Rexella on Jack’s home going. It’s so wonderful and yet so sad to know we lost such a warrior for the Lord. As an avid student of Prophecy, I greatly enjoyed and learned so much from he and Rexella. Wow what a sight he saw when he took kid last breath. ❤️✝️❤️

  554. I just want to express my love for the Van Impes. I first watched their program while at a friend’s house in the late 1970’s when Trinity Broadcasting Network was still a young network. I have followed the ministry over 40 years. I have several of his books and I think every Bible he produced. Been a couple times the past couple years when we thought we would lose him but God spared him. But his race is now run. I was so looking forward to his messages this year to the false doctrines in so many of our churches. I will always cherish his and sister Rexella’s ministry.
    Sister Rexella you have my love and sympathy. I love you so very much. He was so blessed to have you by his side nearly 70 years. God bless you and I hope you are able to continue the ministry in some capacity. You are such an intelligent lady. God bless you.

  555. It was my good fortune to know Brother Jack personally through my association with The Sword of the Lord. I held him & Rexella in the highest regard. Our daughter Julie appeared on one of his telecasts so many years ago. Rexella was so kind to her. I suppose Brother Jack pointed more people to the prophecies of the Scripture than any other evangelist in his time. I have enjoyed reading the tributes posted here and to see how many were saved through his good ministry. I just wanted to add my name to the many as I salute the passing of a great man of God. May God comfort and bless you Rexella. With my love and deepest respect, Ron English

  556. Jack Van Impe … you’ve made a big impact on my life from waaay back when I was young .. thank you, brother, for your service and powerful teaching of our Lord Jesus Christ .. well done, good and faithful servant… See you in Heaven❣️… Prayers for Rexella & family🙏🏻❤️

  557. My husband Gene and I are so sorry for your loss of your precious husband, Jack, Rexella. We are glad he is out of pain and with his Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. He memorized the Bible the way I did, that is why we started watching him. We saw you both many years ago at a luncheon, and when you were in Peoria, Illinois. Sending our deepest sympathy, prayers, and love to you Rexella. Your husband was a wonderful faithful man. God bless you until you see him again, Rexella.

  558. So thankful for his ministry and faithfulness. God bless his wife during this time. We’ll meet you one day and rejoice

  559. I had the privilege of chairing a city-wide crusade with the Dr. and Mrs Van Impe when I pastored in Pensacola, FL, some years ago. Great man of God, and his ministry will be missed greatly. Knew so much Scripture by heart.

  560. I can only say I’m happy for him because he’s with his Lord and savior but the rest of us are still here that is very sad but we thank God he we had him for a while because his teaching was amazing my prayers and thoughts are with his wife rexella and the family and friends and Ministry

  561. This made me sad and feel so alone today as I heard of the passing of this wonderful man of God. I felt the same when Billy Graham and David Wilkerson went home to be with the Lord. I know it isn’t true . The Word says we are encompassed about with an enumerable company of angels. I gave my heart to the Lord in the 1970’s at one of his crusades in Beckley, WV. We will meet again.

  562. Wow. Mr. Jack and his Wife has truly blessed my life through their ministry. Mr. Jack really impacted my life. I use to stay up late just to watch the show. He always share the Truth no matter what. He always had smile and joy when sharing the Word. I loved that about him and Mrs. Rexella. My deep condolences to Mrs. Rexella Van impe and the family. Well Done, Good Faithful Servant of God. You will truly be missed.

  563. Heart sinking when I read this this mourning but only because jack isn’t here anymore.we find comfort knowing he is with Jesus and all those that he preached about for all these years.its also sweet to think about him being greeted by prophets from the old days.hope the best for you roxella and certainly will hold you and your family up in prayer.

  564. I cant help but wonder the prophetic significance of his passing. I feared this day. Heaven help us save souls like Dr jack til we see each other. God bless rexella

  565. Sad to hear but he’s now with our Lord and savior Jesus Christ which he lived for. He did what God called him to do and he was God’s chosen one to reach millions of people. Just like Rev. Billy Graham did. Now they are both in heaven together waiting on us. Come soon Lord Jesus. See you there in that glorious place heaven pastor Van Impe.

