‘One Iranian Nuke, 3 Million Dead Israelis’

March 3, 2015 — Israel National News reports: “Following upon a report in a Kuwaiti newspaper, that US President Barack Obama threatened to shoot down IAF jets en route to Iran if Israel tried to attack the nuclear infrastructure there – a report later denied by the White House – Arutz Sheva’s Mark Langfan stated on NewsmaxTV’s Steve Malzberg show Monday: ‘You can’t believe anything the Obama Administration says on Iran or Israel.’

He reminded viewers of the chilling words uttered by Iranian President Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani in an Al Quds Day speech on December 14, 2001:

‘If one day, the Islamic World is also equipped with weapons like those that Israel possesses now, then the imperialists’ strategy will reach a standstill because the use of even one nuclear bomb inside Israel will destroy everything. However, it will only harm the Islamic world. It is not irrational to contemplate such an eventuality.’

Langfan then proceeded to explain, with one of his trademark maps, that 3 million Israelis would likely be killed if Iran successfully drops one 15-kiloton ‘Hiroshima-size’ 15 kiloton nuclear bomb anywhere near Tel-Aviv…” (The above figure is very likely because during the Armageddon war [Revelation 16:16] one-third of the earth’s inhabitants die — Revelation 9:18 from atomic warfare and then another one-fourth die as the rider on the Fourth Horse sees another twenty-five percent die through sword [Islam], hunger, death and a pestilential plague through the beasts of the field [Revelation 6:7, 8].)


Bibi showdown with Iran a ‘replay of Bible story’

March 3, 2015 — WND.com reports: “Christian supporters of Israel see Tuesday’s address to Congress by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as more than just a political speech.

They’re calling it a ‘wake-up call,’ and a ‘warning,’ one that appears eerily similar to another from 2,500 years ago in which the Jewish people found themselves in grave danger.

With the Feast of Purim and Netanyahu’s speech converging in the same week, there are lessons to be drawn from history, they say.

Purim celebrates Queen Esther’s brave intervention to stop a plot that, if allowed to go forward, would have led to a genocide against the Jews.

But is the biblical story of Esther replaying thousands of years later?

The threat Israel faces today does include some of the same national players, the same dates and the same stakes, according to Bible scholars and Christian friends of Israel…” (It is coming as found in Jeremiah 30:7: “Alas! for that day is great, so that none is like it: it is even the time of Jacob’s trouble…” but he, Jacob, whose name was changed to Israel [Genesis 32:38] shall be saved out of it.)


Israeli Officials: Plenty ‘New’ In PM’s Iran Speech

March 4, 2015 — Israel National News reports: “Contrary to opinions rendered by President Barack H. Obama, there was plenty new in Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s speech on Iran, said officials in Israel Thursday. The sources told Channel Two that the Prime Minister offered a credible alternative to Obama’s current Iran policy that would more successfully contain the Islamic Republic’s nuclear development program.

Obama said Wednesday that he ‘didn’t have time’ to watch Netanyahu’s speech, but that he had read the transcript and not noticed ‘anything new’ in the Prime Minister’s comments. ‘On the core issue, which is how to prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon which would make it far more dangerous, the prime minister did not offer any viable alternatives,’ Obama said in comments from the Oval Office. ‘We don’t yet have a deal. But if we are successful, this will be the best deal possible with Iran to prevent Iran from having a nuclear weapon,’ he stated.

‘I am not focused in the politics of this, I am not focused on the theater,’ Obama sniped. ‘As far as I can tell, there was nothing new.’

But Obama is wrong, the sources said. Unlike the plan under negotiation now, Netanyahu’s plan would require real action – not just promises – from Iran for the removal of economic sanctions. In addition, the Netanyahu plan would require Iran to discuss ancillary aspects of Iran’s nuclear efforts, including its development of long-range missiles to deliver nuclear weapons that could easily strike Israel – or even the US. In his speech Wednesday, Netanyahu pointed out that the missile development program was not even on the agenda for talks between Western powers and Iran…” (Netanyahu knows his Bible better than our president does as I proved the second week of March to the entire world via our TV program.

Consider World War III as described in Ezekiel 38:1, 2, 8, 16 that mentions Israel as the battleground 18 times: Ezekiel 38:8, 14, 16, 17, 18, 19; 39:2, 4, 7 [twice], 9, 11, 12, 17, 22, 23, 25, and 29. Study your Bible Mr. President. See the next 4 reports.)


Arab paper: Obama only one not to understand Mideast

March 5, 2015 — WND.com reports: “Nations are collapsing in the Middle East and the terror organizations, mostly backed by Iran, are filling the void, according to a new commentary published by a Saudi-owned news website.

The Jews understand that fact, the Arabs get it and the rest of the world seems to get it.

So who doesn’t?

President Barack Obama.

That’s the conclusion of Faisal J. Abbas, editor for the English-language website of Al-Arabiya.

