Paul was in bonds.

King Agrippa was in bondage.

Paul was a prisoner of Rome.

King Agrippa was a prisoner of sin.

Paul was innocent before the earthly judge.

King Agrippa was guilty before the Judge of all the earth.

Paul was certain about salvation.

King Agrippa came close but retreated into unbelief.

Paul offered the king eternal life.

King Agrippa declined.

Paul left his meeting with King Agrippa unharmed.

King Agrippa left his meeting with Paul unhelped.

All the world is divided as were Paul and King Agrippa that day. Some are sure of heaven and are building their lives around eternal things…laying up treasures in heaven where they shall go when their journey is over. Others are so taken with the passing honors and treasures of this world that they are blind to the issues of life that really matter.

Paul or King Agrippa…which are you?

Are you almost a Christian?

Almost being a Christian is like almost being alive.

Come to Christ and receive Him by faith.

Be an altogether Christian.

It’s the only way to get life all together.