Month: August 2018

Zarif reiterates Iran regional power

The Islamic Republic News Agency reports: “    Iranian Foreign Minister in a message emphasized the power and stability of the Islamic Republic of Iran in the Middle East. ‘Bipolar demonization of Iran as either ‘taking […]

Hezbollah’s next target: Judea and Samaria

Israel National News reports: “A senior Hezbollah official on Friday told Lebanon’s Al Akhbar newspaper that during the next round of conflict with Israel, the terror organization plans to infiltrate Judea and Samaria, Israel Hayom […]

Iran moves ballistic missiles to Iraq

Israel National News reports: “Iran moved long-range ballistic missiles to Iraq, Reuters reported. The news site quoted three Iranian officials, two Iraqi intelligence sources, and two Western intelligence sources, all of whom confirmed the transfer […]

Iran building a new base in Syria

Israel National News reports: “New satellite images showing that Iran is building a missile factory at Wadi Ghanam near Masyaf, Syria, Channel 10 reported. The images, published Thursday, were taken by ImageSat International (ISI). The […]

Syria Idlib: UN warns of threat to civilians if new offensive begins

BBC News reports: “The UN envoy to Syria has warned of a ‘perfect storm’ in north-west Syria if the government goes ahead with its threatened offensive against rebels. Staffan de Mistura called for humanitarian corridors […]

Iran sentences 4 Christians to 45 years in jail reports: “Iran’s mullah-led Islamic regime has sentenced four Christians to harsh prison terms for practicing their faith. Pastor Victor Bet-Tamraz and his wife Shamiram Issavi, who are ethnic Assyrian Christians, and Amin Afshar Naderi […]

Islamists March to Protest ‘Blasphemous Cartoons’

Voice of America News reports: “Thousands of protesters from Tehreek-e-Labbaik Pakistan (TLP), an extremist religious-turned-political party, started a march from Lahore to Islamabad on Wednesday, demanding that the newly elected government cut diplomatic ties with […]

‘We can cause sirens in central Israel for six months’

Israel National News reports: “Yahya Sinwar, Hamas’ leader in Gaza, said on Wednesday evening that a truce in Gaza could be reached within two months, regardless of the internal Palestinian Arab reconciliation. His remarks were […]

Abbas calls for international peace conference

Israel National News reports: “Palestinian Authority (PA) chairman Mahmoud Abbas is reviving the diplomatic plan he presented in February to the United Nations Security Council, which calls for an international peace conference and for establishing […]

Iranian Military Threatens War, ‘Heavy Damage’ for U.S. Again reports: “Gen. Rasoul Sanayee Raad, deputy commander of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), on Wednesday became the latest Iranian military commander to threaten military action against the United States and confidently predict Iran […]

Russia’s fleet to counter U.S. moves ahead of Syrian offensive

Asia Times Online reports: “Russia has beefed up its naval presence in the Mediterranean amid claims by Moscow that the United States is poised to launch a strike at Syrian forces preparing for a major […]

Russia accuses Syrian rebels of planning chemical attack

Israel National News reports: “Russia on Tuesday accused Syrian rebels of preparing a chemical attack which it said will be used to justify a Western strike against Syrian troops, The Associated Press reported. Russia’s Deputy […]