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Report: Taliban is executing, or ‘disappearing,’ hundreds

WND.com reports: “There was considerable alarm – even outrage – when Joe Biden stranded hundreds or even thousands of Afghans who had helped the U.S. during its occupation of Afghanistan, or had helped run the […]

Mossad head vows Iran will never have nuclear weapons

YnetNews.com reports: “Mossad chief David Barnea said on Thursday that the agency will take any action needed in order to ensure Iran will not come into possession of nuclear weapons. ‘Iran will not have nuclear […]

‘No cause for optimism’ on Iran nuclear deal

SpaceWar.com reports: “The United States appeared Thursday to play down the possibility of reviving a nuclear deal between Iran and world powers, even as Tehran tabled draft proposals following the resumption of talks in Vienna. […]

US proposes ‘code of conduct’ at UN for killer robots

SpaceDaily.com reports: “Rejecting calls for a binding agreement regulating or banning the use of weapons often dubbed killer robots, Washington instead proposed at the United Nations on Thursday a ‘code of conduct’. Speaking at a […]

Iran threatens US: ‘Days US could do as it pleased are over’

Israel National News reports: “The Islamic Revolutionary Guard’s Quds Force Commander has directly threatened the US, Kan News reported. According to the report, the Iranian warned the US that, ‘Iran has developed power and capability. […]

IAEA: Iran now using advanced centrifuges to enrich urarium

Israel National News reports: “Iran has begun using advanced centrifuges at the Fordow nuclear facility to enrich uranium to 20%, the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) reported on Wednesday. According to the IAEA, Iran has […]

Ukraine urges NATO for ‘deterrence package’ against Russia

SpaceWar.com reports: “Ukraine’s foreign minister called on NATO Wednesday for a ‘deterrence package’ to stop Russia launching an invasion of his country, at a meeting with top diplomats from the alliance. NATO has been discussing […]

Putin Demands NATO Guarantees Not to Expand Eastward

Voice of America News reports: “President Vladimir Putin said Wednesday that Moscow would seek Western guarantees precluding any further NATO expansion and deployment of its weapons near his country’s borders, a stern demand that comes […]

Israel arms up for a possible strike in Iran

YnetNews.com reports: “Israel is very pessimistic regarding the nuclear talks between Iran and world powers in Vienna which were renewed this week, and an official document shows the country is preparing to spend some five […]

US-China hypersonic weapons ‘arms race’ is underway, Air Force chief says

FoxNews.com reports: “The U.S. Air Force affirmed Tuesday that a hypersonic weapons ‘arms race’ is well underway between the United States and China.  Secretary Frank Kendall told Reuters, ‘There is an arms race, not necessarily […]

‘Israel could take unilateral action against Iran if sanctions lifted’

The Jerusalem Post reports: “Lifting sanctions on Iran could lead to military action by Israel, officials in Jerusalem warned world powers, as negotiations to curb the Islamic Republic’s nuclear program continued on Tuesday. If the […]

Space Force general says China and Russia attacking US satellites ‘every single day’

News.com.au reports: “China and Russia are carrying out attacks on US satellites ‘every single day’, a Space Force general says. While America’s adversaries make headlines from time to time with their space activities – such […]