  566. Rexella .jack is well and life for him has just begun.we shall all be together soon.He would tell you don’t stop teaching and preaching keep it going .you can do it my darling..jack is saying that to your heart. We are praying for your heart to be strong in the LORD.just reread Jack’s notes.and stay strong.

  567. He will truly be missed we watched him a lot and enjoyed the both of them. We have to remember he’s in our future not our past keeping you in prayer .

  568. I’m sorry for your loss to Rexall and family.Through your tears and in your sorrow,know that God holds you close. Be still and know thatI am God.Psalm 46;10

  569. We are so sorry for your loss Dr Rexella we are saddened by this news but absent from the body present with the Lord. Exciting for him to be with our Savior Yeshua…our prayers are with you in this time if sorrow.May God give you the strength and Peace you need.
    Michele and Lenny Ducharme❤🙏

  570. So sorry and sad to hear about his passing. Will miss his teaching. I know he is with the Lord. Praying the Lord will comfort Rexella and family.

  571. Well done Jack! Because of your ministry I began teaching Bible Prophecy over 30 years ago. Thank you for your faithful service to Our Lord. We’ll be sure to pray for Rexella and the organization. Rexella, thank you for sharing Jack with us. Blessings to you!

  572. May the Lord God almighty comfort you Dr. Rexella during this time. Please know that Dr. Jack Van Impe is rejoicing with the Lord God almighty. Sad day for us here on earth but it’s a glorious day in heaven, I can’t wait to meet up in the clouds in the twinkling of an eye. Dr. Van Impe exposed the truth he never sugar coated anything he revealed the false prophets. Lord Jesus come for us soon your church is waiting for your return. Prayers for you Dr. Rexella and hugs💕🤗

  573. I am stunned that Jack is gone. He had such unction from Adonai to bring people to salvation . I’m happy that he’s with HaShem but I’m heartbroken for Rexalla . This is an unexpected turn of events. More and more of Adonis Saints are going home and they are not being replace.
    Oh precious ones the end times are hear and tribulations is just a signature away

  574. How I loved listening to this great man of God! How He knew God’s Word! He will be so missed!! Sincere condolences!! 🙏🙏🙏

  575. Oh my ….My heart is so sad, but so happy for Jack…My heart and prayers, go out for Rexella. You will be missed in our household. What a great time for Jack.

  576. I feel sadness about Dr. Jack Van Impe’s death, but the day that he worked and lived for most of his life has arrived, and I know that the Lord said “Well done, good and faithful servant”.
    Love and Prayers for his wife, Rexella, and all his loved ones.

  577. Jackie will be severely missed you have been such a blessing to the body of Christ and to me personally I know you’re up there with your heavenly father and with our Lord Jesus Christ we will miss you down here rexella will be okay she has family and friends to take care of her we love and miss you God bless

  578. As one of many thousands, I owe my salvation & love of Jesus to Pastor Jack. I learned so much from him & Rexella over the many years. Now Pastor Jack, go rest high on that mountain, your work on earth is done🙏.

  579. I’m so sorry to hear this, but I know Dr. Van Impe is rejoicing with our Lord today!! I’m truly going to miss him. My prayers are with Rexella and family. He was truly a man of God.

  580. I don’t know how I will get along without Jack Van Impe. I looked forward to be with him every Friday night when he posted his weekly video. My heart filled sympathy goes out to Rexella and her family. I could see that Jack was getting stronger every week when he came back on TV. I was happy to see him regain his strength and I was praying that I would be around when the Rapture happen and we both would go up to be with the Lord together. I am 85 now and I don’t know how much time I have left. I look up to the Heavens often and ask Jesus Christ to hurry up and come and take his believers to be with him. I never thought that Jack would go before me. Jesus Christ wanted Jack to preached the Gospel to the hold world according to the Bible, and he did that. All 247 countries. His mission was accomplished and God took him. Jack fought the good fight and he will be missed by the millions of his followers. Just remember Jack said the “Rapture was Imminent”.

