Month: December 2017

US closer to ‘nuclear war with North Korea’ than ever before: Former Joint Chiefs head

ABC News reports: “The United States faces a greater threat of nuclear conflict on the Korean peninsula than at any previous time, said a former head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff under both presidents […]

‘Small Arsenal of Guns’ Found in Top-Floor Texas Hotel Room Hours Before New Year’s Celebration, Say Police reports: “Houston police found a ‘small arsenal’ of guns in a top-floor hotel room just hours before a scheduled New Year’s Eve celebration. The hotel is an open-atrium design that could allow a shooter […]

‘Iran is playing with the lives of Gaza residents’

Israel National News reports: “An IDF spokesperson on Saturday evening announced that IAF planes attacked a Hamas observation post in southern Gaza. The attack was in retaliation for three missiles fired from Gaza towards Israel […]

Hamas to PA: Cut off ties with the United States

Israel National News reports: “The Hamas terrorist organization on Saturday urged the Palestinian Authority (PA) to cut off ties with the United States, in the wake of U.S. Ambassador to Israel David Friedman’s criticism of […]

Defense, Intelligence Officials Warn Against Underestimating Islamic State

Voice of America News reports: “Despite suffering what appear to be debilitating defeats on the ground in Iraq and parts of Syria, the Islamic State terror group is far from dead, according to military and […]

Iraqi Archbishop: ‘Gang Rapes, Torture and Murder of Christians’ Are Ongoing reports: “An Iraqi Catholic archbishop says that Christians in Iraq ‘are afraid of another wave of persecution that will be the end of Christians,’ despite news of the ‘defeat’ of the Islamic State. ‘The […]

One-Legged American ISIS Jihadist Jabs ‘Fake Media’ and ‘Dog of Rome’ Trump reports: “An American-accented ISIS fighter who apparently lost a leg fighting with the terror group was featured in a new Islamic State video calling on Western supporters, including the disabled, to conduct knife or […]

Hamas member to Trump: Palestine will be your graveyard

Israel National News reports: “Hamas politburo member Fathi Hammad threatened U.S. President Donald Trump in the days after his recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, warning, ‘Palestine will become your graveyard.’ His comments aired on […]

Iran: Protesters shout ‘Death to Rouhani’

Israel National News reports: “Hundreds of people on Thursday took to the streets of Iran’s second largest city, Mashhad, as well as other towns to protest high prices and unemployment, AFP reported, citing a reformist […]

Houston imam calls for Muslims to kill Jews

Israel National News reports: “A Houston imam walked back a sermon in which he called for Muslims to kill Jews without specifically apologizing for his comments. Imam Raed Saleh Al-Rousan of Houston’s Tajweed Institute earlier […]

Gunmen attack Coptic Christian church near Cairo, killing at least nine

The Jerusalem Post reports: “Gunmen killed at least nine people including three police in an attack on a Coptic Christian church south of Cairo on Friday, medical and security sources said. The two attackers opened […]

North Korea finishes advanced recon satellite reports: “South Korean newspapers have reported that their neighbor to the north has completed development of a new reconnaissance satellite, the first that will enable North Korea to transmit data to Earth. JoongAng Ilbo, […]