Author: Ken Vancil

At least 35 dead in pre-school mass shooting in Thailand

News.com.au reports: “At least 35 people are dead, including as many as 23 children, after a cold-blooded killer broke into a pre-school and butchered the kids as they slept. Former police officer Panya Khamrap, 34, […]

Several ballistic missiles fired again by North Korea

The Jerusalem Post reports: “North Korea fired several unspecified ballistic missiles toward the east coast, mostly likely from Pyongyang, South Korea’s Joint Chiefs of Staff and The Japanese Ministry of Defense said on Thursday. The […]

Taiwan foresees more Chinese coercion, intimidation in Xi’s next term

The Jerusalem Post reports: “Taiwan expects China to increase its coercion and intimidation to achieve its goal of bringing the island under Beijing’s control once President Xi Jinping assumes a third term in office, a […]

‘Watched the whole time’: China’s surveillance state grows under Xi

SpaceWar.com reports: “When Chen picked up his phone to vent his anger at getting a parking ticket, his message on WeChat was a drop in the ocean of daily posts on China’s biggest social network. […]

IS Ramps Up Attacks in Afghanistan, Taliban Claim Key Arrest

Voice of America News reports: “Amid an intensified terror campaign by the Islamic State Khorasan (ISK) group in Afghanistan which has killed dozens of civilians this week, Taliban authorities claim they have captured the group’s […]

America’s Biggest Ship Deploys in North Atlantic Amid Looming Russian Threat

Voice of America News reports: “The United States’ newest and most advanced aircraft carrier has embarked on its first deployment to train with allies and patrol the high seas of the Atlantic amid increased tensions […]

Russia space agency seeking to extend ISS participation past 2024

SpaceDaily.com reports: “Russia’s space agency is discussing with Moscow a continuation of its participation in the International Space Station past 2024, a Roscosmos official said Monday. Sergei Krikalev, head of Russia’s human space flight programs, […]

The US ‘will see Iran’s offensive might’ in the Persian Gulf – IRGC navy chief

The Jerusalem Post reports: “The United States ‘will see Iran’s offensive might’ if a violent altercation occurs in the Persian Gulf, senior IRGC navy commander Ramezan Zirrahi warned on Tuesday, according to Iranian state-controlled Mehr […]

Russia may be planning large-scale nuclear test near Ukraine border

Israel National News reports: “Russia may be planning a major nuclear test near the border with Ukraine, with officials in Kyiv worried enough to be distributing potassium iodide tablets in case of a nuclear strike. […]

Former US negotiator: Chances for Israel-Hezbollah war remain high

Israel National News reports: “Former US assistant secretary of state for Near Eastern Affairs, David Schenker, told i24NEWS in an interview on Tuesday that the chances of an Israeli-Hezbollah confrontation ‘still remain very high’ despite […]

North Korea fires ballistic missile over Japan

BBC.com reports: “North Korea has fired a suspected missile over Japan, in what appears to be a deliberate escalation to get the attention of Tokyo and Washington. The ballistic missile travelled about 4,500km (2,800 miles) […]

Hamas leader: Palestine will not be liberated through fake peace, only through Jihad

Israel National News reports: “Senior Hamas leader Khaled Mashaal said on Monday that there is no point in negotiating with Israel on any sort of arrangement, since the path of jihad is what will lead […]