West Coast Pro-Palestinian Protesters Blockade Ports; Call for ‘Intifada,’ End to Israel

Breitbart.com reports: “About 100 pro-Palestinian protesters blockaded the port of Tacoma, Washington, on Monday morning in an effort to stop the passage of a ship they say is bound for Israel with U.S.-supplied weapons for the fight against the Palestinian terror group Hamas.

The demonstration is a continuation of efforts in Oakland over the weekend that saw anti-Israel activists attempting to scale the ship, the Cape Orlando, and several arrests…

Elsewhere in the Bay Area, thousands of anti-Israel protesters marched in San Francisco to demand a ceasefire in the war, which Hamas started on October 7 in a terror attack that killed over 1,400 people in Israel, most of them civilians…

One carried a sign reading ‘75 years of genocide,’ opposing the very existence of Israel — which was authorized by the United Nations in a 1947 partition resolution, but was attacked immediately by surrounding Arab states upon declaring independence…”

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