Month: March 2023

Top US general: ‘Multiple options’ exist if Iran decides to build a bomb

The Jerusalem Post reports: “The Islamic Republic of Iran could produce fissile material for a nuclear weapon in less than two weeks from the ‘time of an Iranian decision,’ and after that, it would only […]

Second missile attack targets US base in northern Syria

The Jerusalem Post reports: “A US base at the Al-Omar oil field in Syria’s northeast was targeted with a missile attack on Friday morning, according to Lebanese pro-Iranian TV channel Al Mayadeen and a security […]

North Korea says it tested new underwater nuclear attack ‘drone’

SpaceWar.com reports: “North Korea claimed Friday it had tested an underwater nuclear attack drone able to unleash a ‘radioactive tsunami’, as it blamed recent US-South Korea exercises for a deteriorating regional security situation. Pyongyang carried […]

Russia to modernise Moscow’s air defence systems

SpaceWar.com reports: “Russian Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu announced Wednesday plans to modernise anti-missile defence systems in the capital Moscow, after a series of Ukrainian drone attacks on Russian territory. Several air defence systems have appeared […]

US strikes Iranian targets in Syria following drone attack on US base

Israel National News reports: “A US contractor was killed and five US service members and one US contractor were wounded on Thursday when a suicide drone hit a Coalition base near Hasakah in northeast Syria, […]

A nuclear war with the US is more likely than ever, Russia warns

The Jerusalem Post reports: “Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov said on Wednesday that the risk of a nuclear clash was at its highest level in decades, warning that Moscow was in a ‘de-facto’ open […]

US Denies Chinese Military Drove Away US Destroyer in South China Sea

Voice of America News reports: “The United States denied a Chinese claim Thursday that Chinese forces drove away a U.S. guided-missile destroyer that had entered Chinese territorial waters. Tian Junli, a spokesman for China’s Southern […]

Nasrallah: We’ll respond immediately if Israel starts a war

Israel National News reports: “Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah said on Wednesday that the terror organization’s forces would ‘respond immediately if Israel starts a war’ over the explosion in northern Israel that wounded a 21-year-old man […]

Israeli official: Iran enriching uranium above 60% could trigger a strike

Israel National News reports: “Israel told the Biden administration and several European countries that Iran would be entering dangerous territory that could trigger an Israeli military strike if it enriches uranium above the 60% level, […]

Poland slams ‘dangerous’ Russia-China ‘axis’

SpaceWar.com reports: “Poland’s prime minister on Wednesday branded the China-Russian alliance ‘dangerous’ after Chinese leader Xi Jinping wrapped up a three-day visit to Moscow. ‘The Chinese president’s visit to Moscow makes us anxious, this China-Moscow […]

Iron Dome shot down Hamas drone over Gaza

The Jerusalem Post reports: “The IDF Iron Dome shot down a drone launched by Hamas over the southern Gaza strip on Wednesday, according to the IDF Spokesperson’s Unit. The drone did not cross into Israeli […]

Russia ‘dancing to China’s tune’ on Taiwan, says Taipei

SinoDaily.com reports: “Taiwan on Wednesday condemned Beijing and Moscow for a joint statement that called the self-ruled island an ‘inalienable’ part of China, accusing Russia of ‘dancing to China’s tune’. Russian President Vladimir Putin hosted […]