Malaysia under pressure to implement sharia law… impalement and crucifixion

March 19, 2015ChristianToday.com reports: “Calls by Malaysia’s Islamist opposition party for strict Islamic law that includes amputations and stonings is symptomatic of a drift to more conservative Islam in politics and could further strain relations in the multi-ethnic country.

The push by the Islamist Parti Islam se-Malaysia (PAS) for the laws, known as hudud, also threatens to split a fragile opposition coalition that has been challenging the long-ruling Muslim party and its allies.

The disparate three-party opposition alliance that includes PAS won the popular vote for the first time in Malaysia’s history in a 2013 election.

While the ruling United Malays National Organisation (UMNO) and its partners still won the most seats, they are more determined than ever to hold on to power which they have enjoyed since independence in 1957.

In February, the opposition alliance’s leader, Anwar Ibrahim, was jailed for five years on a sodomy charge he said was cooked up to finish him politically and foil the opposition challenge…’ (I have shared this on worldwide TV numerous times, here are 10 reasons why sharia is bad for all societies: 1. Islam commands offensive, aggressive and unjust jihad which is a holy war. 2. Islam orders apostates to be killed. 3. Islam orders death for Muslims and death for non-Muslim critics of Muhammad and the Quran, and even Sharia itself. 4. Islam orders unmarried fornicators to be whipped, put to death, and adulterers to be stones. 5. Islam commands all homosexuals to be executed. 6. Islam commands that highway robbers should be crucified or mutilated. 7. Islam commands that a male and female thief must have a hand cut off. 8. Islam allows an injured plaintiff to exact legal revenge, physical eye for physical eye. 9. Islam allows husbands to beat their wives. 10. Islam commands that drinkers and gamblers be beaten. Sharia law ultimately degrades societies and diminishes freedom.)


Mayor takes stand against Muslim Shariah courts

March 25, 2015WND.com reports: “When a group of imams tried to bring a form of ‘Shariah light’ to Texas, they met an unlikely foe – Irving Mayor Beth Van Duyne.

Now, Van Duyne has been thrust into the national media spotlight, and her city is being called ‘ground zero’ in the battle to prevent Islamic law from gaining a foothold, no matter how small, in the U.S. legal system.

Van Duyne’s name and picture has popped up on Facebook pages and Twitter feeds across America in recent days, casting her with equal enthusiasm as villain or hero, depending on one’s political outlook.

She’s either the mayor who stood up to the Muslim Brotherhood or the ‘Islamophobic bigot’ looking to cash in politically on fears about Islamic terrorism.

The media frenzy was touched off by reports that an Islamic tribunal was being set up in the Dallas, Texas, area. A group of imams from surrounding mosques would sit on what they call a ‘mediation panel,’ as defacto judges, and mediate disputes between Muslims who voluntarily submit to its edicts. They denied this was a Shariah court, saying the panel would mete out nonbinding decisions in business disputes, divorces and other family matters ‘in full accordance with the law.’

Van Duyne wrote a blistering Facebook post last month in which she vowed to ‘fight with every fiber of my being against this action.’…” (Would to God that Christian ministers would quit delivering ‘feel-good’ sermonettes and begin warning American and Canadian worshippers to prepare for the most dangerous hour that will soon hit America and Canada. Beloved, let’s memorize God’s warning to the church: “Redeeming the time, because the days are evil” – Ephesians 5:16.)