Month: September 2021

North Korea Dismisses US Calls for Talks

Voice of America News reports: “North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has dismissed the United States’ offer to resume a dialogue but says he is open to improving ties with South Korea. In a speech […]

Iran says drills near Azeri border an issue of ‘sovereignty’

SpaceWar.com reports: “Tehran on Tuesday invoked its ‘sovereignty’ to dismiss Azerbaijan’s concerns over Iranian military exercises near their shared border. ‘The drills carried out by our country in the northwest border areas… are a question […]

Taliban warned US against future drone ops

The Jerusalem Post reports: “Iranian media have trumpeted a report that the Taliban warned the US against drone operations, which the group says violates obligations to Qatar. Of interest here is that the Taliban claimed […]

China shows off new drones and jets at Zhuhai airshow

SpaceWar.com reports: “China on Tuesday showed off its increasingly sophisticated air power including surveillance drones, with an eye on disputed territories from Taiwan to the South China Sea and its rivalry with the United States. […]

Tensions grow with Azerbaijan as Iran moves forces to border

The Jerusalem Post reports: “Tensions spiked between Azerbaijan and Iran in recent weeks after Azerbaijan began targeting Iranian trucks with fines and arrests, and Iran moved military forces to its border with Azerbaijan and warned […]

Hundreds of Iraqi notables call to join Abraham Accords, make peace with Israel

The Times of Israel reports: “In an unprecedented plea for regional reconciliation, over 300 prominent Iraqis called for their country to normalize ties with Israel on Friday night. ‘We demand full diplomatic relations with the […]

Last Jew out of Afghanistan warns Israel: ‘Don’t rely on the United States’

The Times of Israel reports: “Zebulon Simantov, Afghanistan’s last Jew, who fled the Taliban’s rule earlier this month, warned Israel that it can’t rely on the United States, as he gave his first interview to […]

Greece to buy French warships in boost for EU defence

SpaceWar.com reports: “France and Greece signed Tuesday a multibillion-euro deal for Athens to buy three French warships, an accord hailed by President Emmanuel Macron as a major boost for the EU’s defence ambitions. The memorandum […]

North Korea says it fired new ‘hypersonic missile’

BBC.com reports: “North Korea has claimed that it successfully tested a new hypersonic missile called Hwasong-8 on Tuesday. State media said the new missile was one of the ‘five most important’ new weapons systems laid […]

North leader’s sister says inter-Korean summit possible with ‘respect’

SpaceWar.com reports: “The influential sister of North Korea’s leader said in a statement on Saturday that an inter-Korean summit could take place, but only if mutual ‘respect’ and ‘impartiality’ are guaranteed. It was the second […]

Iran’s nuclear program has crossed ‘all red lines’: Israel PM

SpaceWar.com reports: “Israel’s Prime Minister Naftali Bennett said Monday Iran had breached all the ‘red lines’ aimed at curbing its nuclear weapons program, but that Israel ‘will not allow’ Tehran to get the bomb. In […]

North Korea fires unidentified projectile, criticizes US ‘hostile’ policy

The Jerusalem Post reports: “North Korea fired a missile towards the sea off its east coast on Tuesday, South Korea’s military said, as Pyongyang called on the United States and South Korea to scrap their […]