British Islamists During Protest: Islam Will Dominate France

Israel National News reports: “Islamists in Britain, who protested outside the French Embassy in London threatened that Islam will dominate France and England, and called to implement Islamic sharia law in all of Europe.

The Muslims, who had been protesting against the French military campaign in Mali, also called French President Francois Hollande a ‘Son of Pharaoh’. The demonstration was posted on the Internet on January 12 and was translated by the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI).

The demonstration was led by Muslim hate preacher Anjem Choudary, who has said in the past he plans to flood specific Muslim and non-Muslim communities around the UK and ‘put the seeds down for an Islamic Emirate in the long term.’

Choudary is the founder of two Muslim groups in Britain that were banned by the British government after being declared terrorist organizations. He has threatened British Jews who support Israel, stating that it is an ‘Islamic obligation upon Muslims everywhere to support the Jihad against those who fight Muslims anywhere in the world or who occupy Muslim land.’

He has often praised Muslim terrorists, referring to the September 11 terrorists as ‘magnificent martyrs.’ In 2003 he endorsed terrorist attacks by British Muslims and said that al-Muhajiroun, one of the groups he founded, would ‘encourage people to fulfill their Islamic duties and responsibilities.’ He praised the 2008 terrorist attack in Mumbai, India and has also called for stoning homosexuals, assassinating the Pope, and prosecuting Queen Elizabeth for genocide…” (Does this Islamist mean what he says: Extremist Muslim aspirations were made clear when Islamic cleric Anjem Choudary told ABC’s Christiane Amanpour… “We believe that one day the flag of Islam will fly over the White House.” Those who dismiss his statement as the ranting of the radical fringe are not listening. Sharia Law will become global under the rule of the one world leader who changes the laws globally – Daniel 7:25.)

Terrorists amputate, whip victims

WND.com reports: “Events in the African nation of Mali are very rarely on the front burner for most Americans or even the American government, but the rise of several Islamic groups there and a related crisis in neighboring Algeria now have our attention.The most alarming events played out in Algeria as terrorists seized more than 40 hostages, with anywhere from three to seven of them being American. A subsequent rescue attempt by Algerian troops resulted in multiple deaths, and the fate of the Americans remains unclear. The abductions came in response to French officials sending troops to Mali in an effort to defeat the radical elements there.

Answering the question of who is on the rise in Mali is more than a little complicated, but experts see multiple groups working together to take control.

Daveed Gartenstein-Ross is a senior fellow at the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies, where he is also director of the Center for the Study of Terrorist Radicalization. He told WND not all elements of the rebels are radical Islamists, but they are certainly part of the mix.

‘You have several different groups, and these include groups that are a bit more secular and with their own aims,’ Gartenstein-Ross said. ‘Secondly, (are) Islamist groups who aren’t necessarily global jihadists, and third is Islamist groups that are global jihadists.

‘So there’s a mix of groups which has contributed to a lot of inaccuracy within public discussion of northern Mali. But sum it up concisely and simplifying a bit, it’s a place where, although al-Qaida hasn’t formed a seat of its own, as some people have described it, al-Qaida’s North African contingent was able to find great space to operate. Meanwhile, some of the very darkest, most hard-lined versions of Islamic law were being put into effect.’…” (There is a book by converted Muslims who’ve put together the Quran Dilemma. Ten Reasons why Sharia Law is Bad for all Societies by James alansaman; One—Islam commands offensive, aggressive and unjust jihad which is holy war; Two—Islam orders apostates to be killed; Three—Islam orders death for Muslims and death for non-Muslim critics of Muhammad and the Quran, and even sharia itself. Four—Islam orders unmarried fornicators to be whipped, put to death, and adulterers to be stoned. Five—Islam commands all homosexuals to be executed; Six—Islam commands that highway robbers should be crucified or mutilated. Seven—Islam commands that a male and female thief mush have a hand cut off. Eight—Islam allows an injured plaintiff to exact legal revenge, physical eye for physical eye. Nine—Islam allows husbands to beat their wives; Ten—Islam commands that drinkers and gamblers be beaten. Sharia law ultimately grades society and diminishes freedom. See the next report.)

Cairo court demands death for filmmakers

WND.com reports: “An Egyptian court affirmed the death sentences on seven defendants convicted for their part in producing the anti-Islamic film, ‘The Innocence of Muslims.’

The seven defendants were named by Egyptian news site AhramOnline.

‘The seven convicted Coptic expatriates were: Maurice Sadiq Gerges, founder of a U.S.-based Coptic association; Morkos Aziz, a U.S.-based television presenter; Fekry Abdul-Messih, a U.S.-based doctor; Nabil Adib, media coordinator for another U.S.-based association; Nahid Metwally, an Australia-based doctor; Egyptian-born Copt Mark Baccil Youssef (charged with producing the film); and Nader Farid, a commerce graduate,’ AhramOnline said.

American pastor Terry Jones’ sentence was also upheld, but the judge commuted Jones’ sentence to five years in prison.

Islam analyst and writer Theodore Shoebat, son of former Palestinian terrorist turned analyst and peace activist Walid Shoebat, says legally, the action was symbolic, as the sentence will only take effect if the defendants return to Egypt. Shoebat adds, however, that the sentencing process illustrates what is happening to Egypt’s legal system.

‘The sentence does reveal how Egypt has become an official Shariah state,’ Shoebat said.

Shoebat explained though the sentences aren’t likely to be enforced, the Egyptian courts have a political and a religious motive for sentencing expatriates.

‘I believe the Muslim world wants the rest of the world to prosecute all the enemies of Islam,’ Shoebat said, a process he fears could take root in America…”