Muslims post death threats on doors of Christian homes

WorldNetDaily.com reports: “Officials in the south Ethiopian city of Besheno are looking the other way as Muslim mobs in the city put death threats on the doors of Christian villagers, according to organizations that work in the area.

The door-mounted death threats are only the latest incidents in a series of acts of intimidation that include taking away church property, beating evangelists and killing family members.

International Christian Concern’s Jonathan Racho says the list of violent acts against Christians is growing.

‘Christians in the southern Ethiopian city of Besheno are being harassed and physically abused after Muslims posted notices on the doors of the Christian homes, warning the Christians that they had to convert to Islam, leave the city or face death,’ Racho stated.

‘This is a very serious threat against Christians where the majority in this city are Muslims,’ Racho added.

‘There are approximately 30 evangelical Christians living in that city,’ Racho explained. ‘The rest have moved away.’…” (Great persecution awaits Christians in most Muslim nations. Matthew 24:9; Revelation 6:9, 12:13, 20:4. God says: “Be faithful until death and I’ll give you a crown of life.” – Revelation 2:10. See also the next two reports.)

Iraq’s Christians consumed by fear

The Asia Times Online reports: “Each day before she leaves for work, Ekhlas Elia Bawood covers her head with the traditional hijab. She does this not because she is a Muslim, but because she lives in fear. Christians in Iraq are increasingly targeted for their beliefs. A lifelong resident of Mosul, the most dangerous city in Iraq, Bawood said Christian homes in her neighborhood are attacked by bomb explosions at least two or three times each week. With dwindling numbers and little support, the few remaining Christians living in Mosul are careful to conceal their faith.

‘We always must be careful who we talk to and suspicious of anyone we pass on the street,’ said Bawood.

The escalating violence against Christians has called religious leaders to act. A Copenhagen summit discussing these attacks was headed by the High Council of Religious Leaders in Iraq and attended by Iraq’s most influential Sunni, Shi’ite and Christian leaders. The result was a fatwa, or religious edict, calling all Iraqi Muslims to end the violence.

The fatwa, which was announced in mosques across the country, ‘prohibits any assault on believers of religions that co-exist in Muslim countries, whether by killing, displacement, bloodshed or violation of the sanctity of homes and assets.’

Even so, Sunni mullah Tahir Bamoky of the Omar Bin Khatab mosque in Halabja said many Sunnis, particularly in central Iraq, have rejected the fatwa issued by their religious leaders…”

Pakistani Christian Asia Bibi facing threat of suicide attack

Assist New Service reports: “Asia Bibi, the Christian woman who triggered a blasphemy furor in Pakistan and in whose defense Punjab Governor Salman Taseer lost his life, is facing a threat of a suicide attack inside a jail, where she is currently lodged.

According to Z News (www.zeenews.com), the ‘Moaviya group,’ a militant organization plans to mount a suicide attack on Sheikhupura district jail, where 45-year-old Asia is being held, The Express Tribune quoted its sources as saying. An intelligence report issued has corroborated threat to her life.

‘Punjab police and jail authorities subsequently beefed up security due to the intelligence report and the assassination of Taseer,’ said the story…

‘Taseer, who backed a call for Asia Bibi to be pardoned, was gunned down in Islamabad on Tuesday by a police guard who said he was angered by the Governor’s criticism of the blasphemy law.’…”