Creeping Shariah


‘One Nation Under Allah’: The Islamization of American Public Schools


April 30, 2014Breitbart.com reports: “Endless concessions and accommodations to Islamic demands only give way to more demands for even more Islam, as shown in the recent blockbuster revelations of an Islamic takeover of UK public schools. What is less well known is the same kinds of things are happening here in the United States.

So outrageous were the allegations that the usually subdued and sharia-compliant British authorities initiated an investigation into the charges that devout Muslims covertly sought to ‘Islamize’ the public schools in the UK. The bombshell was dropped last month in a leaked letter, describing an operation purportedly named ‘Trojan Horse.’ According to Andrew Gilligan in The Telegraph, the jihad ringleader of the Trojan Horse plot constructed and implemented a ‘detailed blueprint for the radical ‘Islamisation’ of secular state schools.’ The plot was so severe that a number of UK schools now face ‘special measures,’ which is the British term for (at worst) closings and (at best) a takeover of the school administration…

The same kinds of things are happening here in America, but when my colleagues and I warn about them, we are called conspiracy theorists. Well, there is conspiracy theory and conspiracy fact. And we do see attempts to further the Islamization of the classroom here, in innumerable large and small ways, pushed by both Muslims and non-Muslims. A Muslim group is pushing for taxpayer-funded halal food in New York City public schools.

Just last year, a Colorado high school principal defended his decision to allow high school students at Rocky Mountain High School to recite the Pledge of Allegiance in Arabic — ‘one nation under Allah.’ Do students even begin to understand the implications of a nation under Allah and the sharia?…” (Muslim terrorists are preparing for a global takeover in any manner that works. Khamenei of Iran and Kabbani – America’s Muslim leader – both proclaim global control by Islam.

My warning to all Christians – Americans and Canadians – is found in Romans 16:17; Ephesians 5:11; and II Corinthians 6:14 – 18. Let’s obey the God of Christianity as found in the above New Testament texts. See the next 3 reports.)


U.S. Muslims demand Americans’ private emails


April 25, 2014WND.com reports: “A Muslim organization is targeting seven Michigan residents who opposed plans for a major Islamic construction project in their neighborhood, and a legal team defending them alleges that the goal is to intimidate the project opponents and send a message to others.

The case is being discussed by officials with the American Freedom Law Center, which is representing the people, whose names were withheld to protect their privacy.

A variety of subpoenas for information, including private emails and other documents, had been delivered by officials representing the Council on American-Islamic Relations.

Robert Muise, AFLC senior counsel, said, ‘There is no doubt that CAIR – a Shariah-adherent Islamist group that notoriously uses the legal system to silence any opposition to its nefarious agenda – is abusing the discovery process to retaliate against and intimidate private citizens who dared to publicly express their opposition to the Islamic center.’

He continued, ‘AFLC is quite familiar with CAIR’s bullying tactics, which is why it is important that we defend these private citizens’ constitutional rights.’…”


Canada ‘Tremendously Concerned’ About the Muslim Brotherhood


April 18, 2014Israel National News reports: “Canada is ‘tremendously concerned’ about the Muslim Brotherhood, according to an announcement made shortly after the UK announced a probe into the terror organization.

‘Canada has taken an aggressive stand when it comes to listings [of terror groups] … but there is a certain process,’ John Baird, Canada’s foreign minister, said at a news conference in Cairo.

‘We are tremendously concerned about the Muslim Brotherhood … but the listings are made on the basis of facts and intel.’

Since the 2012 ouster of Mohammed Morsi, the Muslim Brotherhood has been outlawed and has been designated as a terrorist organization by the army-led government in Egypt.

Since then, the Brotherhood has been linked with a number of terrorist organizations, including Hamas. In light of the revelations, Britain announced earlier this month that it was considering blacklisting the group; the Brotherhood responded to the UK probe by subtly threatening more terrorism in the event of a ban.

Shortly after the threat was made, Canada announced that it was also considering a ban on the Brotherhood. The debate over blacklisting the group could have large-scale political consequences in Canada, due to the high prominence of at least one Brotherhood-associated group…”


Syrian extremists threaten to ‘destroy’ Canada


April 15, 2014The National Post reports: “The most extreme armed faction in Syria has threatened to ‘destroy’ Canada, as Western governments are struggling to deal with radicalized citizens infatuated with Al-Qaeda ideology.

Speaking in flawless English, a member of the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant said in an online video that after fighting in the Middle East, the group would turn on North America.

‘This is a message to Canada and all the American tyrants: We are coming and we will destroy you, with permission from Allah the almighty,’ the unidentified foreign fighter said…” (Syrian extremists of American and Canadian citizenship are preparing for Jihad [holy war] against our two nations. The threats in these reports are hateful and meaningful and may soon arrive. Please show the ministers of our churches this Intelligence Briefing so that God’s leaders may warn and prepare their members for what is coming. See Revelation 6:9 and 20:4. See the next report.)


FBI: Rising number of American jihadis in Syria threaten U.S.


May 4, 2014Haaretz reports: “The number of Americans traveling to Syria to fight in the civil war is increasing steadily and is of real concern to U.S. law enforcement and intelligence officials, FBI Director James B. Comey said on the weekend.

Comey did not provide an exact number, but said the trend was ‘getting worse.’ In an interview four months ago, he said that ‘dozens’ had already joined the fight, the Washington Post reported.

The FBI’s concern is that the Americans who have joined extremist groups allied with al-Qaida in Syria will return to the United States to carry out terrorist attacks.