  581. We just heard about Jack’s passing, so sorry for your loss Rexella. What a great man of God. He will be missed.

  582. Loved. Jack Van. Impe and. Rexella. Truly used by. God to reach the world. Will miss but know will see again in. Heaven. Sympathy for Rexella God comfort her during this sad time and keep her in your care until she gets there with you and. Jack.

  583. So very sad to hear…..praying for Rexella and family. Cling to our Lord’s promises that one day we will all be together to worship our Lord Jesus for all eternity. Loved listening and watching Dr. Jack and Rexella on tv ~

  584. Praying for you all, we loved Jack. My husband took me to head quarters years ago.
    Hugs to you all. Jack with our Lord and Savior.
    Daryl and Theresa

  585. my heart is sad to hear that Jack has pass away.my prayer are with you Rexella in this difficult time. I so enjoyed listen to you and Jack.and i loved he get excited when he talk about the Lord coming.But so enjoyed how he tell it like is. he wasnt afraid to speak out the truth,sadly that is so missng in the pulpit today.well done good and faithful servant.

  586. Ian so sorry to here that Dr Jack Van Impe has left us here on earth. With out his preaching. I will miss his preaching so much, but I know he is gliursly in joying his Savoir’s rest &His face Prayers for the familyFace

  587. Dearest sister Rexella, I am so Happy for brother Jack to be with our Lord and Saviour,but I and many others will miss him and his insights into the word of God and all of its wonderful promise to the followers of our Lord. I hope you can feel at least a bit of the love that is felt by your brothers and sisters in Christ and know that this is just a small bit of what is felt for you and Jack. You are both cherished and loved by us but even more than that, you are both cherished and loved by the Lord. I am both grateful and honored to have you as part of our family. Until we meet again in that sweet by and by you will be missed Jack. Rexella as always you will be in our thoughts and prayers. KD Mitchell

  588. I have watched Jack and Rexella for the last 15 year’s. They helped me get through some tough times. Jack has finished his work but his cause is still alive. Let’s carry on his work.

  589. I miss him already in my heart. I do. I thank God for Dr. Jack Van Impe, and Dr. Rexella Van Impe. I know Jesus because of him, Rexella, and their ministry. Psalm 104:4 says that God “maketh his…ministers a flaming fire.” He had the fire of God within him, and I loved to see and listen to him preach with that fire. He and Rexella have done such an awesome job in our generation. He was my spiritual father, and I’m so thankful to God for him, AND REXELLA. No minister has inspired me as much as he has. But We’ll see him again at the gathering! May what he and Rexella have done be an inspiration to us all, to go forth with the gospel, and with the fire of God, and preach the soon return of Jesus Christ, our Lord. Whatever Rexella and the rest of the ministry team decides to do, we should support. I will be praying for them. Love you all!

  590. Dr. Van Impe has always had my utmost respect and love. Many prayers for Rexella, and the rest of the Van Impe family. We will see him again!

  591. Oh precious Rexella, I’ve loved and watched you and Pastor VanImpe, for so many years, that I’ve lost count. I cannot put into words how much I love you and Pastor VanImpe, and what an incredible blessing you’ve both been to me. I know that he is with our Lord. I can’t help but grieve the fact that I will not be seeing his face on this earth for now, but I do have that blessed assurance that when I get to Heaven, I will most certainly go up to Pastor VanImpe, and hug the daylights out of him!
    No other Pastor, has taught me so much and inspired me so much throughout my lifetime. I truly love you, you dear sweet lady. You and yours remain in my prayers❤️🙏✝️

  592. Sadness fills my heart that he has left us , he is and was a great man and inspiration in my life . His heart’s desire was to bring all to Christ. I will meet him one day to personally thank him for his teaching. May peace be with his family

  593. What a great soul winner; our loss is Heaven’s gain. What a great example for the rest of us in memorizing God’s Word; he was the Walking Bible. Praying for Rexella and family as they mourn his passing and reflect on the future of the ministry. You are in our thoughts and prayers.

