Xi Jinping Declares China the Leading World Power at Communist Party Congress

Breitbart.com reports: “Dictator Xi Jinping opened the 20th Chinese Communist Party National Congress on Sunday with a ‘report’ to the Central Committee, which he nominally serves, that claimed China has ascended to global leadership in economics, diplomacy, clean government, and military power.

Xi’s address was triumphant as expected, with little concern for how it might sound to a world still coping with fallout from the coronavirus pandemic China unleashed. The pandemic was old news for Xi, who had no interest in conceding the smallest error in how China handled the crisis.

Instead, Xi’s theme was China’s overwhelming success at creating a ‘modern socialist country’ with ‘high-quality development,’ a slogan that seems designed to sweep aside concerns that China’s economy is in more trouble than the Communist Party wants to admit…”

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