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Netanyahu says Israel ready to do ‘a lot more’ on Gaza reports: “Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned Tuesday that he was ready to order further action in the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip after airstrikes in response to rocket fire. ‘I can tell you we are […]

U.S. cuts off funding for foreign groups in abortion industry reports: “When President Trump took office, he began acting on his commitment to a pro-life America immediately, reinstating the Mexico City Policy that pulled U.S. funding from the business profits of the International Planned […]

Houston: Muslim schoolkids sing ‘Khamenei is our leader’ reports: “Students at a Muslim school in Houston, Texas, celebrated the 40th anniversary of the Islamic revolution in Iran with condemnations of U.S. sanctions against the rogue regime and declarations that the ayatollah ‘is […]

U.S. Official Says Collapse of IS Caliphate ‘Not the End’ of Fight

Voice of America News reports: “The United States is warning that crushing the Islamic State’s self-declared caliphate will not be enough to deal the terror group an enduring defeat – a message Washington delivered even […]

Iran’s Rouhani slams ‘unprecedented’ U.S. Golan recognition

The Jerusalem Post reports: “Iranian President Hassan Rouhani criticized on Tuesday the decision by US President Donald Trump to recognize Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights, saying the move was against international law, according to […]

Saudis excoriate US over recognition of Golan as Israeli

Israel National News reports: “The government of Saudi Arabia has formally condemned the US over the decision to recognize the Golan Heights as Israeli territory, claiming the move violates international law. On Monday, Saudi Arabia […]

Iran ordered rocket attack, aimed to hurt Netanyahu in election

Israel National News reports: “After some Hamas officials claimed a rocket attack on central Israel early Monday morning which injured seven had been ‘accidental’ or caused by ‘bad weather’, senior officials in the Gaza-based terror […]

Macron, Xi call for greater EU-China cooperation reports: “Chinese President Xi Jinping and French leader Emmanuel Macron on Monday called for increased cooperation between the European Union and China. Speaking at the Elysee Palace following talks with Xi at a time […]

‘Iran deal does not block Iran’s path to nuclear weapons’

Israel National News reports: “Israel’s Ambassador to the US, Ron Dermer, spoke on Sunday at the AIPAC Policy Conference. He began by thanking President Donald Trump for recognizing Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights. ‘It’s […]

US Navy, Coast Guard Ships Pass Through Strategic Taiwan Strait

Voice of America News reports: “The United States sent Navy and Coast Guard ships through the Taiwan Strait on Sunday, the military said, as the United States increases the frequency of movement through the strategic […]

U.S. sanctions Iran nuclear researchers, warns of future work reports: “The United States on Friday imposed sanctions on Iranian nuclear researchers, saying it wanted to warn young scientists to steer clear of any future effort to build a bomb. Sanctioning 14 individuals and […]

Iran: We’ll strengthen ties with Lebanon

Israel National News reports: “Iran said on Sunday it would expand its ties with Lebanon despite US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s call for Beirut to choose sides, Reuters reported. On Friday, during a visit […]