A Friend in Heaven

Upon the death of Anne Sullivan, her patient, painstaking teacher, Helen Keller said, “I look forward to the world to come where all physical limitations will drop from me like shackles; I shall again find my beloved teacher, and engage joyfully in greater service than I have yet known!”

A man of God once sat at our table and reminisced about his son who had died in the service of our country. He had been an only child and had looked forward to entering the ministry upon his return from the war. The good man shared his heart with us and said that he and his wife were looking forward to heaven to see their son.

Many anticipate heaven because a friend or loved one is there whom they long to see. Heaven will be a place of glad reunions but the greatest thrill of all will be our meeting with Jesus… our most faithful friend.

Christians have a friend in heaven. Joseph Scriven said it well: “What a friend we have in Jesus!”

People often boast of having friends in high places. Let one know the President or one of his cabinet and he will announce it to the news media so that all his friends and neighbors will know of his important connection with one in power. Name dropping becomes his favorite pastime. But we have a friend in the highest place in the universe. No earthly sphere of influence compares with the throne of God.

And our friend is there.

Aren’t you glad you have a friend in heaven?