Woman Acquitted of Blasphemy Still Can’t Leave Pakistan

Voice of America News reports: “A Christian woman acquitted of blasphemy after spending eight years on death row in Pakistan has been transferred from a secret location near the capital to another in Karachi, but is still unable to leave the country to join her daughters in Canada, a friend said Saturday.

Aman Ullah, who spoke to Asia Bibi by telephone Friday, said Bibi, 54, was being held in a room in the southern port city. He said Bibi, who faces death threats by radical Islamists, was frustrated and frightened, uncertain of when she would be able to leave Pakistan.

‘She has no indication of when she will leave … they are not telling her why she cannot leave,’ said Ullah, who fled the country Friday after receiving threats from extremists angered by his assistance to Bibi, which began while she was on death row…”

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