Xi tells top senator US-China relations impact ‘destiny of mankind’

SpaceWar.com reports: “Chinese President Xi Jinping said on Monday that China-US ties would impact the ‘destiny of mankind’, as he met with a group of American senators in Beijing.

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer is the latest high-level US official to go to China as Washington seeks to ease tensions with Beijing, leading a six-person delegation.

‘How China and the United States get along with each other in the face of a world of change and turmoil will determine the future and destiny of mankind,’ Xi said as he met with Schumer at Beijing’s Great Hall of the People.

‘I have said many times, including to several presidents, that we have 1,000 reasons to improve China-US relations, but not one reason to ruin them,’ Xi said, adding China-US ties are ‘the most important bilateral relationship in the world’.

Schumer, in turn, told Xi that ‘our countries, together, will shape this century’.

‘That is why we must manage our relationship responsibly and respectfully,’ he said…”

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