‘Death to Israel’: Jewish family assaulted at New York school graduation ceremony 

The Jerusalem Post reports: “A Jewish woman and her Catholic husband were reportedly attacked by an Arabic-speaking family at a 5th-grade graduation ceremony in Brooklyn, the New York Post reported last month.

The incident was alleged to have happened at PS 682 in Gravesend, at an event themed ‘All you need is love.’

The Arabic-speaking family had allegedly kickstarted the attack, Lana, the Jewish mother victim of the attack, told the Post.

‘We told them there was space for both families,’ Lana said. ‘An older man turned to us and said ‘Free Palestine!’ for no reason. My husband told him this was not the time or place for that but the man cursed at him in Arabic, and shouted, ‘Free Palestine, Gaza is Ours, Death to Israel.’

The husband, Johan, was thrown to the ground by members of the Arabic-speaking family, he told the Post. He was then placed in a chokehold, restrained by the legs and kicked. His wife said that one woman even repeatedly hit him with her sharp stiletto heel…”

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