Western tanks seen key to Ukraine battlefield breakthrough

SpaceWar.com reports: “With its pledge of light tank deliveries for Ukraine, France is betting Kyiv is capable of using modern Western armoured vehicles to push forward against Russian invaders.

President Emmanuel Macron said Wednesday that Paris would hand over French-built AMX-10 RC light tanks to Ukraine, a step forward from tank deliveries to date from Ukraine’s allies which have mostly been Soviet-era leftovers.

‘The decision of President @EmmanuelMacron is another step that will bring our victory closer,’ Ukrainian’s defence ministry wrote on Twitter.

‘Especially when the AMX-10 RCs are joined by the American and, we believe, German peers’.

France’s move is ‘a strong political signal that Western support is continuing, not running out of steam,’ said Pierre Haroche, lecturer in international security at Queen Mary University in London…”

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