A New Song

Do you remember the pit? The one you were in when Christ saved you? You called and He answered. You came to Him and found that He would not cast you out. Your heart was overjoyed and you began to tell others about your Saviour. There was a new song in your mouth, even praise to your God.

But something has happened to your song.

Like many others, your most fruitful time of witnessing was right after your conversion. Your feet stood firm on the solid rock after having been lifted from the miry clay. You felt secure for the first time in your life. Your sins were gone and you knew it. Heaven was ahead and you rejoiced in it. All your old friends became prospects for witnessing. A number of them were saved as a result of your radiant testimony. You thought seriously about becoming a missionary, a pastor, a youth worker, or some other full-time Christian servant.

Then you began to take the Christian life for granted. Seeing others content to just go to church and take in without giving out, you concluded that must be a normal Christianity. Somehow, you settled down into a rut. Not the pit…but a rut. Now you’re tired of living this way. You want to get back to the basics… reality… revival.

What can you do?

Glance back at the pit again. Don’t dive in, but just remember what it was that Christ did to save you from that awful miry clay. He died for you…gave himself on the cross…shed His blood.

Now aren’t you glad you’re saved? If you are, start singing!