Top Malaysian Court Rules ‘Allah’ Only for Muslims

June 23, 2014 — Voice of America News reports: “Malaysia’s highest court has upheld a government ban against a Roman Catholic newspaper using the world ‘Allah’ to refer to God.


The Federal Court ruled in a four-to-three decision Monday that the church’s Malay-language newspaper, The Herald, had no grounds to appeal a lower court decision last year that Allah should be reserved exclusively for Muslims, because if other religions use the word, it could be confusing and lead Muslims to convert.


Such conversion is illegal in Malaysia, where more than 60 percent of the population of 30 million are Muslim – the country’s official religion. Just over 9 percent are Christian.


Monday’s ruling ends a dispute that has been ongoing since 2007, when Malaysia’s Home Ministry threatened to revoke the publishing permit of The Herald for using the Arabic word in its Malay-language edition…” (We have religious leaders like Dr. Schuller, Rick Warren, and 300 others who signed the “Yale Covenant” which states: ‘We will call our Judeo-Christian God Allah.’ Apostasy reigns in 2014. Please look at the above headline again. Malaysian leaders forbid Christians from using and defiling the name of their god ‘Allah’. What a rebuke to alleged latter day Christian apostates.)


Convert to Islam or face the sword

June 23, 2014 — The National Post reports: “Convert to Islam or face the sword.


That was the stark message Christians in the Syrian city of Raqqa received last year when ultra-fundamentalist Sunni extremists, proclaiming themselves to be members of the Islamic State of Iraq and Al-Sham (ISIS), seized power and launched a reign of terror against Shiites and Christians that has included beheadings and at least three crucifixions.


Aware of ISIS’ ferocious reputation for murder and mayhem, thousands of Christians who lived in Mosul and the surrounding Nineveh Plain fled in panic when ISIS rebels captured Iraq’s second largest city from government forces on June 10. Many of those who escaped have sought refuge in this Christian enclave in the Kurdish city of Irbil, only an hour’s drive away from Mosul…” (Rick Warren and his ministerial staff join with Muslim clerics to study the similarities between Christianity and Islam. This headline along with dozens of facts from the Koran prove the futility of such a proposal by misguided apostate leaders of Christianity. See the next two reports.)


‘Dozens’ Dead as Boko Haram Sacks Churches in Chibok

June 30, 2014 — Breitbart.com reports: “Suspected Boko Haram Islamists armed with explosives attacked a series of churches on Sunday near Chibok, the northeastern town where more than 200 teenage girls were kidnapped in April, witnesses said.


Residents said dozens of people may have been killed in the raids on villages roughly 10 kilometres, (six miles) outside of Chibok, but no one was able to offer an authoritative death toll and the military was not immediately available to comment.


‘The attackers went to churches with bombs and guns,’ Timothy James, a Chibok resident said by phone.


‘From what I gathered, dozens of worshippers, including men, women and children were killed,’ he said, explaining that his information had come from people who fled the affected area and through phone calls.


Enoch Mark, an outspoken Chibok leader since the April 14 kidnappings, gave a similar account, telling AFP in Lagos, ‘presently, as we are talking now, we are under attack’.


‘We cannot tell the number of dead bodies,’ he added. ‘I was told the attackers burnt at least three churches to the ground.’…”


North Korea: where Christians are persecuted but strong in faith

June 26, 2014 — ChristianToday.com reports: “North Korea is widely hailed as the worst country in which to be a Christian. The arrest and detention of missionaries such as Kenneth Bae and John Short, along with reports of gross human rights violations against citizens deemed to be conspiring against the state, has resulted in growing international concern for the small nation led by Dictator Kim Jong-Un.


Around a third of North Korea’s 100,000-strong Christian population are thought to be labouring in concentration camps, while tens of thousands of citizens, including many who are Christians, have defected to countries such as neighbouring South Korea, China, Mongolia and Russia.


However, Rev Eric Foley, co-founder of Seoul USA, a ministry dedicated to supporting defected and underground Christians in North Korea, says that despite intense persecution, North Korean Christians are remaining steadfast in their faith, and even sharing it with others…”


Christians in Iraq see silver lining amid jihadist takeover

June 27, 2014 — WND.com reports: “As the world watches al-Qaida-inspired ISIS, the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, continue its drive to Baghdad, some analysts who are closely monitoring the impact on Christians see a bright spot.


AssyrianChristians.com writer Amir George declares that something ‘we never believed could be possible is coming out of this.’


‘A Christian area on the Nineveh plain is forming, and it looks like it may be a safe, self-governing area where Christians can live freely,’ George said.


George, author of ‘Liberating Iraq,’ said the autonomous Christian region, near Kurdistan, will likely be self-sustaining.


It’s now being protected by a 5,000-member security force of Christians and Kurds, he said…” (Praise God for Christian believers who stand for Jesus alone and who now have found some peace after seeing tens of thousands, yes millions killed by Islamic terrorists. Thank God for Revelation 2:10: “Fear none of those things which thou shalt suffer: behold, the devil shall cast some of you into prison, that ye may be tried; and ye shall have tribulation ten days: be thou faithful unto death, and I will give thee a crown of life.)