  594. Love and prayers to Rexella and family. Jack Van Impe was one of a kind man and mentor. Shared His word with all of us. Greatly Blessed.

  595. Precious Rexella and family, please accept my condolences in the loss of your dear loved one; my heart is breaking for you!!! Jack was so passionate about Our Lord and Savior Christ Jesus, and I know he will live on in your hearts, as well as the hearts of many. He was faithful by The Grace of Our Father to minister to the world together with you Rexella!!! One can put a thousand to flight, two, ten thousand; and this is exactly what the two of you together have done. Thank you both for all the years of faithful service in The Kingdom of Our Lord!!! He Our Lord is faithful and true!!! May Our Lord Richly Bless You today and in all the days ahead as Only He Can Do!!! He is with us ALWAYS and will NEVER LEAVE US!!! I love you; praying believing for Our Lord’s Continued Strength, Wisdom, Glory, Love and Honor to guide you and protect you ALWAYS!!! Rexella you are a true gift from Our Lord; you truly possess Our Father’s Grace, Mercy, Peace and Love and have continuously portrayed Him in every way without wavering!!! Thank you, Dr’s. Rexella and Jack Van Impe for everything!!! In Jesus’ Precious and Holy Name!!! Amen and Amen and Amen!!!

  596. Very sad to hear of Dr. jack’s Death. But i feel he is in a well deserved place with the LOrd, I pray for Roxella and family. May she find peace within the LOrd until she is back with Jack.

  597. I’m sorry to hear of Jack’s passing. He has shown what a good christian and follower of god, should be like. I have been watching and supporting your ministry for years. Rest in Peace, my friend. I will be praying for Rexella and family.


  598. Rexella,
    My heart breaks for you. Jack and you have been a part of my life for years. No other minister has preached the way Jack did. He gave me inspiration, he brought me back to the Lord who I now have a very personal walk with and without you both I would have been lost after my son past away. God Bless you both for bringing thousands to the Lord and I know Jack is in the Lord’s arms. My prayers are with you and the ministry you both built. Folks around the world will feel the loss of losing Jack, but will always remember what he taught. I love you both very much and pray you continue where he left off. God Bless you Rexella.

  599. Finally in the land of the Living!!. Jack will be missed but He is without a doubt in the land of the Living with his beloved Savior. Rexella our prayers are with you and your family. Romans 5:1

  600. My husband and I came to know Jack and Rexella through their TV ministries and will miss seeing Jack every Sunday morning. Our prayers for Rexella during this sad time. See you one day Dr. Jack Van Impe.

  601. So sorry for your loss !!Our thoughts and prayers are with Rexella and family.We are Catholics but we enjoyed the teaching that he enlightened us with and we know that Jesus was waiting for him with open arms.Thank you for all your biblical knowledge !!🙏😥

  602. So sorry for your loss Rexella, will be praying for your peace as you discover what God wants to do for and through you during this time of celebration & mourning for your ministry partner in life, marriage, study and fellowship. Always know this is just “ I’ll see you later not goodbye for those who are in Christ….. will be praying!!!!!

  603. Many fond memories over the years of doing ministry at our International Prophecy Conference! We love you Jack! We will see you on the other side! Praying for the Holy Spirit’s comfort for you Rexella! God Bless You! —Dr Joe and Kaye VanKoevering

  604. My teacher I will always miss you, Have always admired your knowledge of the Bible can’t wait to see you again in heaven.

