Canadian Parliament Passes Controversial Islamophobia Motion reports: “The Canadian House of Commons has passed motion M103 which singles out the criticism of Islam as a form of ‘Islamophobia’. Critics condemn it as an attack on free speech. Motion M103 was […]

Swedish Police Station So Dangerous Officers Can’t Commute in Alone reports: “The danger posed to police in the notorious Swedish No-Go Zone of Rinkeby will likely mean they will not be allowed to use public transportation to get to work and may have to […]

Senators call for tighter sanctions on Iran

Israel National News reports: “A bipartisan group of U.S. senators on Thursday introduced a new bill that would impose tighter sanctions on Iran over its ballistic missile launches and other non-nuclear activities, Reuters reported. The […]

London terrorist was a ‘soldier of ISIS’

Israel National News reports: “The Islamist terror organization ISIS has claimed responsibility for Wednesday’s terror attack near the British parliament in London. The ISIS-affiliated Amaq news agency reported Thursday that the attack was carried out […]

Russia may be supplying the Taliban reports: “Russia is ‘perhaps’ supplying the Taliban as they fight US and NATO forces in Afghanistan, a top US general said Thursday. General Curtis Scaparrotti, NATO’s supreme allied commander who also heads the US […]

U.S. sees ‘activity’ at North Korea nuke sites reports: “The US military has observed activity in North Korea that suggests Pyongyang may be gearing up for another nuclear test, a US official said Thursday. ‘At the sites where we watch tests, we […]

London attack: British-born attacker ‘known to MI5’

BBC News reports: “The Westminster attacker was British-born and known to the police and intelligence services, the prime minister has revealed. In a statement to the Commons, Theresa May said he had been investigated some […]

Erdogan: Soon Europeans ‘Will Not Walk Safely on Their Streets’ reports: “Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has warned the European Union (EU) that if the diplomatic spat between Turkey and several European countries continues, Europeans won’t be able to walk their own streets safely. […]

Iran ‘harassing’ American warships in Strait of Hormuz

Israel National News reports: “U.S. Navy commanders on Wednesday accused Iran of jeopardizing international navigation by ‘harassing’ warships passing through the Strait of Hormuz, warning future incidents could result in miscalculation and lead to an […]

Allies vow to destroy IS as attacks overshadow talks reports: “The US-led coalition against the Islamic State group vowed to crush the jihadists Wednesday at a meeting overshadowed by an attack in London and civilian deaths in Syria. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson […]

Coalition gathers to hear Trump Islamic State plan reports: “Ministers from the 68-nation US-led coalition fighting the Islamic State group meet in Washington Wednesday to hear more about US President Donald Trump’s plan to destroy the jihadists’ remaining strongholds in Iraq and […]

North Korea fails in new missile test reports: “A new North Korean missile test failed on Wednesday, the South and U.S. said, two weeks after Pyongyang launched four rockets in what it called a drill for an attack on American bases […]