America’s Greatest Revival

The beginning of America’s greatest revival took place in New York City. A.C. Lanphier was working as a lay missionary in one of the crowded areas of the city. He often became discouraged, but drew strength from personal prayer. He thought others might be helped by joining him in prayer so he let it be known that he was starting a series of weekly noon-hour prayer meetings.

For the first half hour Mr. Lanphier prayed alone. Then, one by one, others came until a total of six were praying. The next week twenty appeared, and the third week brought forty. By Spring more than twenty daily noon prayer meetings were going on in New York City. Some of the largest churches were crowded to capacity. The police and fire departments opened their buildings for prayer services. Revival had begun! It spread across the land.

In a Boston meeting, a man said: “I am from Omaha, Nebraska. On my journey here I found a continuous chain of prayer all the way.” Mr. Lanphier’s prayer meeting had set his nation afire for God.

The revival caused churches to spread across the frontier and made them flourish in the cities. The moral fiber of the nation was strengthened. Old debts were paid. Honesty increased. Missionary work expanded.

Today, God must wonder that so few are interceding. We live twenty-four hours a day in the nuclear sights of an enemy bent on our destruction. Armageddon approaches. The signs of the Lord’s return multiply. It’s time to pray. You may start the prayer meeting that brings revival!