Xi invokes Chinese military might with US in mind

SpaceWar.com reports: “President Xi Jinping on Friday warned of China’s military resolve to defeat ‘invaders’, speaking on a 70th anniversary for the Korean War, the only time Chinese forces have fought the United States.

In a long speech, heavy on patriotism and flecked by anecdotes of heroism by Chinese forces, Xi said victory in the 1950-53 conflict was a reminder that his nation stood ready to fight anyone ‘creating trouble… on China’s doorstep’.

Beijing frequently uses war anniversaries to fire thinly covered warnings to the US of the military strength of the ‘new China’.

The Korean War is a key foundation story for the ruling Communist Party.

Friday’s anniversary comes as the party is called out by US President Donald Trump, in a bitter row spanning trade, tech, human rights and the status of Taiwan, which China says is an inviolable part of the mainland…”

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