  605. So sad to hear about Jack van Impe. I first started listing to him in my 20″s, now I am in my mid 60’s. I had just got the Birthday card Rexella sends out every year the day he passed.I heard him say the he and his lovely wife asked God that they both go up together, one way or the other, but that wasn’t god’s will. I had some things I was going to ask him when I wished him Happy Birthday, but now won’t be able to. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

  606. I am saddened to hear of the passing of Dr. Jack Van Impe, aka, ‘The Walking Bible,’ however, he is now where we all strive to be, and that’s in the presence JESUS himself! I’ve watched his weekly sermons on TV since 1994 at the age of 18 yrs old! At first shows scared me bc he spoke vehemently on the end of the world, wars, 666, etc. But after listening to him over the years weekly and following him as he taught the Bible, I became stronger and stronger spiritually. It is because of his ability to recite scriptures of the Bible as it pertains to end-times bible prophecies, that I too am now able to piece together current events and bible scriptures to help show that our LORD and SAVIOUR JESUS CHRIST is coming back very soon! He led soooo many people to CHRIST and it is my prayer that I too will be able to do the same! You will definitely be missed Dr. Van Impe! Prayers going out to his wife, Rexella, his family, and all who have been moved had the opportunity to witness his dynamic teaching style! Rest easy sir, because you absolutely deserve it! WELL DONE!!

  607. He is now with his King in whom he spoke about so passionately on television!!!

    I have always watched and have gained such insight by the wisdom that the Lord gave to him.

    He made a huge impact in my walk with the Lord over all these years. The great thing is that we will all get to meet him in glory!!!

  608. Dr. Jack, you were a great, great, great man that was blessed with a great and beautiful wife that founded a great ministry that help save my life in helping make me a better person after your teachings. Thank you great and faithful servant. By God blessing you He has blessed us.

  609. Have watched for 40 years. Had a bad feeling this morning when I noticed no new show. A great man that will be missed!

  610. Dr.Jack & Rexella Van Impe was there for me every sunday morning. They were the perfect way to start my day, plus Soul food. Now he’s with all the souls that was won through your ministries. Tears are a language God understands. I know there will be so many. I’ll be praying for you daily. with love, Don Carner.

  611. His revival meeting when I was a kid in Greensboro NC was the first such meeting I remember attending. God has welcomed another one of his saints back home.

  612. Such great memories of listening to Dr. Van Impe preach as far back as my teenage years! His memorization of Scripture was an amazing and inspiring thing. Will be praying for his family at this time.

  613. We will miss you very much but rejoice in knowing that Dr. Jack Van Impe is with our Heavenly Father and is healthy, pain free and whole. We will continue praying for Dr. Rexella and all of the JVI ministry workers. Jack will be celebrating his Birthday in the presence of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ! Thank you,Jesus!

  614. We used to sit at the table with you in the cobo hall banquets back in the early 70’s we have followed you ever since we will certainly miss this great man of god!!! God bless you.

  615. I am grateful that the Lord blessed my life with the teachings of Dr. Jack Van Impe. He has been a constant source of biblical knowledge since I got save 35 years ago. My heart goes out to Rexella and his entire family. You are all in my prayers.

  616. My wife and I watched his program with out fail for many years . I hope Rexella will continue on, I know it will be hard. We will miss the presentations of Gods words. He will be missed , we will see you on the other side Doctor jack.

  617. My heart is saddened by this news. But, I, at the same time, am overjoyed that he goes ahead of us all to meet us as we also wait to stand before our Lord, Jesus Christ. Drs. Jack and Rexella have been such a blessing in my life. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to watch them on television and YouTube for as long as I did. He truly was a good and faithful servant.

  618. Rexella, Jack was a pastor whom I loved listening to. I was very glad he was straight forward and honest. He will be so very missed. Praying for God to comfort you now.

  619. With heartfelt condolences. Last night I watched Jack’s last sermon. It was poignant, preaching a very relevant sermon on end times. During the prayer, I cried like a baby when a rush of sadness came over me for the lost and dying in sin, and for my lost family.
    Thank you so so much for your service. Indeed, we’ll done thy faithful servant. Unto your last day you warned, admonished and offered The Way of Salvation (as you said, only through Jesus by his blood). Thank you for your service toward us.
    Rexella, beloved of Christ, be wrapped in the loving arms of our Savior as he goes you in his pavilion, under his wings. Take solace for your husband is in the bosom of the father, in the arms of our Lord abs Savior, Jesus.

