Month: May 2022

Israel is an ‘evil state that must be destroyed’ – South Africa’s EFF

The Jerusalem Post reports: “Israel is an ‘evil state which must be destroyed as a matter of urgency,’ South Africa’s radical left-wing communist party Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) said in a statement released after the […]

Belarus buys S-400, Iskander missiles from Russia

SpaceWar.com reports: “Belarus strongman Alexander Lukashenko said on Thursday his country bought Iskander nuclear-capable missiles and S-400 anti-aircraft anti-missile systems from Russia. The announcement came on the 85th day of Russia’s military campaign in Ukraine, […]

Taliban Order Afghan Female TV Presenters to Cover Faces

Voice of America News reports: “The ruling Taliban ordered local television channels in Afghanistan Thursday to ensure that female program presenters cover their faces while on screen, increasing curbs on women’s rights despite a global […]

Top US, Russian generals speak for first time since Ukraine war began

SpaceWar.com reports: “Top US General Mark Milley spoke by telephone on Thursday with his Russian counterpart General Valery Gerasimov, their first discussion since before Russian forces invaded Ukraine on February 24, the Pentagon said. Milley, […]

‘Loyalty to Allah’ Prompts a Muslim to Murder a Christian

PJMedia.com reports: “The Muslim murderer of a Coptic man in Egypt said he was moved to the act, not because he personally knew the Christian, but because he was inflamed with zeal, especially after reading […]

Iran filling vacuum left by Russians in Syria, says Jordan’s king

The Jerusalem Post reports: “Jordan’s King Abdullah II stated that Iran and its proxies were filling a vacuum left by Russia in southern Syria, warning that this could lead to issues along Jordan’s borders, during […]

North Korea ‘ready for nuclear test’ with Biden due in Seoul

SpaceWar.com reports: “North Korea is poised to conduct a nuclear test, Seoul and Washington said Thursday, with the United States warning it could come as President Joe Biden visits South Korea this week. Touted as […]

Russia tests new laser weapon in Ukraine

Israel National News reports: “Russia has been testing a new generation of laser weapons in Ukraine, a government official said, according to ABC.net. According to Yury Borisov, the Deputy Prime Minister charged with military development, […]

French City To Replace Mother and Father with ‘Parent 1’ ‘Parent 2’ On Civil Documents

Breitbart.com reports: “In an effort to become more inclusive and welcoming to LGBT people, the French city of Marseille is moving to scrap mother and father from civil documents and replace the terms with ‘parent […]

Report: Alleged California Church Shooter Condemned Taiwan ‘Demons’ at Chinese Regime-Tied Event

Breitbart.com reports: “The suspect arrested following a mass shooting in Laguna Woods, California’s Geneva Presbyterian Church this weekend appeared in a local Las Vegas report holding up a banner against Taiwanese ‘demons’ at an event […]

Japan urges China to play ‘responsible’ role on Ukraine crisis

SpaceWar.com reports: “Japan’s foreign minister on Wednesday urged Beijing to ‘play a responsible role’ on Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in his first talks with his Chinese counterpart in six months. Japan has joined Western allies […]

Iran working on advanced centrifuges at new underground sites, Gantz warns

YnetNews.com reports: “Defense Minister Benny Gantz warned Tuesday that Iran has made significant strides vis-à-vis its nuclear program, partly by installing advanced uranium centrifuges at new sites near its Natanz nuclear facility. Speaking at a […]