Billboards promising the end of the Ayatollah regime cover Israeli cities, stir rumors in Iran

The Jerusalem Post reports: “In the past couple of weeks enormous billboards were seen around Israel showing an hourglass with the flag of the Islamic Republic and promising that the end of the Ayatollah regime in Iran is nearing – setting the date for a mysterious October 28, 2028. Some of the billboards also featured a plight reassuring that ‘hundreds of millions of evangelicals have Israel’s back,’ signed by a mysterious ‘Jerusalem Prayer Team.’

The billboard reminded many in Israel of the reminiscent of the well-known countdown clock placed in Palestine Square in Tehran which counts the days left until Israel’s alleged ‘fall’ in 2040. Nevertheless, while Israelis attempted to decipher the meaning of the messages and guess who was behind them, the billboard gained much traction in Persian-speaking outlets, especially those that oppose the Islamic Republic regime, such as Iran International and Radio Farda, which shared its images with hundreds of thousands of followers and stirred heated debates…”

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