  620. What a treasure you both are and have been throughout the years. Thank you for your straightforward and no nonsense teaching. God has truly blessed all of us through your ministry and you will be missed. Rexella, you and your family are in my prayers.

  621. We will miss you, but are happy for you. Being absent from this body is to be present with the Lord!

  622. So sad to hear of Dr Jacks passing our loss Heavens gain he was an inspiration for me to study Gods word and live for Christ daily we will see him again soon in the very near future!prayers for Rexella the Family and the whole staff!

  623. Dr’s.Jack & Rexella Van Impe Thank you both from the bottom of our heart’s. I know many of our family members watched you throughout the many years. My Mother and I also watched. Your inspiration helped us both through the losing of both our spouses 9 days apart in the same month and year. We were both devasted. Not many Programs could reach the deep hurt inside us both but Jack always could. He was REAL.. HE WAS TRUTHFUL…HE WAS PASSIONATE….AND HE WAS SO CARING. HIS ABILITY TO SPEAK OUT GODS WORD LIKE HE DID (to me) WAS AN ABSOLUTE MIRACLE!!!!
    HE brought truth, healing, hope, faith, love, inspiration to us each week. Wow That was so special and we appreciate his heartfelt work and love for his Saviour Jesus. Rexella, oh sweet Woman of GOD..you too are such a precious vessel of honor for God and we love you so very much. You are such a blessing…and just know…GOD IS WITH YOU…HE HAS PLANS FOR YOU..YOUR WORK IS NOT DONE…HE WILL LEAD YOU AND GUIDE YOU AS TO WHAT IS NEXT!!! May God Bless you Rexella and give you His Peace.. May HE cover you with protection and comfort your mind and heart…God bless you Dear Big Hugs to you!! You will always be in my prayers Dr.Rexella Impe!

  624. Thank you for the years of ministering and teaching the Word of God. Prayers for comfort for Rexella and family as you continue the ministry. You have been a blessing to me.

  625. You have blessed us and taught us the precious word of God and kept us well informed. May God be with your wife and comfort her.

  626. Another man of God has gone home. Seems as if everybody is leaving. Will miss him. How much longer till the rapture? How many are left that tell the truth???

  627. My wife and I will miss you Jack, but we know you have now heard the words from our blessed Savior “well done my great and faithful servant”. Well done indeed Jack, you have fought the great fight, and finished the race. Thank you for answering the call from our Lord to serve while you were here!

  628. My wife and I will miss you Jake, but we know you have now heard the words from our blessed Savior “well done my great and faithful servant”. Well done indeed Jack, you have fought the great fight, and finished the race. Thank you for answering the call from our Lord to serve while you were here!

  629. Our hearts go out to Rexella and her earthly loss of her beloved ♥️ The heavens are rejoicing at their new arrival!! You will be missed Dr. Van Impe, until we meet again🙏

  630. My mom and I went to see Dr. Jack Van Impe back in the 70’s. I was a young teen. He taught prophecy with such passion and the Bible with such authority. I had been slipping into idolatry, yet not willing to admit that to myself. After hearing him preach I was brought under conviction and repented. Praise God. I will forever be grateful to him. Thank you Sir.
    Thank you and God bless you Rexella.
    Vicki Moser Kingsport, Tn.

  631. He was such a big part of my growing up years as a christian. I’m sure our Lord welcomed him with his arms wide open. It is no secret what God can do.

  632. Dr. Jack and Rexella are part of who I am… from those early days of accordion lessons and growing up in Calvary Baptist with Dr. Allen and Chuck. The legacies left behind in the lives of people are both numerous and heartfelt. Know, Dr. Van Impe, that as you look over the railings of Heaven, your work and life here meant much to tens of thousands who will one day join you because of you.
    Thank you

  633. The Harold Moran family and the Van Impe family were friends in the ministry since the 1940’s. I can still see Jack and his dad playing the accordions together. What faithful ministers they were! Praise the Lord! They are now together in Heaven rejoicing with Jesus! I have many wonderful memories of their ministry.Love and Prayers to Rexella, his faithful wife.

