After significant alterations, Canada approves motion on Palestinian statehood

Israel National News reports: “Canada’s parliament on Monday approved a motion submitted by the New Democratic Party (NDP) on Palestinian statehood, but not before the ruling Liberals drastically altered its wording, CTV News reported.

The motion initially called on Canada to recognize the ‘State of Palestine’, but the Liberals drastically altered its wording to see the government simply work towards that aim as part of a two-state solution.

After appearing destined to fail when the governing Liberals vowed Monday to not let the opposition sway its foreign policy, Government House Leader Steven MacKinnon shocked MPs on both sides of the aisle when he rose in the final minutes of debate to advance a nearly 500-word motion that rephrased considerable portions of the NDP motion.

After generating considerable international attention and division among MPs during a nearly day-long debate, the non-binding but symbolic NDP motion ultimately passed 204 to 117, according to CTV News…”

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