Commandos uncover weapons hidden among medical supplies at Shifa Hospital

Israel National News reports: “Shayetet 13 Company Commander LTC A. summed up the IDF’s activities in Shifa Hospital in Gaza which have entered their sixth day.

‘In a special operation, we raided Shifa Hospital in Gaza. The operation was launched after we received precise intelligence regarding the return of terrorists and the renewed use of the hospital as a site for the consolidation of power by the Hamas terror organization.’ the commander stated.

‘During the raid, we found a large amount of weapons hidden among medical supplies and patients and displaced civilians in the hospital. During the operation, we separated the patients and displaced civilians and the terrorists,’ he added.

IDF Spokesperson Daniel Hagari said overnight that so far, 170 terrorists were neutralized in or around the hospital compound while firing at Israeli forces. He added that the IDF apprehended hundreds of terror suspects with confirmed ties to Hamas or Islamic Jihad, making this one of the most successful operations since the start of the war…”

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