American Christians cave on core beliefs

October 30, 2016 — WND.com reports: “The number of professing Christians is declining in America. And it’s not just because of the media, the public schools or even activism by atheists. It’s because Christians themselves are genuinely ignorant about the tenets of their faith, according to a new study.

Americans, who still overwhelmingly identify as Christian, hold contradictory, confused and even heretical beliefs when it comes to God, according to the ‘State of American Theology Study 2016.’

It found 64 percent agreed ‘strongly’ or ‘somewhat’ with the statement ‘God accepts the worship of all religions, including Christianity, Judaism and Islam.’

Sixty percent of Americans agreed with the statement ‘heaven is a place where all people will ultimately be reunited with their loved ones.’

And only 40 percent of those surveyed agreed ‘hell is an eternal place of judgment where God sends all people who do not personally trust in Jesus Christ.’…”  (This Bible prediction now inundates American thinking because of the false Christ’s and false prophets filling the nation’s pulpits – Matthew 24:5, 11, and 24.  II Peter 2:1, 2 states: “…there were false prophets also among the people, even as there shall be false teachers among you, who privily shall bring in damnable heresies, even denying the Lord that bought them, and bring upon themselves swift destruction.  And many shall follow their pernicious ways; by reason of whom the way of truth shall be evil spoken of.”  If any of your pastors are guilty of proclaiming these damnable heresies – leave that ungodly pagan church as fast as possible – II Corinthians 1:14 – 18.)


Christian Persecution On The Rise In Uzbekistan Where Just Owning A Bible Is Illegal

October 5, 2016 — ChristianToday.com reports: “Increasing numbers of Christians in Uzbekistan are being punished simply for the ‘crime’ of having religious literature at home.

The persecution charity Open Doors is asking Christians worldwide to pray for Christians living under the harsh central Asia dictatorship.

One Christian, Stanislav Kim, was sentenced to two years’ corrective labour in Urgench for having religious books at home.

He is now under effective house arrest, living at home with restrictions placed on his movements and a fifth of his wages seized by the state.

This is the second time Kim, a Baptist from the north-western Khorezm region, has been found guilty of this offence, according to Open Doors.

Earlier this summer, a Presbyterian Christian in the capital Tashkent was fined for having religious literature at home. The Christian literature was ordered to be handed to the state-backed Muslim Board…”  (I am not shocked by this and the next two reports.  President Obama has created this same type of blasphemous hatred toward Christians and the Holy Bible.  Soon I am releasing where he has supported 100 anti-Christian and anti-American pronouncements.  See the next two reports.)

No Churches, Violence And Harassment: Life For Christians In Afghanistan

October 12, 2016 — ChristianToday.com reports: “Non-Muslims in Afghanistan continue to suffer violence and harassment and there are still no public places of Christian worship.

Just a few places of worship for Sikhs, Hindus, and Jews remain but the last public Christian church in Afghanistan was destroyed in March 2010, the report says.

Conversion from Islam to another religion is apostasy punishable by death for men and life imprisonment for women.

Hindus, Sikhs, Bahais, and Christians make up about 0.3 per cent of the 32.6 million population in Afghanistan. There is one Jewish person left in the entire country, according to the latest International Religious Freedom report from the US State Department. His name is Zablon Simintov. He is a businessman whose wife and two daughters live in Israel.

The report says individuals who convert from Islam continued to risk annulment of their marriages, rejection by their families and communities, loss of employment, and possibly the death penalty.

There were no reports of prosecutions for blasphemy or apostasy in 2015 but one person convicted of blasphemy in 2013 is still in prison serving a 20-year sentence…”

China Tells Citizens to Report Parents Who ‘Lure’ Kids into Religion

October 17, 2016 — Breitbart.com reports: “In a new set of education rules, the Chinese Communist Party is urging citizens to spy on their neighbors and report parents who raise their children in a religious faith or have them attend religious services.

In the northwestern region of Xinjiang, the government released the new education norms on Wednesday, with special emphasis on religious formation, according to the U.S.-based human rights group China Aid.

The new rules, which will go into effect on November 1, stipulate that parents cannot ‘organize, lure or force minors into attending religious activities,’ or force them to wear religious dress or symbols. Moreover, they cannot even ‘tolerate’ that children attend ‘underground scripture studies.’

If parents are seen to be encouraging religion, ‘any group or person has the right to stop these kinds of behaviors and report them to the public security authorities,’ the norms state.

While China officially guarantees the right to religious freedom, the Communist Party tightly regulates religious activities, including religious education, and discourages minors from receiving religious formation.

Chinese law prohibits children under the age of 18 from receiving any religious education, and the government approved Christian church, the ‘Three-Self Patriotic Movement,’ explicitly bans its members from bringing their children up in the Christian faith, labeling the practice ‘brainwashing.’…”