Bibles called ‘worse than chemical weapons’

WND.com reports: “A video apparently made by some of the Islamists fighting and killing each other and the population in Syrian reveals quantities of Bibles and biblical materials, such as the Book of John, as a narrator describes them as being ‘more dangerous than chemical weapons.’

The video appeared yesterday [9/9/13], just as reports were coming out of Syria about how the Islamist rebels fighting President Bashar al-Assad’s army were ‘liberating’ villages, and then forcing Christians there to convert to Islam or be beheaded.

There were statements that Christians were being abducted and executed, although there were conflicting reports.

The new video of the confiscated Bibles was posted by Eretz Zen, who describes himself as a secular Syrian who opposes ‘having my country turned into a Taliban-like state.’

The video shows stacks of Arabic language Bibles and other books, and a sign that is posted with the warning, ‘O nation of Muhammad, wake up. For there are things even more dangerous than chemical weapons. Beware the Christianization campaigns.’…” (What blasphemy! Christians are executed for criticizing the Koran while Christians have to bear the vileness of how our Bible is blasphemed by slanderous Muslims who are forcing Christians to convert or be beheaded – Revelation 2:10. So much for “love your neighbors as yourself” as taught by Jesus – Matthew 19:19; Mark 12:31, 33; Luke 10:27.)




‘Christians … the No. 1 target of extremists and bigots’

WND.com reports: “In Pakistan, a suicide bomber kills 75 people at a Christian church.

In Kenya, terrorists chase Muslims out of a shopping mall, then start killing Christians, especially those who could not give them the name of Muhammad’s mother.

In Egypt, Muslims abduct Christians from their homes and businesses and kill them.

In Syria, Christian villagers are told to convert to Islam or they will be executed.

Is there a pattern here?

‘I think Christians have clearly become the No. 1 target of extremists and bigots and totalitarians across the globe,’ David Brog, executive director of the Christians United For Israel, told WND in an interview.

His organization is trying to convince Congress to create an office for a special envoy for the freedom of religious minorities in the Middle East…” (These extremists who murder Christians will not be rewarded with eternal lust with 72 black haired beauties as promised but instead will hear the words of Jesus in Matthew 25:41: “…Depart from me, ye cursed, into everlasting fire, prepared for the devil and his angels.” See the remaining reports concerning the religion of peace.)


It’s open season on Christians in Syria and across the Muslim world

The National Post reports: “It seemed this weekend as if it was open season on Christians across the Muslim world.

Seventy-eight Christians were slaughtered Sunday [9/22/13] by twin suicide bombers at a church where I have attended services several times myself in Pakistan’s capital, Islamabad.

Less than 24 hours earlier a gang of Islamic militants from Somalia murdered at least 68 workers and shoppers, including two Canadians, at a mall in Kenya, allegedly shouting for Muslims to get out of the way so they could specifically kill Christians.

Coptic Christians in Egypt also have been targeted recently by supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood, and Christians in large numbers have left their ancient enclaves in Iraq and the West Bank after churches there were blown up or Christians were threatened.

The carnage had a special resonance in this predominately Christian town in Lebanon’s Bekaa Valley where Syrian Christians have taken refuge after being attacked by extremist groups linked to al-Qaeda such as Jabhat al-Nusra.

‘If we stay in Syria, they will kill us. It is that simple,’ explained 36-year-old Rami Sammaan, after celebrating mass with his wife, Sally, and her mother, father and sister in the packed pews of St. Elias Maronite Church…”


Christian Persecution Rampant in Muslim Countries

Breitbart.com reports: “The attack on an Anglican church in Pakistan on September 22 caused Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby to speak out on attacks on Christians in the Muslim world. He said Christians are being martyred for their faith in many Muslim countries and this past weekend’s violence is only the tip of the iceberg.

According to the International Society for Human Rights in Frankfurt, Germany, 80 percent of all acts of religious discrimination in the world today are directed against Christians.

The Center for the Study of Global Christianity in the United States estimates that in the last decade, an average of 100,000 Christians have died each year in what the center calls a ‘situation of witness,’ meaning for motives related to their faith…”


Islamists Burn Statues and Crosses in Syrian Churches

Breitbart.com reports: “As the war on Christianity continues unabated throughout North Africa and many parts of the Middle East, Islamists are burning statues and crosses in churches in northern Syria.

AFP reports that fighters from the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) went into the Greek Catholic Church of Our Lady of Annunciation in northern Raqa on September 26 and ‘torched the religious furnishings inside.’

They ‘did the same at the Armenian Catholic Church of the Martyrs,’ also destroying a cross on the tower of the Armenian church and putting the ISIL flag in its place…”


Syrian militants destroy ancient Christian church in Maaloula

Itar-Tass reports: “Syrian militants have annihilated one of the most ancient active Christian churches in the world and have either stolen or destroyed its widely acclaimed icons, Itar-Tass correspondent covering the crisis in Syria said in his eyewitness dispatch from the small town of Maaloula, known as one of a handful of places where people still speak and pray in Aramaic, the language spoken by Jesus Christ 2,000 years ago…

The Church in the name of St Sergius and St Bacchus, two Roman warriors put to death for their faith in Christ during the reign of Emperor Maximilian, was built at the beginning of the 4th century. Most recently, its compound was housing a convent but the nuns had to resettle urgently to the Convent of St Thecla, also in Maaloula, about a month ago when militants of the Jabhat at-Nusra terrorist front drove into the town.

The nuns and about forty orphaned children are still taking shelter in Mar Takla, as the convent is known in Arabic. It is totally impossible to approach its territory even now, as the militants open dense fire from sniping rifles, sparing no one including journalists.

The problem is that standing nearby the St Sergius and Bacchus’s Church /called by the local residents Mar Sarkis or Abu Serga/ is the hotel Safir that provided accommodation to numerous Christian pilgrims and tourists in the past but was then seized by Islamic extremists.

Syrian government troops have practically razed the building to the ground but the militants are still hiding out in its basement floors and in the adjoining caves, which the Christians monks reshaped into cells…”

‘Either You Convert to Islam, Or You Will Be Beheaded’

Breitbart.com reports: “The village of Maaloula has been taken over by Syrian rebels associated with al Qaeda, who have stormed the Christian center and offered local Christians a choice: conversion or death. A resident of the town said the rebels shouted ‘Allahu Akhbar’ as they moved through the village, and proceeded to assault Christian homes and churches.

‘They shot and killed people,’ he said. ‘I heard gunshots and then I saw three bodies lying in the middle of a street in the old quarters of the village. Where is President Obama to see what has befallen us?’ Another witness stated, ‘I saw the militants grabbing five villagers and threatening them and saying, ‘Either you convert to Islam, or you will be beheaded.’’…”