‘It is extremely rare for any reasonable person to ever agree with anything Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says or does,’ he wrote Tuesday, according to the Middle East Media Research Institute.

‘However, one must admit, Bibi did get it right, at least when it came to dealing with Iran. The Israeli PM managed to hit the nail right on the head when he said that Middle Eastern countries are collapsing and that ‘terror organizations, mostly backed by Iran, are filling in the vacuum’ during a recent ceremony held in Tel Aviv.’

Abbas wrote that in just a few words, Netanyahu ‘managed to accurately summarize a clear and present danger, not just to Israel (which obviously is his concern), but to other U.S. allies in the region.’

‘What is absurd, however, is that despite this being perhaps the only thing that brings together Arabs and Israelis (as it threatens them all), the only stakeholder that seems not to realize the danger of the situation is President Obama, who is now infamous for being the latest pen-pal of the supreme leader of the world’s biggest terrorist regime: Ayatollah Ali Khamenei (although, the latter never seems to write back!).’…”


From the Extreme Left: ‘Netanyahu is Right on Iran’

March 9, 2015 — Israel National News reports: “Speaking to Italian newspaper La Repubblica over the weekend, prize-winning Israeli author David Grossman expressed his support for Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s position on the Iranian nuclear program.

As quoted in the Israeli daily Israel Hayom, Grossman – an outspoken critic of Netanyahu and his policies – said, ‘Iran threatens the entire world; this time Netanyahu is right.’

Grossman had harsh words for the American position led by President Barack Obama, terming the American approach toward Iran’s nuclear program ‘criminal naiveté.’ He emphasized that he does not want Netanyahu to win the elections on March 17, but said that world leaders should listen to Netanyahu on this matter just the same.

The author, whose son was killed during the Second Lebanon War in 2006, said that Netanyahu’s speech last week in the US Congress might end up being a ‘tragic mistake,’ but its content was correct.

Iran’s nuclear plans are ‘an expanding danger in the region which could soon pose a threat not just to Israel but to the entire free world. We need to listen to Netanyahu,’ the writer said…”


Bennett: Iran Deal Will Go Down in Infamy 100 Years From Now

March 2, 2015 — Israel National News reports: “Jewish Home party leader and Economy Minister Naftali Bennett has warned that world powers were on the verge of a deal with Iran that ‘will be remembered one hundred years from now’ – for all the wrong reasons; and Israel, he pledged, would do everything in its power to stop that from happening.

‘We’re looking at a very bad deal indeed. A disastrous deal that we have to do everything in our power to prevent,’ Bennett told Arutz Sheva after addressing the AIPAC Policy Conference in Washington Monday.

Despite heading a grueling election campaign, Bennett chose to join Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu in the US, in order to advocate Israel’s stance on solving the Iranian nuclear crisis to American audiences.

Under the deal currently on the table between Iran and the so-called P5+1 powers, ‘Iran will legally be able to acquire a nuclear weapon,’ Bennett warned.

‘It gets a definitive path to the weapon.’

Bennett noted that not only was Iran’s nuclear program clearly aimed at developing nuclear weapons, but that Tehran has also been actively developing long-range missiles to target western countries at the very same time as it is engaged in negotiations with those same countries.

As such, he insisted, ‘this deal risks America’s interests as well as Israel’s.’

‘Iran right now is developing Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles. They don’t need them to hit Israel – their existing missiles do that job,’ he explained.

‘The reason they’re developing these Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles is to hit New York, London and Paris, and the free world has to do everything now to prevent them from acquiring (nuclear weapons),’ he urged.

The solution is not to let up on the sanctions regime currently imposed on Iran, Bennett continued, while hinting that Israel would do whatever it takes to prevent Tehran from acquiring a nuclear weapon.

To that end, the Minister issued a stark warning to world leaders.

‘If this deal is signed it will go down in infamy,’ Bennett warned…”


Iran’s New Missile Puts Israel ‘in Range’

March 8, 2015 — Israel National News reports: “As the US and its allies continue to discuss limiting Iran’s nuclear program with Tehran, the Iranian military on Sunday announced that it had developed a new long-range cruise missile with a range of some 2,000 kilometers (1,200 miles) – putting Israel well within its reach, Israeli sources said. The missile, called the ‘Soumar,’ features ‘different characteristics in terms of range and pinpoint accuracy in comparison with the previous products,’ Iranian Defense Minister Hossein Dehqan said at the unveiling of the missile Sunday.

The missile, Dehqan said, was developed based on the needs of the Iranian Armed Forces, and is ‘a crucial step towards increasing the country’s defense and deterrence might.’

On Saturday, an Iranian military official said that the country would be unveiling yet another missile system will be unveiled on April 18, when the country marks National Army Day. That system, called the Talaash-3, is based on the Russian S-200 missile system, the official said…”