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Russian submarines lurk near underwater cables powering internet

Israel National News reports: “Russian ships have recently been active in the vicinity of vital undersea fiber-optic cables that power the internet, texts, calls, and world financial transactions, reports the Associated Press. The US and […]

Israel: Syria continues developing chemical weapons reports: “Israel’s Foreign Ministry issued a condemnation Monday night to the alleged poison gas attack in Douma, noting that despite the fact Syrian President Bashar Assad has committed to getting rid of his chemical […]

Iran threatens Israel over Syria strike

The Times of Israel reports: “A top adviser to Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei threatened Israel Tuesday over a deadly airstrike in Syria attributed to the Israeli military. ‘The crimes will not remain unanswered,’ […]

Haniyeh calls for further protests against Israel

Israel National News reports: “Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh on Monday called on Gazans to keep up their protests on the Israeli border that have resulted in deadly clashes. ‘Gaza enters a new stage of peaceful […]

Hamas Sending Gazans to Their Deaths Just For Headlines, Top PA Cleric Charges reports: “Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas’ senior adviser, Mahmoud al-Habbash, accused Hamas of sending Gazans to their death for the sole purpose of garnering headlines featuring ‘emotional stories of heroism.’ During a sermon that […]

North Korea confirms willingness to discuss denuclearization with US

Asia Times Online reports: “North Korea has told the United States that it is willing to discuss the denuclearization of the Korean peninsula, sources have told Reuters news agency. But, there is likely to still […]

Syria: Air strike kills 14 – including Iranian soldiers

Israel National News reports: “A military airbase belonging to the Assad regime near the Syrian city of Homs was hit with missiles overnight Sunday, local media reported. Syrian media reported that the strike killed fourteen […]

Hamas leader threatens to attack ‘settlements’

Israel National News reports: “Senior Hamas leader Mahmoud al-Zahar on Sunday warned the IDF against operating in Gaza in response to the ‘March of the Return’, in which Gazans are marching en masse toward the […]

China bans exports of ‘dual use’ items to North Korea reports: “China has banned exports to North Korea of 32 ‘dual-use’ items that can be applied in the development of weapons of mass destruction, the commerce ministry said. The list of items, which include […]

Russia, Syria blame Israel for deadly strike on Syrian air base

The Times of Israel reports: “In a rare move, Russia on Monday accused Israel of carrying out a predawn missile strike on an air base in central Syria that reportedly killed 14 people, among them […]

Iran’s Rouhani says US ‘will regret it’ if it violates nuke deal

The Times of Israel reports: “Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said Monday that if the United States violated the nuclear deal it would regret doing so, and that Iran would respond in ‘less than a week’ […]

Trump Blames Putin, Iran for Syrian Chemical Attack, Vowing ‘Big Price to Pay’

Voice of America News reports: “U.S. President Donald Trump blamed Russian President Vladimir Putin and Iran on Sunday for a ‘mindless chemical attack’ in Syria that killed at least 40 people, vowing there would be […]