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Christian arrested for ‘insulting Islam’ on Facebook reports: “A young Egyptian Christian was arrested for allegedly insulting Islam on Facebook after a mob of angry Muslims chased his parents from their home and ransacked the house. Morning Star News reported Fady […]

Record Numbers of People Flee War, Persecution, Conflict

Voice of America News reports: “The U.N. refugee agency reports nearly 71 million people around the world are now forcibly displaced by war, persecution and conflict. This is the highest level ever reached since the […]

Turkey says US ultimatum over Russian S-400 ‘not in spirit of alliance’ reports: “Turkey accused the United States on Tuesday of not acting as an ally, in its official response to Washington’s ultimatum to Ankara to abandon a deal to buy a Russian missile defence system. […]

Netanyahu: I say to Israel’s enemies – don’t test us

Israel National News reports: “Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, who also serves as Israel’s Defense Minister, met with IDF commanders during an army training exercise in northern Israel Wednesday morning. During his visit, Netanyahu spoke with […]

Iranian official: There won’t be war with the US

Israel National News reports: “A senior Iranian official on Wednesday promised that there won’t be a war between his country and the US, Israel Hayom reported. ‘There will not be military conflict between Iran and […]

Netanyahu: World must step up Iran sanctions if uranium threat realized reports: “Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu urged world powers on Monday to switfly step up sanctions against Iran should it go through with a plan to exceed an enriched uranium limit set by a 2015 […]

After enrichment threat, US accuses Iran of ‘nuclear extortion’

The Times of Israel reports: “The United States warned Monday that the world must not give in to Iranian ‘extortion,’ after Tehran said it would surpass the uranium stockpile limit set under the 2015 nuclear […]

China warns U.S. against opening Mideast ‘Pandora’s box’ reports: “China on Tuesday warned against opening a ‘Pandora’s box’ in the Middle East after the United States announced the deployment of 1,000 additional troops to the region amid escalating tensions with Iran. Foreign […]

Iran, Hamas agree to fight U.S. peace plan

Israel National News reports: “Iran’s intelligence minister and top officials of Islamist terrorist movement Hamas have agreed to ‘confront the dangers’ of Washington’s peace plan for the Middle East, state news agency IRNA reported Monday. […]

Iran: War ‘Unavoidable’ if U.S. Does Not Lift Sanctions reports: “A senior adviser to the Iranian government said war is ‘inevitable’ if the United States does not lift sanctions against Iran, Saudi Arabia’s Al Arabiya reported Monday. ‘If American people really don’t want […]

PA cabinet head: U.S. waging war against us

Israel National News reports: “Palestinian Authority (PA) cabinet leader Mohammad Shtayyeh on Sunday accused the United States administration of waging a financial and political war against the PA, the Xinhua news agency reports. Shtayyeh said […]

Saudi warns Iran over Yemeni rebel airport attack reports: “Riyadh accused its arch-foe Tehran on Thursday of ordering a Yemeni rebel missile strike which wounded 26 people at a Saudi airport and warned of ‘grave consequences’. ‘The continuation of the Iranian regime’s […]