Month: April 2019

Iran Escalates Targeting of Non-Shiite Muslims, Other Religious Minorities

Voice of America News reports: “A U.S. government body that monitors global religious freedom says conditions in Iran worsened last year, with escalated government targeting of non-Shi’ite Muslims and minority Baha’is and Christians. In its […]

U.S. vows to track down remaining ISIS leaders

Israel National News reports: “The United States vowed on Monday that it would track down and defeat surviving leaders of the Islamic State (ISIS) jihadist group. The comments came after the group published a video […]

‘Nobody Will Go Back’: Christians Flee Middle East After Fall of Islamic State reports: “The number of Christians in the birthplace of their faith, the greater Middle East, continues to plummet months after the Islamic State, which waged a genocidal campaign against Christians, lost its ‘caliphate’ in […]

Jihadists kill pastor, four others in Burkina church attack reports: “Gunmen killed four worshippers and a pastor in the first jihadist attack on a church in Burkina Faso, security and local sources said Monday, in the latest violence to rock the formerly peaceful […]

ISIS leader hails Sri Lanka attacks in new video reports: “ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi has appeared in a video for the first time in nearly five years, hailing the Sri Lanka attacks that killed more than 250 people on Easter Sunday, April […]

Weekly Newsletter – April 29,, 2019

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U.S. agrees with Russia, China on pulling troops from Afghanistan reports: “The United States on Friday found backing from rivals Russia and China on the key formula of a peace deal it is negotiating in Afghanistan — withdrawing troops in return for Taliban pledges […]

Trump says he welcomes China, Russia help over North Korea reports: “President Donald Trump on Friday welcomed Russian and Chinese help with North Korean nuclear negotiations, despite Kim Jong Un accusing the US of ‘bad faith’ at a first summit with Vladimir Putin. ‘I […]

Iran: Exiting nuclear pact one of ‘many options’ after U.S. sanctions reports: “Iran’s Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif has said leaving the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty is one of the ‘many options’ Tehran has to retaliate against US sanctions, state media reported Sunday. The United States […]

Iran, Russia to hold joint maritime drills in Persian Gulf

The Jerusalem Post reports: “Iran and Russia will conduct a joint maritime drill in the Persian Gulf, Iran’s Mehr News agency reported on Monday. ‘Based on negotiations with the Russian Navy, the force will dispatch […]

Kuwait concerned over Iran’s threats to block Strait of Hormuz

Israel National News reports: “Kuwait is looking at Iranian threats to block the Strait of Hormuz with concern, the Kuwaiti Deputy Foreign Minister Khaled al-Jarallah said Sunday, according to Reuters, which quoted the Kuwait News […]

Sri Lanka Massacre Part of ‘Ugly, Predictable Pattern’ of Christian Persecution reports: “The author of a major study on worldwide Christian persecution said that the tragedy of the recent slaughter of Christians in Sri Lanka is how unsurprising it is. ‘On major Christian feast days, […]