Betrayal of allies: US pauses munitions, while threatening Israel’s security – editorial

The Jerusalem Post reports: “Amid the conflict in Gaza, the United States administration’s decision to delay a crucial shipment of munitions to Israel is not just a logistical delay; it is a major erosion of trust between staunch allies.

On a seemingly ordinary Monday, Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin made a startling revelation: the US would withhold one shipment of essential munitions from Israel due to concerns about possible civilian casualties in the strategic Rafah region. This announcement added a layer of complexity and doubt at a time when decisive action is most needed. Austin’s move strikes at the heart of the operational readiness of the IDF and sends a worrying signal about the US’s resolve to stand by its ally.

The timing and reasoning behind this pause are particularly troubling. It came during a critical phase of Israel’s operations against Hamas, a terrorist organization that poses a relentless threat to the security of Israeli civilians. Allies depend on consistent and reliable support in times of crisis; however, this decision by the US suggests a wavering commitment, raising questions about its reliability as a strategic partner…”

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