Month: August 2016

Muslim persecution of Christians called ‘systematic’ reports: “While the Obama administration has been pursuing Islamist refugees from Syria to bring thousands to the safe haven of the United States, Christians have been under fire – often literally – and losing […]

Japan wants fresh UN sanctions against North Korea reports: “Japan pushed the UN Security Council on Tuesday to consider fresh sanctions against North Korea for test-firing a series of ballistic missiles that it said were a threat to the region and the […]

Russia rejects UN findings on Syrian chemical weapons

Israel National News reports: “Russia on Tuesday questioned the findings of a UN-led investigation that blamed the Syrian regime for chemical attacks, saying they were not conclusive enough to trigger sanctions, AFP reported. Britain and […]

Seventy two mass graves found in territory freed of ISIL

The National Post reports: “Peering through binoculars, the young man watched as ISIL extremists gunned down the handcuffed men and then buried them with a waiting bulldozer. For six days he watched as ISIL filled […]

Syria war: US warns over Turkish-Kurdish violence

BBC News reports: “The US says fighting between Turkey, pro-Turkish rebels and Kurdish-aligned forces in northern Syria is ‘unacceptable’ and must stop. Clashes in places where so-called Islamic State (IS) was not present were a […]

US ‘concerned’ over advanced air defense battery at Iran nuke site

The Times of Israel reports: “The US State Department has expressed concern at recent reports that Iran has deployed an advanced air defense system to guard a secretive nuclear site. On Sunday, Iranian state television […]

UN Says Yemen War Has Killed 10,000 People

Voice of America News reports: “The United Nations on Tuesday dramatically raised its estimate of the number of people killed in Yemen during the past 18 months to 10,000 as the ongoing fighting continues to […]

Weekly Newsletter – August 29, 2016

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IDF Commander: Israel Gearing Up For Attacks From Hundreds of Sinai-Based Islamic State Terrorists reports: “Israel is preparing for a scenario in which hundreds of terrorists armed with high trajectory fire as well as anti-tank missiles attack from Sinai, the outgoing commander of the IDF’s Sagi Brigade said […]

Yemen suicide attack claimed by IS ‘kills dozens’ in Aden

BBC News reports: “At least 60 people have been killed in a suicide car bombing at a military facility in the southern Yemen city of Aden, doctors say. A training camp, or compound used by […]

Iran Reportedly Deploys Anti-aircraft Missiles at Key Nuclear Facility

Haaretz reports: “Iran has placed Russian-supplied anti-aircraft missiles at one of its nuclear facilities, the Iranian news agency Fars reported Sunday. According to Fars, the S-300 missiles were delivered by Iran’s Revolutionary Guards to the […]

North Korea leader says missile test ‘greatest success’ reports: “North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un declared a submarine-launched missile test the ‘greatest success’, state media said Thursday, as the UN weighed a condemnation of the launch which appears to advance Pyongyang’s nuclear strike […]