A Praying Church

The church at Jerusalem was made up primarily of new converts. One hundred twenty disciples had begun witnessing on the day of Pentecost and their efforts produced 3000 converts, Nevertheless, these new converts were involved in the prayer life of the church immediately.

It is a mistake to suppose that those newly converted cannot be expected to pray earnestly and powerfully. True, as they grow in grace their maturity will show in prayer, but babes in Christ should be taught to pray without delay. Attendance at the prayer meetings of the church should be expected of all members — new and old.

The New Testament church was powerful because it was a praying church. If the power of your church depended on your prayer life, how powerful would the church be? Would your church be strong in prayer if every member prayed as you pray? What percentage of your fellowship would be present at the prayer meeting service if all members attended as faithfully as you attend?

Five ministerial students were visiting in London on a hot Sunday in July. While they were waiting for the doors of the Metropolitan Tabernacle auditorium to open, a man approached them and asked if they would like to see the heating plant of the church. Thinking it strange to be speaking of a heating system in July, they followed him out of curiosity. He opened a door and whispered: “There it is, sirs!” Seven hundred people were kneeling in prayer.

Some heating system!

Why not install one in your church?