On Gagarin anniversary, Putin says Russia must remain ‘space power’

SpaceDaily.com reports: “President Vladimir Putin called on Monday for Russia to remain a great power in space, as the country celebrated the 60th anniversary of the legendary flight that made Yuri Gagarin the first person […]

‘Their Independence Day is our Nakba Day’

Israel National News reports: “A group of Israeli Arabs participated on Thursday in processions and events in abandoned Palestinian Arab villages to mark the 73rd anniversary of what Palestinian Arabs describe as the ‘Nakba’, or […]

Iranian parliament confirms uranium enrichment

Israel National News reports: “The chairman of the Iranian parliament has confirmed that Iran is now enriching uranium to 60%. In a Friday tweet, Iranian Parliament Speaker Mohammad Baqer Ghalibaf wrote: ‘I am proud to […]

China Hints Its Military Activity near Taiwan a ‘Rehearsal’ for Invasion

Breitbart.com reports: “China’s latest military exercise near Taiwan on Monday ‘could be a rehearsal of a reunification-by-force operation,’ China’s state-run Global Times suggested Tuesday. ‘The Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) conducted an exercise near the island […]

Kurdish officials report: Explosive-laden drone targets U.S. troops in Iraq

Israel National News reports: “Kurdish officials reported a drone targeted Erbil airport in northern Iraq yesterday. The airport houses US troops. While no casualties were reported in the attack, a building was damaged. According to […]

Iran’s Khamenei warns against nuclear talks dragging on

SpaceWar.com reports: “Iran’s supreme leader warned Wednesday against protracted talks on the country’s atomic programme, in remarks on the eve of another round of negotiations aimed at reviving a landmark nuclear accord. Tehran declared Tuesday […]

Iran says concern about ‘peaceful’ nuke program is a ‘mistake,’ as talks resume

The Times of Israel reports: “Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani sought to allay Western concerns on Wednesday over his country’s decision to enrich uranium to 60% purity, saying the Islamic Republic’s nuclear program is ‘peaceful,’ as […]

Iran, Russia unite against West on eve of new nuclear talks

SpaceWar.com reports: “Iran and Russia united against the United States and Europe Tuesday warning on the eve of new nuclear talks that an attack on the Natanz atomic site and new EU sanctions could harm […]

US intel report says North Korea could resume nuclear tests this year

SpaceWar.com reports: “North Korea could resume nuclear tests this year as a way to force President Joe Biden’s administration to enter into dialogue, US intelligence experts said in a report released Tuesday. ‘North Korean leader […]

Iran says 60% enrichment response to Israel’s ‘nuclear terrorism’

SpaceWar.com reports: “Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani said Wednesday its decision to boost uranium enrichment to 60 percent was a response to arch-foe Israel’s ‘nuclear terrorism’ against its Natanz facility. Tehran starting advanced centrifuges and producing […]

Biden Warns Putin on Russian Troop Buildup Near Ukraine

Voice of America News reports: “U.S. President Joe Biden told Russian President Vladimir Putin in a phone call Tuesday that the United States is concerned about Moscow’s ‘sudden … military buildup’ along Ukraine’s border and […]

Kurds Warn Islamic State ‘Back with a Vengeance’ in Iraq

Breitbart.com reports: “Kurdish Gen. Sirwan Barzani warned in an April 6 interview updated Monday that the Islamic State is ‘coming back with a vengeance’ in Iraq, and while ISIS is currently focused on guerrilla fighting […]