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  • Hamas Official: We Will Repeat October 7 Terror Attack Until Israel is Annihilated
  • Hamas planned to push October 7 massacre to the West Bank border – report
  • Hamas Leaders to NY Times: No Interest in Helping Palestinians in Gaza, Want ‘Permanent’ War Against Israel
  • Hezbollah: Mass Murder of Israelis by Hamas ‘Great and Marvelous’
  • Palestinian minister: Hamas’s October 7 massacre of Israelis ‘heroic’
  • Palestinian Authority claims Israel, not Hamas, committed Re’im massacre
  • Netanyahu to CBS: We’re trying to wipe out Hamas with minimal civilian casualties
  • EU condemns Hamas for using civilians as human shields
  • Rockets inside a girl’s bed: IDF reveals more evidence of Hamas’ use of civilians
  • Hamas tunnels, weapons found near amusement park and university
  • Netanyahu: We’ll defy the world if needed to defeat Hamas; PA can’t run Gaza after war
  • Southern Command official: ‘We are preparing to continue attacking once the pause is over’
  • Israeli PM Netanyahu warns America: ‘If we don’t win now, then Europe is next and you’re next’
  • Son of Hamas co-founder: ‘If Hamas is not destroyed, the rest of the world is next’


  • China Catches Up to U.S. Nuclear Submarine Technology
  • China’s military on ‘concerning trajectory’: US general
  • China Warns Australia on Naval Movements in Contested Waters
  • China Says it Warns off Japanese Ships in East China Sea
  • North Korea suspends military accord with South after satellite launch
  • North Korea defends satellite launch at UN as Kim takes images of White House
  • North Korea to send new weapons to border after spy satellite launch
  • Seoul Says North Korea Restores Border Guard Posts as Tensions Rise Over Satellite Launch


  • Franklin Graham: ‘Sad Day for the Church of England’ After It Approves Blessing Same-Sex Couples on Trial Basis
  • Chinese Police Raid Christian Worship Service, Arrest 13 Believers
  • Report: Anti-Christian Hate Crimes in Europe Leapt by 44 Percent in 2022
  • Nightmare Wedding: Over 100 Christians Burned Alive, Iraqi Gov. Says ‘Accidental’

PSALM 83:4

  • California Imam Calls to ‘Annihilate’ Zionist ‘Dogs,’ Accuses Israel of Fabricating Videos Like a ‘Hollywood Studio’
  • West Coast Pro-Palestinian Protesters Blockade Ports; Call for ‘Intifada,’ End to Israel
  • Hamas Terrorist Attack Ignites Open Hatred of Jews Around the World
  • Ayatollah Khamenei: ‘Death to America’ Is Not Just a Slogan, but Iran’s ‘Policy’