‘All of us with a memory of the ’80s and ’90s saw the line drawn from Afghanistan in the ’80s and ’90s to Sept. 11,’ Comey said. ‘We see Syria as that, but an order of magnitude worse in a couple of respects. Far more people going there. Far easier to travel to and back from. So, there’s going to be a diaspora out of Syria at some point and we are determined not to let lines be drawn from Syria today to a future 9/11.’

Comey said that Americans in Syria are actively recruiting other Americans to join the fight. The threat they pose, he added, is of concern not only to the U.S. but also is ‘a huge focus’ of European intelligence officials…”


Tony Blair: World must take a stand against radical Islam


April 23, 2014Haaretz reports: “The world must take a stand against Islamic fundamentalism and support the principles of religious freedom and open economies, former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, the Quartet representative to the Middle East, was to say Wednesday in a speech at the Bloomberg London H.

In the speech, the text of which was released early, Blair also argues the fate of Israel ‘remains absolutely core to the region and the world’ and that U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry was right to invest so much effort into attempting to forge an Israeli-Palestinian peace.

‘There is a titanic struggle going on within the region between those who want the region to embrace the modern world – politically, socially and economically – and those who instead want to create a politics of religious difference and exclusivity,’ says Blair. ‘This is what, irrespective of the problems on the Israeli side, divides Palestinian politics and constrains their leadership.’

‘We have to take sides,’ says Blair. He is calling on the world to commit to the Middle East and engage in it, specifying that while this does not necessarily mean military involvement, ‘it does mean stirring ourselves.’

‘We have to elevate the issue of religious extremism to the top of the agenda,’ says Blair. ‘All over the world the challenge of defeating this ideology requires active and sustained engagement.’…” (Tony Blair’s warning must be heeded. The former Archbishop of the UK has just admitted that England is no longer a Christian nation and that Anglicans and Catholics live in fear because of the outrageous ranting’s of Islamic terroristic hatemongers. Believer’s let’s “Put on the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil. For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. Wherefore take unto you the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand. Stand therefore, having your loins girt about with truth, and having on the breastplate of righteousness;” – Ephesians 6:11 – 14. See the next reports for documentation by the former Archbishop of Canterbury.)


Experts Warn More European Muslim Youth Are Radicalizing


April 27, 2014Breitbart.com reports: “So violent, so bloodthirsty, is the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), a Syria-based jihadist group, that even al-Qaida will have nothing to do with them.

But young European Muslims will–and do…

…Among Western Muslims who have gone to Syria to fight, roughly two-thirds have joined ISIL or the al-Qaida-affiliated Al Nusra Front, according to a report by the International Centre for the Study of Radicalisation in London. In fact, Al-Monitor estimates that ‘European jihadists in Syria are more numerous than official statistics indicate. Indeed, they point to the existence of entire French-speaking and German-speaking brigades in the Aleppo region.’ Others, like the Dutch suicide bombers, venture elsewhere–mostly to Somalia and Iraq…”


Al Qaeda-linked jihadists accused of hanging victims on crosses


April 30, 2014FoxNews.com reports: “Al Qaeda-backed jihadists are hanging the bodies of executed enemies on crosses crucifixion-style in a town in Northern Syria, according to a Syrian opposition group.

The executions reportedly took place Tuesday in Raqqa, where the extremist group Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, or ISIS, an Al Qaeda-linked network, has taken over the city, according to Abu Ibrahim Alrquaoui, who identifies himself as a founder of a group called Raqqa is Being Slaughtered Silently.

Alrquaoui said those killed were rebels that had previously fought against the Syrian government of Bashir al-Assad. ‘It’s very dangerous,’ Alrquaoui, told FoxNews.com in an interview. ‘They threaten us directly and want to kill us.’

Alrquaoui said he witnessed the executions himself, and took photographs that have since been posted on the group’s Facebook page, and are now being circulated on the Internet.

The series of photographs show different men bound to crosses in what appears to be a public square area, though it could not be independently confirmed that the subjects were dead or, if they were, by what means the executions had been carried out. The pictures do not show any apparent signs of the men nailed to a cross, nor are there any obvious, visible signs of fatal wounds…”


Indian Socialist Party Leader: Rape Victims ‘Should Be Hanged’


April 13, 2014Breitbart.com reports: “Abu Azmi, the leader of India’s Samajwadi (Socialist) party in the Midwestern state of Maharashtra, argued India’s laws against rape were insufficient because ‘nothing happens to women, only to men,’ and that anyone engaging in sexual activity outside of marriage, ‘with or without consent,’ should ‘be hanged’ according to Islamic law.

Azmi delivered the remarks to Indian outlet Mid-Day, in response to comments by the national leader of the Socialist Party, Mulayam Singh Yadav, that he would, as prime minister, consider repealing the death penalty for rapists. Yadav also excused rape by suggesting that ‘boys make mistakes’ and the death penalty for something as minor could hurt the nation’s social fabric.

Azmi, meanwhile, disagreed that the death penalty was too harsh for rape situations. ‘Rape is punishable by hanging in Islam,’ Azmi told the paper, according to the Times of India. He suggested that rape continues to be a problem in India, however, because ‘nothing happens to women… even the woman is guilty’ in cases of rape.

‘If rape happens with or without consent, it should be punished as prescribed in Islam,’ Azmi suggested. The sentence suggests that any sex outside of marriage, even with consent, is ‘rape.’ To solve the rape crisis in India, Azmi suggested, ‘any woman if, whether married or unmarried, goes along with a man, with or without her consent, should be hanged. Both should be hanged.’…” (Shariah law demands: (1) Death to all daughters who indulge in premarital sex. (2) Death to all homosexuals. (3) Death to all Islamic apostates who speak against Allah, Muhammad, or the Koran. (4) Death to all infidels of all other religions.)