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Palestinian Authority: We’ll retract recognition of Israel

Israel National News reports: “Palestinian Authority (PA) Vice Chairman Mahmoud Aloul on Monday said that if Israel continues freezing tax funds, the PA will cease security coordination with Israel and retract its recognition of the […]

Iranian parliament designates all U.S. military forces as terrorists

The Times of Israel reports: “Iranian media said Tuesday the parliament has approved a bill that labels all US military forces as terrorist. The legislation is a step further after Iranian lawmakers last week approved […]

Hamas infiltrated PA security forces, recruited officers as spies

The Times of Israel reports: “Hamas has managed to recruit members of the Palestinian Authority’s security forces into the terrorist group over the past year, including some in sensitive units that work alongside Israel to […]

Hezbollah chief says Israel’s ground forces unprepared for war

The Times of Israel reports: “Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah on Monday claimed Israel’s ground forces were unprepared for a military offensive in Lebanon and the Jewish state could no longer win battles solely from the […]

105 Christian churches a month become target of ‘hate’ reports: “Several churches in Sri Lanka were attacked on Easter Sunday by what authorities believe to be Muslim extremists. The suicide bombers killed about 300 and injured hundreds more. Just a week earlier, Notre […]

Fortress America rises in South Korea reports: “Anyone doubting the vastness of US military might – and the breadth of its reach – should consider a trip to Camp Humphreys in Pyeongtaek, South Korea. There, 64 kilometers south of Seoul […]

Easter blasts at Sri Lanka churches, hotels kill nearly 300 reports: “A series of eight devastating bomb blasts ripped through high-end hotels and churches holding Easter services in Sri Lanka on Sunday, killing at least 290 people, including dozens of foreigners. Prime Minister Ranil […]

‘Arab leaders pressuring Palestinians to accept Trump plan’

Israel National News reports: “Arab leaders are pressuring the Palestinian Authority to accept the peace plan drawn up by the Trump administration, which is expected to be released this June, a source within the Palestinian […]

Abbas: Netanyahu doesn’t believe in peace

Israel National News reports: “Palestinian Authority chairman Mahmoud Abbas visited Egypt on Sunday, meeting with President Abdul Fattah el-Sisi in Cairo and speaking before a gathering of foreign ministers from Arab League member states. During […]

Parents of kidnapped girls blast ’empty promises’ reports: “It’s been nearly a year since a Muslim terrorist threatened that the rest of the 276 mostly Christian schoolgirls who were abducted five years ago in Nigeria never would come home. Now parents […]

Less Than Half of UK ‘Christians’ Believe Jesus Died and Rose Again reports: “Only 46 percent of self-identified Christians in Britain believe that Jesus Christ died on the cross on Good Friday and rose from the dead on Easter Sunday, according to a BBC poll released […]

North Korea’s Kim to meet Putin as tensions rise with U.S. reports: “North Korea’s leader Kim Jong Un will visit Russia for talks with Vladimir Putin this month, the Kremlin said Thursday, as tensions between Washington and Pyongyang spiked higher. The Kremlin announced the talks […]