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Putin warns of ‘lethal’ strikes at Russian warship parade

SpaceWar.com reports: “President Vladimir Putin said Sunday that Russia’s navy was capable of delivering lethal strikes against underwater and aerial enemy targets during a parade of warships in the port city of Saint Petersburg. The […]

Russia says its air defense systems in Syria intercepted Israeli missiles

The Times of Israel reports: “Russian anti-aircraft artillery systems in Syria intercepted a number of missiles launched by Israel in airstrikes this week in an area southeast of Aleppo, according to a Russian military official. […]

US carries out airstrikes against Taliban in Afghanistan

The Jerusalem Post reports: “The United States has carried out air strikes to support Afghan government forces who have been under pressure from the Taliban as US-led foreign forces carry out the final stages of […]

Taliban seem to have ‘strategic momentum’ in Afghanistan: top US general

SpaceWar.com reports: “The Taliban appear to have the ‘strategic momentum’ in their sweeping offensives across Afghanistan, but their victory is far from assured, the chairman of the US joint chiefs of staff General Mark Milley […]

Iranian navy ships sail through Baltic Sea en route to Russia

SpaceWar.com reports: “A pair of warships from the Iran’s navy were spotted sailing through the Baltic Sea Thursday on their way to St. Petersburg, Russia, for a naval parade taking place later this month. Satellite […]

Erdogan Pushes for Turkish Role in Afghanistan after US Leaves

Voice of America News reports: “Turkey is going ahead with its plans to take over security at the Kabul international airport after the pullout of U.S. troops, despite opposition from the Taliban. Ankara is in […]

China’s experimental space plane aces test flight

SpaceDaily.com reports: “China’s reusable aerospace plane, which was tested on Friday, offers great potential in a wide range of businesses, according to industry observers. ‘It will be able to do many different things: space tourism, […]

Tajikistan tests combat readiness as Taliban advances

SpaceWar.com reports: “Tajikistan on Thursday checked the combat readiness of its armed forces in the biggest such exercise in the country’s history as the Taliban makes sweeping gains in neighbouring Afghanistan. The 230,000 members of […]

Top US official heads to China to seek ‘guardrails’ in tense ties

SpaceWar.com reports: “US Deputy Secretary of State Wendy Sherman will travel to China this weekend to address deteriorating ties, the two countries announced Wednesday, in the highest-level visit under President Joe Biden. The trip is […]

Judge: LGBT law forcing Christians to violate beliefs is no threat to churches

WND.com reports: “A judge in Virginia has given his opinion that a state law that has forced churches to censor their beliefs on marriage, sexuality and gender from their own websites under the threat of […]

UK warns China as dispatches carrier group to Japan

SpaceWar.com reports: “Britain announced Tuesday its most powerful navy task force in a generation will visit five ports in Japan, warning China against any threats to freedom of navigation in the region’s tense seas. A […]

Russia unveils stealth fighter jet to compete with F-35s

SpaceDaily.com reports: “Russia on Tuesday unveiled its new Sukhoi stealth fighter jet designed to compete with the US F-35 and capable of striking six targets simultaneously. Dubbed ‘The Checkmate’, the plane was first shown to […]