Month: July 2017

Weekly Newsletter – July 31, 2017

  • Daniel 10:10-17
  • Listen – He Speaks Ever So Softly
  • Letters we Love
  • Eternity: Who? Where? When? Why?
  • Armageddon’s 4 Horsemen Mounting

More than half the continental US is within range of latest North Korean missile test, defense experts say reports: “North Korea tested an intercontinental ballistic missile Friday, which defense experts say could reach as far as New York or other U.S. East Coast cities. The most recent test lofted the North Korean […]

Putin shows off Russia’s naval might with major parade

AFP reports: “President Vladimir Putin on Sunday oversaw a pomp-filled display of Russia’s naval might as the Kremlin paraded its sea power from the Baltic Sea to the shores of Syria. Some 50 warships and […]

Xi Calls for Strong Army, Tells China Troops ‘World Isn’t Safe’ reports: “President Xi Jinping said China needs to speed up the modernization of its military to fend off threats in increasingly dangerous times. ‘The world isn’t safe at this moment’ Xi, wearing a camouflauge […]

Iranian leader calls on Hajj pilgrims to support Palestine

The Jerusalem Post reports: “Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has called on Muslims to take the opportunity of the Hajj rituals to take a united stance against ‘Israeli efforts to control the Aksa Mosque.’ […]

US says time for talk on N. Korea ‘is over’ after second ICBM test

The Times of Israel reports: “The United States said Sunday the time for talk over North Korea was ‘over,’ spurning a UN response to Pyongyang’s latest ICBM launch in favor of bomber flights and missile […]

US, allies prepared to use ‘overwhelming force’ in North Korea, general says reports: “The U.S. and its allies are prepared to use ‘rapid, lethal and overwhelming force,’ if necessary, against North Korea, the commander of the U.S. Pacific Air Forces warned Saturday night. The statement from […]

Saudi Arabia says calls for internationalization of holy sites ‘a declaration of war’

Reuters reports: “Saudi Arabia’s foreign minister called Qatar’s demands for an internationalization of the Muslim hajj pilgrimage a declaration of war against the kingdom, Saudi-owned Al Arabiya television said on Sunday, although it was unclear […]

South Korea speeds up US missile defence over North’s missile test reports: “North Korea’s latest intercontinental ballistic missile test has prompted the South to speed up the deployment of a US missile defence system, Seoul’s defence minister said Saturday, despite strong protests from China. The […]

Australia foils Islamist-inspired terror attack

Israel National News reports: “Australia has foiled an Islamist-inspired ‘terrorist plot’ to bring down an airplane with an improvised explosive, authorities said on Saturday night, after four people were arrested in raids across Sydney. Prime […]

Iran vows ‘strong answer’ to American sanctions

Israel National News reports: “Iran’s Deputy Foreign Minister reacted angrily to the United States’ decision to impose new sanctions on his country and vowed to take action. His comments came during an urgent meeting of […]

Hundreds of Muslims converting to Christianity in Finland, churches say reports: “Finland has reportedly seen a flood of conversions from Islam to Christianity, with hundreds of asylum seekers from the Middle East turning to the Christian faith, officials in the Evangelical Lutheran community said. […]