A Revival

What does a revival do to the attitude of people toward the Bible? Listen to Jonathan Edwards: “While God was so remarkably present amongst us by His Spirit, there was no book so delightful as the Bible; especially the Book of Psalms, the Prophecy of Isaiah, and the New Testament. Some, by reason of their love to God’s Word, at times, have been wonderfully delighted and affected at the sight of a Bible; and then, also, there was no time so prized as the Lord’s Day, and no place so desired as God’s House.”

Since the Holy Spirit is the source of revival and is also the Author of the Bible, it is not surprising that the work of God and the Word of God are closely associated. The Bible is a mighty power in giving victory over sin. Neglect of the Bible brings spiritual bankruptcy to any Christian.

“These two hath God married
And no man can part;
Dust on your Bible
Means drought in your heart.”

Revival, then, sends men to their Bibles for guidance, comfort and victory over sin. You have those needs right now. They are always with us. Therefore, we do not have to wait until someone declares the arrival of revival. Go to God’s treasure chest — the Bible — and allow its message to change your life. Find spiritual food there for the battles of this very day!