We’re accountable for our words.

The Judgment Seat of Christ will test our words as well as our works.

Dr. Wilber Penfield, director of the Montreal Neurological Institute, in a report to the Smithsonian Institute, said: “Your brain contains a permanent record of your past that is like a single continuous strip of movie film, complete with sound tract. This ‘film library’ records your whole waking life from childhood on. You can live again those scenes from your past, one at a time, when a surgeon applies a gentle electrical current to a certain point on the temporal cortex of your brain.” The report goes on to say that as you relive the scene from the past, you feel exactly the same emotions that you did during the original experience.

Could it be that the human race will be confronted with this irrefutable record in judgment when God “shall judge the secrets of men by Jesus Christ” (Romans 2:16)?

Signs of the times indicate the return of Christ for His Church is very near. Remember — the Christian’s first appointment at the Rapture is the Judgment Seat of Christ. We will give an account of all our words and works as they affected our service since we were born again.

On that great day we will gladly own Him as Lord.

Let us prepare for that day by speaking for Him at every opportunity.

At the Judgment Seat of Christ, we’ll be glad we were faithful.