  634. I pray for Rexella and the extended family of Dr. Jack Van Impe during this difficult time.

    I have watched the Jack Van Impe Presents program for the majority of my life. Your ministry has taught me so much about Bible Prophecy and brought me closer to our Lord, Jesus Christ.

    Thank you for your life work, passion, and faithfulness.

    Although I will miss you, I know you are with the Lord. I can’t wait to meet you in heaven!

    In Christ,

    Abby B. Conley

  635. ❤Steve & Christina Hogan has always watched you, Jack and Roxella Van Impe at this time of morning, as your show would just be getting over…. With your beautiful wife Roxella.. Welcome home.. ❤

  636. I am so sad to hear of Jack Van Impe’s passing. I was so eager to see his prophecy updates down here on Fridays and watched him for years on tv. I bought many of his tapes and took notes. He has gone through so much but kept the faith. Jack, you will be greatly missed but now you are in the presence of almighty God. We love you and I give Rexella my deepest condolences.❤️👏🇺🇸

  637. ❤ We always looked forward to watch you weekly on Sunday morning…as of right now…we miss you. ❤
    Amazing man ……awesome knowledge that was his wisdom from GOD. WELCOME HOME JACK VAN IMPE ❤

  638. Bob & Mary Jane Jensen, To be absent from the body is to be present with the LORD. May GOD be with Rexella at this sad time.

  639. I was a little girl – – 8 years old, 1962, I believe – – when Jack VanImpe and Miss Rexella came to Denbigh Baptist Church in Denbigh, VA. I well remember his love for his Rexella, her vocal and musical ability, and his powerful preaching. I already had come to know the Lord Jesus as my Saviour, but Jack VanImpe impacted me so greatly in caring for others’ souls.
    When I grew and married, my husband was influenced much as he listened to the sermons Dr. VanImpe had put on records. He had me buy all of the sermon records. My late husband went to Heaven over three years ago.
    How neat to find my present husband loves Dr. Van Impe and watched him every Sunday morning until he was not on last week or this morning. We were saddened to hear of his passing, but rejoicing for him. Wonder if our former spouses have yet met him in Glory. Prayer lifted for you, Rexella, and families.
    Rachel (Young Morgan) Campbell

  640. I’m deeply saddened by the news. Jack has been one of my greatest influences in this life. He was instrumental in keeping me grounded in God’s Word over the course of the past 15 years since I first dedicated my life anew to God. He is the one that inspired my deep interest and love for Bible Prophecy, and I would never have started BiblicalSigns.com nor written any of my books if not for his influence.

    I have admired some other preachers in this life but, no doubt, I credit Jack as my spiritual father in the Lord. I grew to love his dedication to Biblical doctrine, his boldness, and stance for the truth, especially when he was pretty much “blacklisted” by the mainstream Christian television community (namely TBN).

    He refused to be silenced and accepted being cancelled by the network – rather than ever compromise truth.

    He endured death threats by Islamists, battled countless health issues, and lived solely on his Social Security check each month for the remaining years of his life – rather than live off donations to his ministry. A far cry from how most big name preachers live today.

    No other preacher, throughout the course of my life, has ever preached with as much fire and conviction concerning the Rapture and Christ’s return. No other preacher in my lifetime has preached the Word of God more boldly or faithfully than Dr. Jack. I pray that I can carry the torch of his Biblically-sound, uncompromising, and bold style of preaching until the Lord calls me home.

    They have long called him the “Walking Bible,” due to his ability to memorize thousands of Holy Bible verses. He most certainly was. He never got to experience the Rapture that he so faithfully preached, but I’m happy that he finally gets to see our Lord Jesus face to face. It is what Jack has been looking forward to throughout his 70 years of ministry.

    I have no doubt that our Lord is saying to him, as we speak, “Well done, good and faithful servant.” Can’t wait to see you again someday Dr. Jack. The world lost a champion of the Faith yesterday, and another legendary preacher.

