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U.S. Navy ship sails in disputed South China Sea amid trade talks with Beijing

Reuters reports: “A U.S. guided-missile destroyer sailed near disputed islands in the South China Sea in what China called a ‘provocation’ as U.S. officials joined talks in Beijing during a truce in a bitter trade […]

Palestinian Authority bid to join United Nations blocked

Israel National News reports: “Israel and several allied states have recently blocked an attempt by the Palestinian Authority to have its status in the United Nations upgraded from an observer state to a fully-recognized, voting […]

Iran plans naval drills with Russia in Caspian Sea

Reuters reports: “Iran and Russia are preparing to hold joint naval exercises in the Caspian Sea, including rescue and anti-piracy drills, the commander of the Iranian navy was quoted on Sunday as saying. ‘Tactical, rescue […]

IDF strikes Hamas posts in Gaza after explosive flown into Israel

The Times of Israel reports: “The Israeli Air Force struck two Hamas positions in the eastern Gaza Strip on Sunday in response to an explosive device that was flown into southern Israel earlier in the […]

China tests its own ‘Mother of All Bombs’ reports: “China has tested its most powerful non-nuclear weapon, dubbed the ‘Mother of All Bombs’ by official media in a reference to a US munition used in Afghanistan. In a short video published on […]

Hamas blasts Arab states over relations with Israel

Israel National News reports: “A senior Hamas terrorist official blasted the Arab regimes that have been normalizing relations with Israel, calling their actions ‘a betrayal of the blood of the martyrs and the entire Islamic […]

‘Syria pullout won’t harm Israeli security, defeat of ISIS’

Israel National News reports: “Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu met with US National Security Advisor John Bolton at the Prime Minister’s Residence in Jerusalem on Sunday, a day after Bolton arrived in Israel, as part […]

Kids in YouTube video told abortion is God’s plan and no different from a ‘crappy dentist appointment’ reports: “The co-founder of the ‘#ShoutYourAbortion’ movement was featured on a popular YouTube channel for children telling kids that abortions are ‘part of God’s plan’ and that they are much like going to the […]

Iran to send warships to the Atlantic, closer to U.S. waters

Reuters reports: “The Iranian navy will send warships to deploy in the Atlantic from March, a top commander said on Friday, as the Islamic Republic seeks to increase the operating range of its naval forces […]

Sinking US aircraft carriers will resolve tension in South China Sea, says Chinese admiral reports: “The deputy head of a Chinese military academy told an audience in Shenzhen last month that tensions in the South China Sea could be resolved by sinking a pair of U.S. aircraft carriers, […]

8-year-old Lebanese chess player: Israel is the enemy

Israel National News reports: “Eight-year-old Lebanese chess prodigy Mark Abou Deeb appeared last week on Lebanon’s OTV and explained that he had refused to compete against an Israeli player during a chess championship in Spain […]

U.S. warns Iran of new sanctions if it launches weaponized space vehicles

The Jerusalem Post reports: “The United States warned Iran of new sanctions if it launched three Space Launch Vehicles that have technology which is akin to that used in ballistic missile. ‘We advise the regime […]