Month: April 2017

North Korea threatens Israel after Liberman calls Kim a madman

The Times of Israel reports: “North Korea threatened to punish Israel and accused Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman on Saturday of ‘rash and malicious’ statements that insulted its leadership, after he criticized the Asian nation and […]

Hamas thanks North Korea for its support against ‘Israeli occupation’

The Times of Israel reports: “Hamas on Sunday thanked North Korea for its support of the Palestinian cause, saying that Israel was ‘the leader of evil and terrorism in the world.’ Hamas and North Korea […]

South Korea, U.S. conduct military drills despite Pyongyang threats reports: “South Korea and the United States wrapped up their annual large-scale military drills on Sunday, but continued a separate joint naval exercise that has triggered dire threats from nuclear-armed North Korea. Tensions on […]

Jordan to Israel: Withdraw and you’ll get security

Israel National News reports: “Jordan’s Foreign Minister Ayman Safadi on Saturday said Arab countries would provide security for Israel if it withdraws from Judea and Samaria. Safadi’s comments came during a meeting with in Moscow […]

North Korea Releases Video of Attack on Washington D.C. reports: “A North Korean website has published a propaganda video that shows an American aircraft carrier and Washington D.C. targeted with crosshairs and then exploding in balls of fire. ‘The enemy to be destroyed […]

Germany approves partial ban on burqa

Israel National News reports: “German lawmakers on Thursday approved a partial ban on the full-face burqa Islamic veil, AFP reported. The new law on facial coverings falls short of a total ban in public places […]

Assad: Israel supports ‘terrorists’

Israel National News reports: “Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad on Thursday accused Israel of ‘supporting terrorists’ in Syria. The comments were made in an interview on Venezuelan television which was quoted by the Syrian news agency […]

Tillerson: China threatened to sanction North Korea

Israel National News reports: “China has told the Trump administration it warned North Korea it would impose unilateral sanctions should Pyongyang carry out another nuclear test, U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said on Thursday. […]

Syria to buy latest Russian anti-missile system reports: “Syrian President Bashar al-Assad said Damascus is negotiating with regime ally Moscow to buy the latest Russian anti-missile system to repel Israeli and American attacks. ‘It’s natural that we should have such systems,’ […]

All 100 US senators to UN: End ‘unacceptable’ anti-Israel bias

The Times of Israel reports: “All 100 US senators signed a letter to United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres Thursday demanding an end to the ‘unacceptable’ anti-Israel bias in the international body. The strongly worded letter, […]

Taliban Unleashes ‘Spring Offensive’ in Afghanistan

Voice of America News reports: “The Taliban has unleashed its annual so-called ‘spring offensive’ in Afghanistan, saying it will mainly target U.S.-led foreign ‘occupation’ troops to force them to quit the country. In a formal […]

U.S. panel names Russia as religious persecutor reports: “For the first time in its two decades of existence, the federal government’s independent panel commissioned by Congress to investigate religious persecution worldwide is recommending that the State Department designate Russia a ‘country […]