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Project Pearl: how 20 brave Christians smuggled a million Bibles into China in one night

ChristianToday.com reports: “The beach was shrouded in darkness. The eerie silence was occasionally broken by the sound of waves gently lapping the seashore. Hundreds of Christians were silently clustered on the coast of Southern China. […]

US Defense Chief Warns of al-Qaida, IS Rebound in Afghanistan

Voice of America News reports: “Top U.S. defense officials are sounding a dire warning about the danger Afghanistan’s top terror groups will pose to America once the last U.S. and coalition troops leave the country […]

Arabs riot on Temple Mount, hurl stones at police

Israel National News reports: “Arab rioters clashed with Israeli police on the Temple Mount Friday, nearly a month after a wave of rioting in the capital and across other mixed cities. Rioters hurled rocks at […]

US says Biden, Erdogan agreed on Afghanistan but S-400 issue unresolved

The Jerusalem Post reports: “President Joe Biden and Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan agreed in a meeting this week that Turkey would take a lead role in securing Kabul airport as the United States withdraws troops […]

Scientists Sound Alarm on ‘Imminent Radiological Threat’ at Chinese Nuclear Plant

Breitbart.com reports: “French nuclear power company Framatome said on Monday it has detected a ‘performance issue’ at the Taishan Nuclear Power Plant, which it operates in partnership with the state-owned China General Nuclear Power Group […]

IDF destroys Syrian outpost used by Hezbollah

The Jerusalem Post reports: “The IDF struck a Syrian outpost near the city of Quientra, marking the first strike on the northern border by the government of Prime Minister Naftali Bennett. The post, some 150 […]

Astronauts Arrive at China’s New Permanent Space Station

Voice of America News reports: “The first manned crew of China’s new permanent space station docked with the outpost Thursday evening. The Shenzhou-12 spacecraft carrying veteran space travelers Nie Haisheng and Liu Boming and rookie […]

France Arrests ‘High-Ranking’ Islamic State Fighter in Mali

Voice of America News reports: “French forces in Mali have captured a man they describe as a ‘high-ranking fighter of the Islamic State in the Greater Sahara’ (EIGS), the French military said Wednesday.   Dadi […]

China Refutes NATO Statement that it Poses ‘Systemic Challenges’ to International Community

Voice of America News reports: “Beijing says NATO’s description that China poses ‘systemic challenges’ to the international community is an exaggeration.    China’s mission to the European Union issued a statement Tuesday in response to a […]

More Than Two Dozen Chinese Warplanes Enter Taiwan’s Airspace

Voice of America News reports: “Taiwan’s defense ministry said China flew 28 warplanes within its airspace Tuesday.    The formation of several fighter jets and bombers entered the southwestern part of Taiwan’s air defense identification zone, the ministry […]

On Gaza border, Israelis live in fear as balloon bombs return

YnetNews.com reports: “Israelis living in communities bordering the Gaza Strip say they are living with constant tensions and fear even after the recent war due to the return of incendiary balloon attacks by Palestinian terrorists. […]

Israel strikes Hamas sites in Gaza after incendiary balloon attacks

YnetNews.com reports: “Israeli aircraft struck Hamas sites in Gaza on Wednesday after dozens of incendiary balloons were launched from the Palestinian enclave in the first such attacks since the end of 11 days of cross-border […]