Militants Kill Young Man by Amputating Hand, Foot in Syria’s Aleppo

The Fars News Agency reports: “Militants in Syria brutally amputated hand and foot of a young Syrian young man in Reef (outskirts of) Aleppo’s Al-Bab.

Terrorists of the al-Nusra Front left the 22-year-old Eid Satouf in front of his house to bleed to death after amputating the young man’s hand and foot.

Al-Nusra Front accused the young man of theft.

Terrorist and militant groups, which are fighting against the government in Syria with the strong support of the United States and its western as well as the regional allies, have caused an atmosphere of fear and intimidation throughout the country for their brutal and vicious crimes, Alalam reported.

Aleppo has been the scene of uncountable violations since militants seized and occupied some areas and set up a local ruling system of their own.

They hold trials and execute punishments based on their own laws.

Earlier the Al-Nusra Front brutally executed a 15-year-old boy named Mohammad al-Qatta in front of his family in Aleppo’s Sha’ar…” (Sharia Law commands the death sentence for premarital sex for females, homosexuals, apostates within Islam, and infidels of all other religions. The removal of hand and foot is for theft. It’s a vicious law. 22 million Egyptians just got rid of President Morsi because of his demand for Sharia law. Soon a one world religion will form and a verse never yet fulfilled, is put in place as the leader of this global religion “changes the times and the laws” — Daniel 7:25. See the next report.)


Report: Syrian rebels executed a 14-year-old boy for insulting Islam

The Washington Post reports: “When a 14-year-old boy from the Syrian city of Aleppo named Mohammad Qatta was asked to bring one of his customers some coffee, he reportedly refused, saying, ‘Even if [Prophet] Mohammed comes back to life, I won’t.’

According to a story reported by two grassroots Syrian opposition groups, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights and the Aleppo Media Center, Qatta’s words got him killed. A group of Islamist rebels, driving by in a black car, reportedly heard the exchange. They stopped the car, grabbed the boy and took him away.

Qatta, in refusing to serve a customer coffee – it’s not clear why – had used a phrase that the Islamist rebels took as an insult toward the Prophet Mohammed, the most important figure in Islam. That offhand comment, made by a boy, was apparently enough for these rebels to warrant a grisly execution and public warning.

The rebels, according to ABC News’ reconstruction of the Syrian groups’ reports, appear to have whipped Qatta. When they brought him back to where they’d taken him, his head was wrapped by a shirt.

The rebels waited for a crowd to gather; Qatta’s parents were among them. Speaking in classical Arabic, they announced that Qatta had committed blasphemy and that anyone else who dared insult the Prophet Mohammed would share his fate. Then, the shirt still wrapped around the boy’s head, the rebels shot him in the mouth and neck…”