Shocking percentage of Americans don’t believe Bible is God’s Word

WND.com reports: “Mainline American churches long have been in decline. And there have been a number of actual civil wars among congregations and divisions that have resulted – often over social issues facing the nation […]

Russian Warships Sail Through Japanese Waters near Islands Disputed by China

Breitbart.com reports: “Three Russian warships sailed through a contiguous maritime zone bordering Japanese territorial waters on Monday night, Japan’s Defense Ministry said Tuesday, noting that the ships traveled near the Japan-administered and China-claimed Senkaku Islands. […]

Lapid says the world must act to protect against Iran

YnetNews.com reports: “Prime Minister Yair Lapid said on Tuesday that Iran is in violation of the nuclear deal. Speaking after the two leaders met, Lapid said Israel and France were not only friends, they were […]

Iran Adds Demands in Nuclear Talks, Enrichment ‘Alarming,’ US Envoy Says

Voice of America News reports: “Iran added demands unrelated to discussions on its nuclear program during the latest talks and has made alarming progress on enriching uranium, the U.S. envoy for talks on reinstating a […]

China rejects ‘concern’ by NASA chief about Beijing militarizing the moon

SpaceWar.com reports: “The Chinese government hit back on Tuesday at the head of the American space program over remarks he made in an interview that suggested Beijing is seeking to militarize the moon. NASA Administrator […]

Highland Park shooting: 6 dead and 2 dozen others shot at parade; suspect arrested

ChicagoTribune.com reports: “On an idyllic summer morning, from a rooftop high above the Highland Park Independence Day parade, a gunman aimed down at the floats and lawn chairs and strollers and opened fire. The high […]

NATO Signs Accession Protocols for Finland, Sweden

Voice of America News reports: “NATO members on Tuesday signed the accession protocols for Finland and Sweden to join the military alliance. Both countries submitted their applications in May, breaking longstanding non-aligned stances in response […]

Japan protests Chinese navy sailing near disputed islands

SpaceWar.com reports: “Japan lodged a protest with China on Monday over a Chinese naval vessel sailing near disputed islands, a Japanese official said, as reports emerged of Russia also sending its own navy ship to […]

Russia condemns Israel for ‘aggression’ in Syria

Israel National News reports: “Russia’s Foreign Ministry on Monday night condemned Israel for allegedly attacking in Syria last week. In a statement, the Ministry said, ‘We strongly condemn such irresponsible actions that violate the sovereignty […]

Lapid warns Israel would ‘restrain’ Hezbollah if Lebanese government fails to

YnetNews.com reports: “Prime Minister Yair Lapid said Tuesday that Israel would ‘restrain’ Hezbollah if the Lebanese government fails to do so. ‘The Lebanese government has to restrain Hezbollah attacks before we’ll have to do it […]

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Witnesses say Copenhagen attack suspect went to ‘hunt people,’ lured victims closer

The Times of Israel reports: “A gunman killed three people and wounded several others in a shooting at a busy Copenhagen mall on Sunday as panicked shoppers said they ran for their lives. A 22-year-old […]