    Since I just heard the news, it may take me a few days to post a worthy memorial article about him on my website. Rest assured, that I will be posting one sometime in the coming week.

    Also, this week’s episode of “The Signs of Our Times” on YouTube will be DEDICATED to this great teacher of mine. I will now put even more hard work and study into my new YouTube series, in the hopes of keeping the legacy and memory of this Bible Prophecy legend alive.

    I send my prayers for peace to Rexella.

    I know that I’m far from alone when I say…

    I’m gonna miss you Jack. Kiss our Lord’s feet for me. I’ll see you when I get there brother.

    I will KEEP LOOKING UP! 👍

  641. Dr.Jack Van Impe was fearless and resolute warrior for Christ. A man who had been in poor health for years but who carried on tenaciously for the love of God and with the love and dedication of his good wife, Rexella. God bless him. He is with the Lord now.

  642. I received CHRIST at a crusade in 1972 in Hampton, VA. I will always be thankful that Bro Van Impe preached the gospel the night I was saved. May God bless and help his family and ministry.

  643. I am sadder than sad about this. Jack taught my children and I so much about the end times. We watched him many Sunday mornings for home devotions. I thought God would let him stay to be raptured. I have tears in my eyes as I write this😢I know he’s with The Lord though.

  644. A painful loss for Rexella, family, and friends of Dr. Jack Van Impe! But, while he’s enjoying his time in heaven with our Lord … it will be short-lived, he will be among those to return with the Lord for his newly resurrected body just prior to our change and rapture. Maranatha Lord, come quickly!

  645. “But I do not want you to be ignorant, brethren, concerning those who have fallen asleep, lest you sorrow as others who have no Hope. For if we believe that Jesus died and rose again, even so God will bring with Him those who sleep in Jesus.”
    ~1 Thessalonians 4:13‭-‬14

    Rest Well Jack! You have finished the race!

  646. We all know the Love of JESUS CHRIST more soundly because of his life’s work. Love his show and pray comfort for Rexella, family and staff as I am sure this is a hard time for them.

  647. He was one of the greatest servants of the Lord and his messages blessed and inspired millions of people.

  648. Too many great men of God are leaving and not enough uncompromising ministers are taking their place. I am glad to be one though and I thank my Belgian brother for standing for the Gospel unwaveringly and in the face of opposition. He will be missed. I first saw him as a child in Garland, Texas when he conducted an outdoor evangelistic crusade at the Garland High School football stadium….that was about 56 years ago. Blessings to his family and friends.

  649. So saddened by this!! I’ve been watching Dr. Van Impe for many, many years. Praying for his family!

  650. I just saw this news… 1 am this morning Sunday January 19th and my heart hurts but yet rejoicing Dr Jack Van Impe is now in Heaven with his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! Yes we have lost an amazing man of God but Heaven has gained a Saint! May his legacy live on forever in our hearts 🙏🏻🙌🏻❤️
    I worked for the ministry many years and will always cherish those wonderful precious memories! Our hearts go out to his dear wife Rexella and all the family and loved ones! Praying for peace and comfort during this difficult time!
    We Love you Dr Van Impe ❤️🙏🏻

  651. Thank you Jack: for all your love and time and passion for the lord in preaching the word for so many years,so from me and my family…thank you Jack Van Impe.

  652. Heavens gain is once again a great loss to us here on this earth. Our love and prayers are with his beloved Rexella and his family during this valley of grief. Soon and very soon we will join our friends and loved ones that have gone on before us, and we will be together forever with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. 💜✝️💜

  653. I was so uplifted watching the Van Impes every weekend. I learned SO much about these end times, and the Scriptures that make clear that Jesus is drawing nigh. Jack was a wise, joyful, and caring man. He SO cared about the salvation of souls, and wanted all to come to Jesus. His reward is great in Heaven! I know Jesus is, pleased, and holds him tight. Much comfort to you, Rexella. I am praying for you. Thank you for everything. ✝💕